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Two nuns turn up pregnant; Immaculate conception is possible but unlikely, cleric says

The Catholic Church launched an investigation into two nuns who took a vow of chastity, yet returned to Italy pregnant after a missionary trip, according to reports.

What have they been up to, some ask.

The two women, who belonged to different orders in Sicily, had both traveled to Africa, Italian outlet ANSA reported.

A Vatican spokesman who asked to remain anonymous said that immaculate conception is a possibility but is highly unlikely. “As you know, we believe in it but our experience is that it only occurs once every 2,000 years or so.,” he said.

One of the women, who is 34 years old, learned that she was expecting when she went to the hospital with stomach pain, ANSA reported. She was transferred to a different order in Palermo and may leave monastic life to raise the child.

The other woman, who is a mother superior, left for her home country of Madagascar after she was determined to be one-month pregnant, the Italian outlet reported. Her age was not released.

“An investigation has been launched. We believe that they both breached rules of chastity but will reserve judgement until we have received all the findings. The welfare of their children is uppermost, of course,” a church source said.

“The most likely outcome is they will leave their religious service.”

One of the women is based in Ragusa and the other less than 40 miles away in Militello. Its mayor Salvatore Riotta said the news has “left our village shocked . . . but should have been kept quiet.” He added: “We may yet hear that that this is a miracle but we aren’t holding our breath.”

Pope Francis admitted earlier this year that some nuns had been sexually abused by male clerics. On the other hand, he admitted that some sexual dalliance may occur by open consent. “Dio muove lo spirito in modi misteriosi,” he said.

20 thoughts on “Two nuns turn up pregnant; Immaculate conception is possible but unlikely, cleric says

  1. Hi, regardless the outcome of the alleged miraculuos conception referred to in this article, please note that the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception actually refers to the birth of St. Mary or the Blessed Mother without the stain of original sin. It has nothing to do with conception in the absence of intercourse. The doctrine of the Immaculate Conception is an article of faith for the billion plus catholics in the world. To use it sarcastically only hurts the sensibility of the catholics among whom you reside.

    1. I like your comment. Yes, that was an insensitive title. I mean even Protestants believe in the Immaculate Conception. . . . However, I do not think that you are correct regarding the nature of the conception of Jesus. The Virgin Mary is Ever-Virgin.

    2. According to Holy Scripture only Christ was with our sin. It is true that Catholic tradition holds Mary to be the same. Nevertheless, the words of Christ himself are fitting here:
      “ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition.”

      1. Mary is the mother of God. I don’t think any Protestant would deny that. It is not far-fetched to admit that the mother of God is without sin. Most Protestants accept that dogma.

    1. You are making some pretty horrible assumptions there. What gives you the right to do that? We do not accuse somebody of a crime without any evidence or proof. But you are doing just that. And why do you talk about jail?

      1. Lady Lee “ Pope Francis admitted earlier this year that some nuns had been sexually abused by male clerics.” You can tear a strip off me all you want but when the Pope makes a statement like this there is no need to lash out at me. Is that an assumption on the Popes part. I think NOT

      2. People who rape should go to jail. Plain and simple. Where is the proof. 2 pregnant nuns and time will tell if they were raped or if it was consensual sex

  2. There should be more compassion and help for the 2 women. Not sure if I will hold my breath for that to happen. To hear “ . but should have been kept quiet.” leads me to believe the attitude has not changed. Same old , same old

    1. 2 pregnant nuns is not Catholic bashing. Would you prefer it be swept under the rug and not spoke of. This is about two woman that either had consensual sex or were raped. One of the two. If the information does not get muzzled then in time we will here which occurred

      1. You seem to have a high respect and admiration for Catholic Religious – male and female – that they should be without sin.

        1. I have no opinion on religion other than I totally disagree with the religions that justify killing people if you don’t believe and follow their religion.

          I am very spiritual and believe in God and that we have mapped out our lives before we got here. I read Michael Newton and love his stories of people that were hypnotized and talk about what their previous lives were like under hypnosis.

          1. Oh, no doubt you mean Muslims. So, it appears that you believe everything that CNN tells you. . . .

            I am glad that you think Religious should be without sin. They should be. and you should be, too.

            1. You are twisting my words. I make no mention of with or without sin and I make no mention of Muslims. If you have an opinion on something please stop dragging me into it and taking what I say out of context

        1. If they were raped YES I’m judging the rapist and NOT the nun. If it was consensual sex then I am not judging because they are the ones that have to live with their decisions. We are talking big IF’s here because we still don’t know if it was rape or consensual sex

  3. immaculate conception refers to the conception of mary w/o original sin … not, that she conceived jesus w/o having sex. maybe i’m wrong but seems like an incorrect reference.

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