Tranvia construction work is on schedule

Feb 15, 2014 | 0 comments

Cuenca’s new tram system, Travia de los Cuatro Rios, is off to a good start according to Patricia Cordero, project director.

Power and light poles as well as billboards and utility wires have been relocated on Av. Las Americas between Calle Juan Ruiz and Av. Don Bosco, and several hundred meters to the north. Sidewalks are being reconstructed in some places to accommodate the relocation of utility polls.chl tram otorongo

Although there have been some traffic slow-downs, according to Cordero, stoppages and detours have not been necessary. Power and Internet service have been unaffected so far, she says.

John Zea, technical director of the tranvia project, says he is unable to give exact dates for completion of street and sidewalk alterations, but says, in general, the work is ahead of schedule. His crews are advancing toward Primero de Mayo from Don Bosco.

Zea said that work on the utilities for the tram stations will begin soon.



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