Tram work resumes at Civic Plaza as city council debates payment to businesses on train route

Dec 26, 2017 | 0 comments

For the first time in five months, workers are returning to tranvía construction sites near Civic Plaza in the historic district. Director of project contractor ACTN, Mónica Quezada, says that work to connect train tracks and repair streets and sidewalks between Marsical Lamar and Gaspar Sangurima will take about two months.

Tram construction will continue near Civic Plaza this week. (El Tiempo)

Residents and businesses in the area, which includes the Rotary and Ninth of August markets, have complained for months about stalled construction.

Quezada also reports that work is on schedule at several other construction sites, including the Av. Las Americas bridge on the Rio Tomebamba and in the Milchichig sector, in northeast Cuenca.

Cuenca’s municipal council is meeting this week to determine how to compensate businesses and residents affected by the delays in tram construction.

According to Mayor Marcelo Cabrera, the compensation may come through direct payments or reduction in taxes and public works fees. “We must decide the best way to provide help to these people and there are several ways to do it,” he said. He added that total compensation may amount to about $4 million.


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