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U.S. expats are also at risk of Trump’s immigration policy revisions

Three members of the Mexican Congress have an answer to U.S. President Donald Trump’s funding plan for his wall on the southern U.S. border.

If Trump applies taxes to Mexican imports to the U.S. or to remittances sent home by Mexicans living in the U.S., the congressmen say they will introduce legislation to confiscate property owned by U.S. citizens in Mexico. A less draconian option, they say, is to attach liens to the property to repay the government for losses from the Trump taxes.

U.S. citizens — not counting U.S.-based corporations — own an estimated $20 billion in Mexican real estate.

On Saturday, one of the Congressmen said the measures could also be applied if Mexicans living in the U.S. are “treated badly” as a result of new immigration policies. He suggested that the Mexican government could review the immigration status of all U.S. citizens living in Mexico, estimated to be between 600,000 and 800,000.

About 8,000 U.S. expats live in San Miguel de Allende.

The news of the past week has offered voluminous coverage of the impact immigration changes will have on foreigners living in the U.S., both those with visas and those without. Entirely off the radar, however, is the impact those changes could have on U.S. expats, particularly those living in Latin America.

There are good reasons for the U.S. to revise its immigration policies and there is nothing wrong with Trump moving forcefully to make changes. Other recent administrations have dodged and jerry-rigged the policies for generations.

On the other hand, Trump’s bungled executive orders are nothing more than a PR freak show. What we have is the Trump Doughboy galumphing across the international media stage, dancing an idiot’s jig, waving his orders in air as holy writ. Although judges have already reversed parts of the orders and more reversals will certainly follow, the uproar they have stirred is only a precursor of what’s to come.

There will be bad blood and it will affect expats.

Of expats living in Latin America, those in Mexico certainly have the most to fear. If taxes are applied that damage the Mexican economy, and  if hundreds of thousands of Mexican nationals are deported from the U.S., it is inevitable that U.S. citizens living in Mexico will become a major issue. Whether they will be subject to new immigration standards and costs or just to the anger of locals hurt by U.S. policy, remains to be seen.

See “Expats in Mexico: Will we be Thrown Out”

Expats in Ecuador are in far better shape than their Mexican brethren and are far less likely to become pawns in geopolitical gamesmanship. Besides residing in small, largely insignificant country that doesn’t share a border with the U.S., their host government is probably the world’s biggest proponent of “international citizenship.” President Rafael Correa has spent the last two weeks at the United Nations and in Europe promoting the concept of a world without borders. On Saturday, he signed what is arguably the world’s most liberal immigration law. For refugees, expats and others living away from their homeland, it is good news.

Although Ecuador expats will face anger and resentment from their neighbors as immigration rules are toughened, it will be mild in comparison to that felt by expats in Mexico. As Ecuador’s foreign minister points out, the vast majority of Ecuadorians in the U.S. live in “sanctuary” states and cities that offer a higher degree of security from new federal policies. Although Trump has signed an executive order to freeze funding to sanctuary governments, the issue will be in court for years (click here, to read more).

It will be weeks, probably months, before the full extent of Trump’s immigration changes are known and it is foolish to speculate on their full impact on expats. Suffice it to say that there will be an impact.


131 thoughts on “U.S. expats are also at risk of Trump’s immigration policy revisions

  1. So Mexico and all these other Countries make it hard to LEGALLY come and reside with them. Yet they fully expect a free ride in the USA. How about treating the US people the way you expect your people to be treated?

    1. No, they do not do that now. BUT, they can and they will retaliate, if and when the policies change in the USA. 🙂

      1. May the Mexican “retaliation” lead quickly and directly to WAR!!!

        Those lazy, ignorant, ingrates will soon be on the wrong side of a real war. We can make Mexico the 51st State if they prefer?

            1. What an abysmal knowledge of recent history you display. The USA, tail between its legs, was the way it left Vietnam and it certainly did not win in Afghanistan.

              1. It was a political failure, not a military one. We beat the North Vietnamese at every turn and largely contained the Viet Cong. But as someone else said, we left with out tail between our legs.

                1. No it was a pretty horrific military failure. You can easily read the amount of books and articles saying how Vietnam was a disaster. The troops were not prepared against Guerrilla tactics and the weapons they were issued were not designed for the environment and often jammed.

                  You ask any high ranking military official – Vietnam was one of the U.S Military greatest failures., the only success that came out of it was a lesson was learned on needing specialized equipment for the terrain.

