Transit commission introduces barcode system for reporting traffic police corruption

Jul 14, 2019 | 5 comments

Ecuador’s Transit Commission (CTE) is introducing a bar code system that allows residents to report bribery demands or other misconduct by transit police or officials. The new program is called “Don’t give corruption a chance.”

The Transit Commission hopes the new barcode program will reduce corruption.

According to Edison Moscoso, Cuenca CTE director, barcodes will be attached to transit police cars and badges and will also appear at CTE offices throughout the country. Those who believe they are being asked for bribes or feel they are being treated unfairly by transit police or officials can photograph a barcode on their cell phones and the data is sent instantly to an analysis tie in Quiot.

The system works with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

The system reduces the guesswork and uncertainty of identifying transit police who allegedly demand bribes from drivers. “We receive many complaints from motorists about corruption but we rarely have the names of the officers involved, making it difficult to pursue disciplinary or legal action,” says Moscoso.

Depending on the alleged offense, CTE personnel accused will be subject to an agency review process. In cases where bribery is alleged, the prosecutor’s office will investigate.

For more information about program, go to the CTE website.


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