Tranvía begins series of ‘live’ tests on Avs. Mexico and Las Americas

May 18, 2017 | 0 comments

Units of Cuenca’s tranvía traveled about three kilometers Wednesday on Avs. Mexico and Las Americas. The “live” tests, which will continue through June 30, are intended to check track stability, braking, as well as the electrical system that powers the tram. All of the system’s 14 units will take part in the tests.

Two tranvía units during Wednesday tests. (El Tiempo)

Technicians from the Citadis Consortium and city of Cuenca, who conducted the tests, said all system operated properly Wednesday and that no serious problems were observed.

The city says it plans to extend tram test runs into the historic district in October or November, when sections of track on Av. Las Americas, near Feria Libre and Gran Colombia, are completed.

In addition to tests of the rolling stock, technicians are checking and cleaning the installed rail line. During the procedure, tracks are cleared of debris, washed and oiled by a manually operated carriage.


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