                  1. You need to get your facts straight and maybe do some research. Ask any Viet vet. Had our hands not been tied we could have won or at least forced a favorable settlement. It was not the military that lost that war, but the politicians.

                    1. You seem to be having your facts confused, politicians are the one who tried to make Vietnam war look like a victory, so people feel vindicated for voting for them.

                      The reality was Vietnam war was a disaster.
                      I suggest reading “The Wrong War”

                      Jeffory Records (author ) was in Vietnam and writes what happened and what went wrong. To top it off he is a Professor of Air War Strategy.

            2. Yup, the USA kicked ass in Vietnam, but it was the Vietnamese who beat our asses with the USA running with their tails between their legs!

              Educate yourself and grow up!

          1. Actually, we won the Mexican American War in the 1800’s, that is how the US accumulated the southwest of California, Arizona and New Mexico. We could have kept all of Mexico but I am not sure why we didn’t.

        1. You all are SO out of line. I am an American Citizen living in Mexico and let me tell you—they are the KINDEST and sweetest people. We are clearly the haters in this story. Let´s not forget—–half of the USA was Mexico. It is this ¨I am the bigger bully¨ mentality that makes people so obnoxious.

          1. Not half by any means, California, New Mexico and Arizona were won in the Mexican American War. Texas gained it’s own independence from Mexico before joining the Union after the Civil war.

    2. do you really think your Ecuadorian neighbor can just show proof of income, identity, and criminal records to just waltz into the USA? there’s no easy entrance for most latin americans.

    3. You really should not comment on things you do not understand. You obviously have NO clue whatsoever what it takes to become a temporary or permanent resident in Mexico, nor what it takes to own property. Your ignorant racism is showing. Thank you for outing yourself.

    4. You are grossly misinformed if you believe that it is more difficult to emigrate to (or even just visit) any country other than the U.S., than it is for a Latin American to visit or emigrate to the U.S. Free ride? What are you talking about?

    5. Wrong, my mother retired in southern Baja 24 years ago and has been treated very well. I spend a lot of time there as well and have found political reciprocation to be very quick, both good and bad.

      1. I live in the southern baja as a permanent resident for the past 6 years. I love it here the Mexican people are great and have welcomed us into their community. I am embarrassed by the whole story unfolding. Not that the immigration laws are being revised, but at the circus that is going on there. I am not sure there is a credible source of information about what is really
        going on. From the outside looking in we look like a bunch of bafoons to the rest of the world. It is really utterly disgusting to watch.

        1. hehehe.. i had to smile at this comment 🙂 bunch of bafoons 🙂 so cute 🙂 i’m from europe and that’s exactly what people think about the US. i was born to a country that fell into pieces and later lived in a “new” one with a different name.. so for me.. passports and borders are not really important. i like US and i love walmart :)) but.. electing Trump was such a minus for you guys 🙂

    6. You should stop believing everything the right wing propaganda machine tells you. They conveniently ignore the millions who came here illegally to work hard and pay their own way. They also fail to tell you about the taxes they contribute to our Social Security system via an ITIN number (but are not entitled to draw Social Security). I’m not condoning illegal immigration but please stop demonizing people who do what you might have done if you had been in their shoes. Unbelievable that years of this political propaganda has actually made it acceptable for people who call themselves Christians to demean a whole group of people and to elect a man who boasts about grabbing pussies. World gone mad.

      1. It truly is a “mad” “mad” world! I would compare Trump to running the Roman Empire back in the day. Not that another Clinton was a good option either. Perhaps, “sad” world is more applicable now.

    7. You missing the point. Looks like you americans expect to have free ride and the world should please you as you wish

  2. “it is foolish to speculate on their full impact on expats” Which you pretty much just did absent the word “full”

  3. “Bungled,” “freak show.” Gee, I guess Hardy is a Democrat. I thought I was reading the words of Oliver Hardy, not Sylvan.
    The only people Ecuador will throw out are the ex-pats down here illegally in the first place. I hear Ecuador wants to kick out those who are wanted by the police in the U.S. Fair enough.

    1. Doubtful, based on this: “…there is nothing wrong with Trump moving forcefully to make changes. Other recent administrations have dodged and jerry-rigged the policies for generations.”
      And since he claims to have been a columnist for “several British newspapers”, I would also guess he is not American.

