Tram tests beginning in October or November will be free to the public

Jul 12, 2017 | 0 comments

According to the Cuenca transportation authority, test runs of the municipal tram system will begin in October or November with the public invited to ride free of charge. Transportation chief Jaime Guzman said that, by contract, the test runs must begin six to eight months before the tram begins public operation.

Tram test on Av. Las Americas in June.

The tests will be conducted using the four- or five-car units that will run the 21-kilometer route once full operations begin in May or June, 2018,  Guzman says. The units can accommodate an average of 140 passengers.

“It’s important that the public participate in the tests so we have a realistic operational experience,” he said. “This will provide information for making adjustments, if necessary.”

The test runs will originate at the train yard at Av. Mexico and Unidad Nacional, run along Av. Las Americas, through the historic district and on Av. Huayna Capac and Av. España.

The city has yet to determine tram fare, but says it will probably have to be subsidized at the beginning of operations. Guzman says he expects a fare of between 30 and 50 cents, depending on the yet-to-be-determined new public bus fare.


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