U.S. Ecuador trade talks, Symphonic Chimera in two concerts, Carnaval events, Lalay Raymi celebration

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Miércoles, 7/2/2018

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Press conference – There was a press conference hoy a las 9:30 to announce the 10th edition of the Congreso Ecuatoriano de Historia 2018. <Nothing about the congress itself, just the press conference.>

Book relaunch – Due to last minute involuntary errors, the book “El ayer latiendo en el hoy” (Yesterday beating in today) will be relaunched with a new edition that will be corrected and enlarged.

Calle Santa Ana – The recently restored pedestrian street has been abandoned. According to neighbors, work that was started has been abandoned for about a month leaving open holes where garbage, water and mud have been accumulating. <So watch your step so those “huecos” don’t start accumulating unwary gringos. If these holes are where the historical displays are supposed to be, they’ve already got a glimpse of the past when the streets also functioned as the waste management systems.>

Articles about –

Colegio de Arte y Conservatorio “José María Rodríguez” – The Art and Music high school, which shares space and a name with the Conservatorio Superior <university level>, will be celebrating its 80th anniversary in marzo. Activities will include an instrumental concert el 3/3 in the plaza del Otorongo, a parade with current and past students and their families, and art and dance presentations. The space used by the conservatories has been reduced since there is damage to the buildings. One classroom has been converted into a storage area. <If you thought you had bad cracks in your walls, you should see the ones in the school.>

Alliance – The CCE and the U. of Cuenca have signed an inter-institutional agreement which will allow students to exhibit their work and put space in the CCE to use.

Chimera Sinfónico (Symphonic Chimera) – This project of the Orquesta Sinfónica of the U. of Cuenca will perform two concerts on 8 & 9/2 a las 20:00 in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz. The program will be Latin American and Ecuadorian music such as pasillos, albazos and other Latin rhythms. Tickets are at the almacén El Surtido and at the administration of the teatro Carlos Cueva. Cost: $10 & $15.00.

Chuquipata – The Javier Loyola Parish, popularly known as Chuquipata, in the Azogues canton is known for its stone crafts. This slowly disappearing heritage is commemorated in murals in the town. The parish was also the “cuna” (cradle – your word for the day) of the first ironworkers in Azogues and el Austro (the South – I will be using Austro instead of the South. Just remember the Banco del Austro). Many of the ironworkers moved to Cuenca, especially to the Calle de las Herrerías.

Otras Cosas –

Titular – Asesoría extranjera comienza su trabajo (Foreign advisor begins its work) – The advisors from the UN met with city officials about the Tranvía yesterday.

Flu – The Ministerio de Salud (Ministry of Health) announced a descending curve in the number of reported flu cases. The ministry diagnosed 931 cases of flu with 66 deaths between 19/11/2017 and 3/2/2018.

Assange – Pres. Moreno said that Ecuador will continue to protect Julian Assange even though he considered him a “problema heredado” (inherited problem) with “no resulta cómodo” (no comfortable result). <Assange is several years past that 3 day rule about fish and guests.>

Siphoning oil – A clandestine connection into the Sistema de Oleoducto Transecuatoriano (SOTE – Transecuadorian Pipeline System) was discovered after park rangers in the parque Nacional Cayambe-Coda noticed a blackened area in the middle of the vegetation. Technicians said whoever did it, had knowledge of that kind of work because they performed a “hot tap” while the system was running.

Trade agreement – The Government is looking to create a trade agreement with the US similar to the one they have with the EU. As its largest trading partner, 23% of Ecuadorian exports go to the US.

Pedestrian overpasses – Two new overpasses are being built over av. De las Américas, one at calle Humboldt next to the U. Católica de Cuenca and the other in the Miraflores sector.

Trees – For every tree that EMAC EP cuts down, it needs to plant 10. This year they will replace 390 trees, mostly eucalyptus. Before cutting down a tree, there is a technical report that measures how much a tree is leaning, if it is sick, the diameter, height, age, if it has exposed roots, and what is the risk of it falling. Last year EMAC planted 17,000 trees and expects to plant 20,000 in 2018.

Lalay Raymi – Suscal will celebrate Lalay Raymi or Paukar Raymi el lunes, 12/2. The festival is an expression of gratitude and reciprocity of the community with la Pacha Mama (Mother Earth). There will be music, “abundante agua” (plenty of water), carioca (foam), and food. <A fusion festival – a little Carnaval thrown and sprayed in.>

Special Carnaval supplement –

Santa Isabel – 11/2, 11:00 – Mercado de Transferencias (Peña Blanca).

Sucua – sáb., 10/2, 17:30, Election of Carnaval queen followed by a dance in the Plaza Civica – 11/2 & 12/2, 20:00, Shows at Rubio’s Discotec.

Guachapala – dom., 11/2, 22:00, Elvis Martínez and his orchestra in the Plaza Central. Los Del Río open the show at 21:00. Lunes, parade at 14:00 and shows at 17:00, 21:30 and 23:00 in the Plaza Central.

Gualaceo – has lots of activities from jueves, 8 to martes, 13/2. There’s a canelazo party on sáb and dom at 14:00 in the Parque Central.

Girón – 11/2, 9:00-Food show with other activities until 19:00. 12/2, 10:00, contests, music at the Parador Truiístico El Chorro.

Tarqui – dom. 11/2, 9:00 – Fair with food, organic products, stuff to buy and the 4th Mote Pata Festival. 16:00 – Stage show.

Deportes –

Circuito 8K – The 5th edition of the Circuito Atlético 8K Corriendo por la Vida (8K Race, Running for Life) will be 25/2 and benefit patients with cystic fibrosis. Tickets available at Me Boletería in the Mall del Río, Boutique Loch (Bolívar 10-79 y General Torres), and Farmalab (Federico Malo 1-90, parque de La Madre sector). Cost: $10.00.

Descuentos y compras –

Nissan – Kicks from $28,150/ $463/mo. with 50% down, 60 mo. loan – Versa from $21,900.

Cuencauto – Chery, Tiggo5 from $26,990

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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