  4. A true journalist would never have used the term “Trump’s Doughboy” to describe POTUS. Clearly, the author’s bias is palpable.
    So Mexico will confiscate all property owned by US citizens. Hmmm. It seems to me to be an apples and oranges response. Even Ecuador deports illegal (undocumented) migrants.

    1. I am a total independent, not of either party and I believe the journalist aptly describes President Trump’s behavior so far. If he would get out of the weeds on Twitter and recognize that astute new business owners and executives give themselves a little time to “learn the ropes” of a new environment and forays of a business before jumping in to make drastic changes, so they don’t hang themselves and the venture. Decisions made “under fire”, usually are not good ones. I am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he needs to let all if the American people know he can hold himself to a higher standard than what he is displaying. He says that he can be “the most” presidential. please, please, Pres. Trump, show us so we can have change with peace for all

      1. Internationally, if you are an American, that is all she wrote. Do you think non- Americans distinguish between Democrats, Republicans or care for that matter? To the world, Trump is merely the latest chosen expression of American culture. The hate and fear he represents will not be confined to the USA, it will be felt everywhere Americans travel to.

          1. You are caught in American assumptions, I am not American. But like most non-Americans, I have no trouble traveling and being welcome everywhere.

            It cannot be a surprise to anyone that the civilized world has been looking at America with increasing distaste. Trump will accelerate this trend and it will inevitably have both a social and possibly and legal effect internationally, no matter what presently popular flavor of hate individual Americans choose to espouse.

            This is simply a bald truth and I feel bad for you. Does this mean you will drone bomb me now?

  5. “Trump’s bungled executive orders are nothing more than a PR freak show. What we have is the Trump Doughboy galumphing across the international media stage, dancing an idiot’s jig, waving his orders in air as if they are holy writ.”
    I guess the author does not like Trump??? HHMMM? No biased reporting here.

    1. One: This is an opinion piece, not a report (all speculation)…and the words were edited to FAVOR Trump now (and te sentence you refer to was removed):
      “There are good reasons for the U.S. to revise its immigration policies and there is nothing wrong with Trump moving forcefully to make changes. Other recent administrations have dodged and jerry-rigged the policies for generations.”
      Regardless Trump’s policies are VERY dangerous.

      1. i would love to end our enemies under a Trump banner. I would never fight for the commy-loving Muslim TRAITOR.

        You appeasers are out of power. Time to man up or shut up.

  6. Hey folks, this is a column. It’s opinion. It’s supposed to be biased. It’s fine to disagree but at least understand what you’re disagreeing with.

        1. Really LadyMoon? Was that the best you could come up with? You must be one hard core liberal. What Phil meant was that they avoid OTHER gringos. After reading your reply I completely understand why.

          1. Thank you animal lover. Like the t-shirt says, “All I want to do is save animals and drink wine”.

        2. Very difficult. It is sad culture that is the problem, and culture takes generations to be rid of or change. Mr. Cobb may find his compatriots unsavory, but he cannot escape the shared template. At the American core is fear, hate and intolerance. He exhibits all three.

      1. Let me guess, you are probably going to say that you are not American (Canadian, Brit, etc.), hence NOT a Gringo. I got news for you, in the eyes of all Mexicans, you ARE a Gringo. The author wrote for British newspapers…so why do you assume he is a “gringo”. What elitist nonsense.

        1. Amazing how each of your judgements are so off base. But I must thank you for providing even one more reason.

        2. The meaning of the term “gringo” varies. For example, in Cuba or Argentina and many other countries, gringos are exclusively Americans. My guess is the Spanish countries that give it a wider meaning to include any non-Spanish speaker by birth, depends or the locals experience with foreign visitors. Cuba did not have many Americans for the last 50+ years and Argentina has always had a flow of travelers from everywhere while Ecuador and Mexico have a long history of Americans. This is important to non-Americans because gringo is a derogatory word in many, many countries.

    1. Yeah, which obvisouly the writer does not understand..he just has overinflated opinins of his grandious arm flailing. What a shameful piece, even if it is “opinin” it is written as if it is fact…..and it in reality is pure hatred and immaturity to know the difference!

  7. Excellent work, Sylvan. You’ve got the morons all worked up. Those of us in the “literate minority” get your point.

  8. One has to accept the good with the bad. I have a great deal invested in Ecuador but strongly support Ecuador laws on immigration and the United States laws which Trump is now enforcing. If Ecuador chooses to throw me out because I’m American and take my property that is their choice and I have no option but comply. As usual liberals want it both ways. It’s the same with global warming, they still have carbon footprints way beyond what they need but everybody else needs to change. They love goring other peoples ox but don’t dare touch theirs.

