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Tranvía card discussed, Alcohol spill causes big fire, Economy grows in 2nd quarter, Vivaldi festival, Azogues’ patron saint celebrated


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Musical – “Julio El Musical” will be at the teatro of the CCE on Luis Cordero Friday at las 20:00. It’s a fictitious interpretation of the life of Julio Jaramillo. The 24 actors, singers, and musicians will perform 27 songs in this 90 min. play. Cost: $20 & $25.

Exposición – “Ególatra: el ser, la realidad y el camino” by Jorge Vallejo opened Thursday in the Galería La Vitrina (Cordero y Córdova).

Fiestas de Cuenca – Today was the last day to apply to be included in the schedule of events during the Independence of Cuenca celebrations. Over 400 proposals have been received. The agenda is planned to be a printed pocket edition with a more complete on-line listing. The listings will cover events from 17/10 to 13/12.

Cuenca Symphony Orchestra plays Vivaldi.

II Fesival Vive Vivaldi – The OSC will perform a Vivaldi festival starting Thursday. The 2nd concert will be el viernes a las 20:00 in the iglesia de La Merced with violin soloist Osvaldo Urbieta who will perform “Las Ochos estaciones de Vivaldi y Astor Piazzola.” The concerts on el sábado y el domingo a las 11:00 will be at the Catedral Vieja.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Azogues – Azogues is celebrating its patron saint, San Francisco de Asís Friday. There was a blessing of the animals Thurs., and a mass mañana a las 11:00.

Otras cosas – Titular – Suspenden las clases por anuncio de huelga (Classes suspended by strike announcement). Classes will also be suspended Friday for both grade school and universities. – See today’s CHL article for story.

Truck fire – A truck carrying industrial alcohol in containers burned on av. Del Chofer, close to av. De Las Américas. One person was injured with light burns on one hand. The flames reached 4 houses, a taxi was burnt up, and overhead wiring came down including a 22,000 volt line. Firefighters doused the fire with water and foam and access to the streets were restricted.

Tranvía card – At Tuesday’s meeting of the Consejo Cantonal, the subject was the Tranvía. They talked about the fare, but without a resolution due to the complexity of the issue. <That’s classic kicking the can down the road, isn’t it?> Payment with a card could solve a lot of problems, but only if there is a single card, compatible with the tranvía and buses.

The “Movilízate” card of the Chamber of Transport, will not be easy to integrate into the Tranvía since the card has a Chinese memory and the Tranvía a Spanish. To make them compatible would cost more money and need 5 months. <Throw them both out and start from scratch.> A study revealed that 60% of people will not use the Tranvía. <I wonder how many other surprises are waiting to pop out?>

Reporte económico – The Banco Central issued its economic report for the 2nd quarter of 2019. The GDP grew .3% compared the same period a year ago. The growth was attributed to exports (5.7%) and increased consumer spending (.6%). Exports that grew included crude oil (5.2%) and shrimp (15.1%) exported to China and the reopening of the Brazilian market. Investments and imports also increased. The growth was unexpected since both the World Bank and IMF had predicted a contraction.

Descuentos y compras –

Colineal – <furniture for you newbies> – warehouse liquidation sale – up to 50% off – 2-6/10, 10-20:00 – Octavio Chacón 2-100/Parque Industrial.

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7 thoughts on “Tranvía card discussed, Alcohol spill causes big fire, Economy grows in 2nd quarter, Vivaldi festival, Azogues’ patron saint celebrated

  1. statistics again voodoo science,,,, who’s report, what people ? A study revealed that 60% of people will not use the Tranvía.

    honestly they need to get to one card and time sensitive transfers, meaning, the fare you just used remains good for some small period of time (to transfer) to another mode like from bus to tranvia or visa versa

    1. Hi Pix,

      You mention your distrust of statistic daily. Your caution is correct but you go overboard, Stats are merely simple arithmetic. And arithmetic doesn’t lie, people do. They can test a non-characteristic sample and apply it to the entire population or they can divorce numbers from reality by placing a distorting intervening factor between it and the end result.

      In the case here, where one is merely comparing one year’s figures to another’s, there would have to be a change in calculation method or an input of false facts. Can you tell us which is the case or ANYTHING expressed in statistics is automatically false for you?

      Without stats, what do you use to base your thoughts? Crystal ball?

      1. exactly, the bottom line of my class in statistics was this, ” figures don’t lie, but liars sure can figure ” so you can engineer a statistic to fit your argument. I get the math part, I studied it, I even passed 🙂

        as for your second comment, I need to think about that, not so much a crystal ball but more gut feel, but certainly not statistics for the reason you highlight

        1. Statistics are very must know how to use them however. If you rely on gut feeling, you really are not helping others and fooling yourself. PS, guts have little feeling.

    2. Transfers would be wonderful.
      And of course 60% of people will not use the Tranvía.
      Just like I don’t use the #13 bus line (among others of the 29 or so bus routes) 100% of the time, because these routes don’t service my neighborhood.
      If 40 % use it? That’s a big damn number.

      The Tranvia services these very important parts of Cuenca:
      * The Industrial Park on the East Terminus
      * The Airport
      * Terminal Terrestre Central Bus Station
      * 9 de Octubre Mercado
      * All of El Centro East to West
      * The largest market maybe in Ecuador? Feria Libre / El Arenal
      * El Arenal Bus Depot
      * The heavy commercial corridor of Las Americas South of Ordonez Lasso

      It loads at sidewalk height (Friendly to wheelchairs and bicycles with no step up.)
      It is quiet.
      It has no exhaust pipe. (Pollution free)
      It is Catenary Free in the central historic district (No overhead wires)
      It runs on mostly dedicated right of way making it faster than car, bus, or taxi.

      1. Ah, but you address this with logic and reason. That isn’t generally the coin of the realm here, but for those of us that deal in that currency, we get it and appreciate your effort.

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