U.S. State Dept. official visits Quito, Museum of Peace and Freedom, Cuenca’s unregulated Airbnbs

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Lunes, 26/2/2018

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Past agenda event –

Viernes Cultural Salesiano – The Cultural Friday night at the UPS (Universidad Politécnica Salesiana) featured Profecía and Apocalipsis and was a success.

Articles about –

CCE – To comply with the new Ley de Cultura (Culture Law), the CCE “ha sufrido” (has suffered) <That choice of words tells you what the CCE thought of the new law.> through a reorganization. Part of it was the creation of a new Sección de Filosofía y Ciencias Sociales, con ejes de Antropología, Historia y Geografía, Comunicación, Patrimonio, Ciencias Políticas y Jurídicas, y de Filosofía y Educación <You don’t really want all that translated, do you?> which is working on various projects including one on “Reflexiones sobre Arqueología histórica, experiencias entre Cuenca y Quito” (Reflections on historical archeology, experiences between Cuenca and Quito). There will be an event el jueves, 1/3 de 14-18:00 in the Sala de Conciertos in the CCE. <Sounds very academic, but maybe there will be lots of old photos.>

Angélica Sánchez – This Ecuadorian pianist has been invited by Northwestern State University to perform in the Magale Reatal Hav el próximo viernes. The program will include Ecuadorian composers.

Museo – The Municipality and the Ministro de Defensa signed an agreement to restore the patrimonial building on Rafael María Arízaga y Hermano Miguel which is in the 3d Army Division Tarqui. The 100 year old house which is currently being used for storage and an auditorium generally isn’t usable due to the wear and tear on the building. The restored building will house a new Museo de la Paz y la Libertad (Museum of Peace and Freedom).

Otras cosas –

Titular – Chocho da oro al país en 50 km (Chocho gives gold to the country in 50 km) – Andres Chocho won the Challenge de Marcha de la IAAF in Monterrey, México.

US State Dept – Thomas Shannon, Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, started a tour to Ecuador, Chile and Colombia in Quito today. He be in Quito until 27/2, and will meet with Pres. Moreno.

Fundación de Cuenca – If you have an activity that you want publicized in the Agenda for the Founding of Cuenca celebrations, get it into City Hall by viernes. The building is on Bolívar y Borrero, office no. 401, hours from 8-13:00 and 15-18:00.

Mercado 27 de Febrero – This weekend the market will celebrate its 29th anniversary with music and more.

Informal lodgings – On line platforms such as AirBnB,where lodgings are offered, often in family homes, are more popular with tourists to Cuenca. The Asociación Hotelera del Azuay (ACAY) has data showing at least 10% of tourists stay in houses and apartments that do not have permits for this activity. It estimates that there are 350 unregulated locations which are offering lodging and not paying taxes. The Cantonal Council passed an Ordinance last year which will create a consulting body made up of government, civic organizations and associations of bars, restaurants and hotels. <And meanwhile, Sr. Gazpacho and Ms. Smythe continue to happily rent out rooms in their houses, pocket the money and not pay taxes on the income.>

Sewer – Girón is building sewers in Pambadel. <But the disturbing thing – and anyone who was in construction will have a heart attack – is the photo which shows maybe an 18″ wide x 10-12′ deep trench. There’s no shoring, but there is a worker standing at the bottom. OSHA would have a heart attack – and then shut the job down.>

Intercultural – Samuel Ortega cooks fusion food at the two locations of “Shamuico.” Born and raised in Saraguru and trained in Spain, he uses what he learned in Spain and what he observed as a child to create a variety of dishes and “sabores mestizos” (mixed flavors). The restaurants are located on the parque central in Saraguru and in the San Roque sector called “El Farol.” <The San Roque in Cuenca? I hope, I hope.>

Descuentos y compras –

Cardeca – Furniture floor sample liquidation – up to 60% off – Autopista y Camino Subida a Turi – M-F, 9-19:00, sáb, 10-18:00.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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