    1. You are confusing. Do you mean American liberals here want Latinos and Muslims kicked out of the USA but they also want to keep their Ecuadorian homes and stay here?

      Or are you trying to say that two wrongs cancel themselves out?

  9. Good article and so well-written. Since I avoid t-Rumpsters in person, once I identify them, this is a good way to get their thoughts. Scary, but helpful.

      1. Just old and retired and selective with whom I spend my last days/months/years on the planet. Works for me.

    1. You being a hard core liberal, I bet Trump supporters avoid you as well. Can’t blame them. Have you ever tried to be positive and uplifting?

      1. I’m a liberal and proud of it – I’m not sure why conservatives throw it out like an epithet but it’s like saying, “You like puppies” and thinking it’s an insult. Oh, burn! I’m a liberal. You got me. I also like puppies I’m ashamed to admit. (Call me a “libtard” if you want but that says WAY more about you than it does about me.) And I also avoid Trump supporters as much as I possibly can. That’s MY way of being positive and uplifting. Hope to meet you some day LadyMoon. You sound like a nice lady, very positive and uplifting.

      2. Read above….I prefer “flaming liberal”. Don’t understand your attempt the communicate….something?….with “Have you ever tried….”

  10. Only an idiot would ever buy property in any of these banana republics. It is the chances you take. In the meantime, Mexicans can keep their property in the USA. Who are the real fascists here?

  11. Mexico also has laws against illegal immigrants. Under the Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony, punishable by up to two years in prison. Immigrants who are deported and attempt to re-enter can be imprisoned for 10 years. Visa violators can be sentenced to six-year terms. The key word here is ILLEGAL immigrants. So I don’t get it. If people get into Mexico illegally they get imprisoned but the Mexican president want illegal Mexicans to flood the USA so we can take care of them spending billions of USA tax payers money and we shouldn’t implement our laws? Than why doesn’t the Mexican government take care of illegals in Mexico? Double standard I guess.

  12. You need to go back and stay in ethiopia…I am sure the politics there are way better, how dare yu yave the sudacity to write such an inflamed and biggoted article, when you have no first hand knowledge of what is going on, other than your own biased views….obvisuly, not a a red bloded a,ercian one! Hopefully they will void YOUR visa!

  13. Please identify the 3 Congress members or provide your Mexican News source. I have shared this article with various groups and people are questioning the validity of this statement? I am German, my husband is American and we live and own property on the Pacific coast.

  14. Wow, so glad to see your article is fair and unbiased and devoid of any vitriol or name calling. Of the estimated 600,000 to 800,000 U. S. citizens living in Mexico, how many are there illegally and how many have committed crimes either in Mexico or previously in the United States? I think that might have some relevance to the discussion.

  15. Do you really think President Rafael Correa would be a vocal advocate for a “world without borders” and, for better or worse, Ecuador have one of the world’s most liberal policies on entry of foreigners into the country if it bordered Iran, Syria, Somalia, or Afghanistan?

  16. There is, of course, resentment against the “ghettoized gringos” and … while I don’t expect violence against them here in Mexico… I wouldn’t be surprised to see a crack-down on the huge number of “reverse wetbacks” (full disclosure… I was one for a period of time when I moved to Mexico almost 17 years ago), and those that take advantage of long-term (180 day) tourist visas to establish themselves as quasi-permanent residents.

    OTOH, Mexico has a long and honorable history of absorbing immigrants and refugees, which has been lately skewered by recent administrations’ willingness to cooperate with the United States (witness the crackdown on Central American migrants here), and there has been a call from both the left and right for a return to our “traditional values”… which include tolerating foreigners in our midst.

  17. The end of intolerance marks the end of liberty. Intolerance and gratuitous abuse/attacks has become part of the American cultural core, on both sides. We are told here that Sylvan should go “back to Ethiopia” because of his opinions, liberals are defective in some way, many are out of their “f’king minds”, others are “ignorant racists”, that the majority of those present are illiterate and some cannot spell.

    This is America today You don’t have to be Muslim, Latino, or black to be hated by an American, you merely have to express an opinion that another doesn’t agree with. Is this the way you expect “America to be great again”? Or does Trump merely mean uber-powerful and endlessly cruel.

