Two courts rule against Glas, one rejects sentence appeal, another allows impeachment to proceed

Dec 22, 2017 | 0 comments

Thursday was not a good day in court for Vice President Jorge Glas.

In the morning, the National Court of Justice (CNJ) denied an appeal for suspension of his six-year sentence in the Odebrecht corruption scandal. In the afternoon, the Constitutional Court, Ecuador’s highest court, approved the National Assembly’s request to allow impeachment proceedings to begin.

Vice President Jorge Glas

In the appeal of his sentence, CNJ judges also denied Glas’ request for “judicial favoritism” that would have allowed him to serve his sentence outside of prison. His attorney, Jorge Loor, requested that Glas serve his sentence under house arrest, wearing an electronic tracking device. The federal prosecutor argued that such an appeal can only be made for sentences of five years or less, and the three-judge tribunal agreed.

Following the hearing, on his way back to jail, Glas told the media that he was a political prisoner. “They are trying to take over the vice presidency of the republic. My fight for justice will continue.”

In an afternoon hearing, the Constitutional Court unanimously approved the request by the National Assembly to authorize an impeachment trial against Glas. Following the ruling, Assembly President José Serrano said he will make preparations for the trial but said a schedule has not yet been established.


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