  18. I am not sure if this is true but I got a kick out of it.

    A Canadian female liberal wrote a lot of letters to the Canadian government,
    complaining about the treatment of captive insurgents (terrorists) being held
    in Afghanistan National Correctional System facilities.

    She demanded a response to her letter. She received back the following reply:

    National Defense Headquarters
    M Gen George R Pearkes Bldg., 15NT
    101 Colonel By Drive
    Ottawa, ON K1A OK

    Dear Concerned Citizen,

    Thank you for your recent letter expressing your profound concern for treatment
    of the Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists captured by Canadian Forces, who were
    subsequently transferred to the Afghanistan Government and are currently being
    held by Afghan officials in Afghanistan National Correctional System facilities.

    Our administration takes these matters seriously and your opinions were heard
    loud and clear here in Ottawa. You will be pleased to learn, thanks to the concerns
    of citizens like yourself, we are creating a new department here at the Department
    of National Defense, to be call ‘Liberals Accept Responsibility for Killers’ program,
    or L.A.R.K. for short.

    In accordance with the guidelines of this new program, we have decided,
    on a trial basis, to divert several terrorists and place them in homes of concerned
    citizens such as yourself, around the country, under those citizens personal care.
    Your personal detainee has been selected and is scheduled for transportation under
    heavily armed guard to your residence in Toronto next Monday.

    Ali Mohammed Ahmed bin Mahmud is your detainee, and is to be cared for pursuant
    to the standards you personally demanded in your letter of complaint. You will be
    pleased to know that we will conduct weekly inspections to ensure that your standards
    of care for Ahmed are commensurate with your recommendations.

    Although Ahmed is a sociopath and extremely violent, we hope that your sensitivity
    to what you described as his ‘attitudinal problem’ will help him overcome those character
    flaws. Perhaps you are correct in describing these problems as mere ‘cultural differences’.
    We understand that you plan to offer counseling and home schooling, however, we
    strongly recommend that you hire some assistant caretakers.

    Please advise any Jewish friends, neighbors or relatives about your house guest,
    as he might get agitated or even violent, but we are sure you can reason with him.
    He is also expert at making a wide variety of explosive devices from common household
    products, so you may wish to keep those items locked up, unless in your opinion, this
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    We advise that you do not ask him to demonstrate these skills either in your home
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    Ahmed will not wish to interact with you or your daughters except sexually, since he
    views females as a form of property, thereby having no rights, including refusal of his
    sexual demands. This a particularly sensitive subject for him.

    You also should know that he has shown violent tendencies around women who fail
    to comply with the dress code that he will recommend as ‘more appropriate attire’.
    I’m sure you will come to enjoy the anonymity offered by the burka over time.
    Just remember that it is all part of ‘respecting his culture and religious beliefs’ as
    described in your letter.

    You take good care of Ahmed and remember that we will try to have a counselor
    available to help you over any difficulties you encounter while Ahmed is adjusting
    to Canadian culture.

    Thanks again for your concern. We truly appreciate it when folks like you keep us
    informed of the proper way to do our job and care for our fellow man.

    Good luck and God bless you.

    Gordon O’Connor
    Minister of Defense

  19. Thanks Sylvan. Your article has gone “viral” far beyond Cuenca and is now the hot topic on Mexico gringo social media. All the gringos here are wondering about the congressmen threatening to take their property. If they could only read Spanish, they would have read about it the local newspapers.

    Looking at the comments, my question is: are all the morons leaving comments in Cuenca or Mexico?

  20. It is confusing isn’t it. Basically I think liberals, by and large, are intellectually dishonest and hypocrites. Is that better?

  21. Somewhere in this thread was a comment about the “literate minority”, a term coined by H.L. Mencken, America’s most brilliant conservative. Reading the remarks following this article, I am struck by the fact that most readers were unable to grasp its simple argument — that expats will be affected by changes to US immigration policy — and went tearing off on pointless, vindictive tangents. Mencken had little use for lynch mobs.

  22. Mexico wouldn’t dare offend all the gringos living in Mexico they bring millions of $$ a year into the economy, this is just saber rattling, they are bluffing of course. If they did that they would lose their multi-billion tourist industry in retaliation also.

  23. Well I believe it’s fairly clear that once We expats get residency we are subject and also protected by the laws of Ecuador the same as goes for citizens of Ecuador. And in their Constitution it’s very clear that both citizens and permanent residents are protected by the due process of lawSo it seem to me to be virtually impossible for us expats to be deported for no reason. The only threat to expats are those who come here on a three month tourist visa and think they can wait until the last minute to renew it. So given the likelihood that the current situation in the US will lead to more people coming here the road to Asoges will be jamed up with people trying to get one of the 20 slots

  24. That is nonsense from three politicians in Mexico. The last thing Mexicans wants is to discourage solvent Americans, Canadian and European from living in Mexico. See “real estate Puerto Vallarta” and “real estate San Miguel Allende”. Mexico even allows resident U.S. Americans to be insured by Mexicos excellent national medical service for $ 300 a year ! By the way: Listen to Mexican quality music, search for JAVIER SOLIS in “youtube”.

  25. You get what you vote for America. So how is that Trump working out for ya? My god folks this is week two of his administration. This is what happens when you are out voted by lite bigots and basically naive people living in rural areas who don’t travel and have a zero world view. These people know Junior’s car number but couldn’t find Germany on a world map.

    1. I love him. He is the best thing since sliced bread. I think the old “breaking a few eggs to make an omelet” applies.

  26. To the author, Sylvan Hardy. Can you please provide the names of the three Congressmen and the source from where you obtained the comments from one of the Congressmen on Saturday? This is a very serious topic for US expat homeowners and I think it would add credibility to your article if you would please post the information requested. Many thanks!

  27. I only saw the last part of the interview and the congressman said that property liens or anything else concerning expats was a last resort. He just said that Mexico had to protect itself against Trump but hoped it wouldn’t be necessary. All wild speculation at this point.

  28. Your post are inflamatory and totally off mark! From now on
    I will look to see who wrote the post before even reviewing it! Yours are totally out!
    I think myabe we need to tax the Mexican citizens then, as well as all THEIR porperty…that would pay for the wall in a week!

    1. President Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do !! THE CARTELS RUN MEXICO. The Mexican president needs to grow some balls and take care of his country’s PROBLEMS.You won’t see another Democrat President in our life time.These liberal fools in the streets are wasting their time !!! The American People’s Prayers have been answered ! AMERICA WILL BE GREAT AGAIN !

      1. “In our lifetime”? You must be in your tercera edad. Of course, God wants America to be great again. That’s why she took the time out to answer your prayer, pobrecito. Thank goodness the USA has a three divisions of govt. so that the judicial branch can stop your president’s craziness. Sorry Rob. I can’t help it.

  29. “The end of intolerance marks the end of liberty.” No, Julius, perhaps the end of tolerance marks the end of liberty, but we’d all like to be rid of intolerance, yours included.

  30. I’d suggest everyone calm down. The allegations reported are suppositions based upon opinion without facts. Who, what, where and when, are typically the guidelines needed for objective reporting. Don’t devour each other because of this yellow journalism.

  31. Another example of the Fat lump and his BS EO’s made without a modicum of strategy, long and short term results and counter measures. This buffoon is an idiot without peers..Even Bush had more sense..Wow…

  32. Hi, I liked the article up until the author says: “Besides residing in small, largely insignificant country…”. WTF are you talking about? I do not know your nationality, but by the way you characterize my Country, that welcomed you and many foreigners, you are american. And that explains why americans are disliked worldwide.

  33. There are actual enemies to YOUR way of life and YOUR families and friends. The appeasement crowd is now out of power. North Korea needs to be DESTROYED. IF China and Russia wish to DEFEND North Korea, they were never going to be our “allies” anyway. WW3 is coming. A strategist would tell you to STRIKE when you have the advantage of LEADERSHIP coupled with unstoppable power. That fits the USA RIGHT NOW. It is now with a POSSIBLE win or later at a time of THEIR choosing, once they are even stronger.

    STOP being afraid and grow a SPINE. Think of your children as sex slaves if that helps motivate your liberal, cowardly ass. Time to get real and pick a side. All you communist-loving idiots may get a chance to see your theoretical BULLSHIT up close and PERSONAL. May a Chinese soldier bayonet your loved ones right in front of you if you FAIL TO STAND FOR THE RIGHT side. Remember i did warn you.

    Cowardice ALWAYS extracts a very high price. Trust me, you need to switch sides to the Red White and Blue and FIGHT or just go ahead and go full on Hammer and Sickle… you freakin’ hypocrites.

  34. If you are going to report news, do that and avoid editorial comments unless you publish this as an OpEd.

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