UN tram consultants in town, Comics festival at Mall del Rio, Food fair Sunday, Andean dance

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Viernes, 23/3/2018

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s agenda events –

They have all started or are finished. There was a Hip-Hop concert <Which I’m guessing is not the type of venue most of you frequent anyway.> and a showing of the movie “Santa Elena en Bus” in the barrio Gran Cove as part of the “Vecinos de Película” (Movie Neighbors) Program which introduces neighborhoods to good filmsdsvz.

Ongoing agenda event –

Feria “La Femme” – This fair will be sabado y domingo a last 9:00 at the Casa del Río at Quinta Lucrecia. It has over 50 exhibitors with products for women, family and friends. Free admission. <This is not where you’d go to see the latest in cordless drills or laser levels.>

Articles about –

Julio Coronel – He will celebrate his 100th birthday Saturday as well as 70 years in the priesthood.

Recognition – The film “Los Pocos Afortunados” (The Few Lucky) which premiered 10 years ago will receive a special recognition at the Unusual Film Festival in Buenos Aires.

Andean dance – There will be a performance Saturday in the teatro Pumapungo to honor local groups at the 4th Festival Andes Manta and the 1st Festival Los Andes en Vivo. The performance el sábado starts at 18:00. Cost: $15:00.

Feria de Títeres y marionetas – There will be a Puppet and Marionettes Fair this weekend at the Portal Artesanal. You can see puppets and shows and learn how to make and operate a puppet.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Economía pasa factura a utilidades (Economy passes invoice to utilities) – <Sorry, I don’t understand the article because I think that utilities is not the right translation of utilidades which is basic to the understanding of this article.>

Mining concessions – The Chamber of Mining of Cuena is uneasy over the city’s contract with a lawyer to analyze the feasibility of requesting reversals of the concessions granted in the canton. In an interview, Chamber president, Patricio Vargas, said mining is one of the main sources of income for the country.

Tranvía – Consultants from the UN Office of Project Services arrived in Cuenca ayer. The project manager is currently the general manager of the Metro de Madrid, and there were also a systems specialist and an expert in integrated transit systems. A civil engineer and attorney from Ecuador have yet to be named.

Trailers – Recent accidents have brought attention to the safety of tractor/trailers. A builder of the trailers said there is a special kind of lock called “piñas” which are placed at 6 points on the container to tie it to the trailer. Trucks are inspected going into the Port of Guayaquil, and those without piñas aren’t allowed to enter. Basically, it’s up to the drivers to inspect their vehicles, trailers and cargo before a trip.

Neuronavigator – The “Vicente Corral Moscoso” hospital used this machine for the first time in an operation on a 19 year old woman with a brain tumor. It is the first machine in the south of Ecuador. Previously patients were sent to Quito or Guayaquil. It will be used in brain, spine, and otorrinolaringología (I think that’s ear, nose and throat) surgeries.

Road work – The vía to Ingapirca will be repaired starting el lunes, 26/3. Part of the work will be a rock retaining wall which will allow the road to be built back to its original width. The alternate route during construction will be El Tambo-Honorato Vázquez-Ingapirca.

Amenidades –

Agenda items –

1st Comics Festival – This event will be Saturday a las 10:00 in the Mall del Río.

AniMosh – This band played tonight a las 19:00 at the República Sur. 2 They are a “hard rock friki” band. <Remember that “friki” would be pronounced like “free key.”>

Article about –

Feria Internacional Gastronómica – Fasec, a non-profit serving cancer patients, is organizing the International Gastronomic Fair which will be el domingo, 25/3 in the Convention Center at the Mall del Río. There will be stands for food from Argentina, Germany, Colombia, Spain, Chile, US, Switzerland, México, Italy, Taiwan and Ecuador. There will also be vegetarian food and stands for the Asociación de Gourmets and the School of Gastronomy at the U. of Cuenca.

Movies – as usual, go to www.multicines.com.ec for show times and locations. The following movies open this week. All the movies this week are in Español.

2D & 3D Titanes del Pacífico: la insurrección
2D María Magdalena
2D Pánico en lo profundo

The following movies are continuing.

2D Tomb raider
2D Maldición casa Winchester
2D Peter Rabbit
2D La forma del agua

<Dang, I missed Pantera Negra. But I guess it will be in the DVD stores now.>

Internacional –

Colombia – The UN and the Church are evaluating a cease fire between the Government of Colombia and the guerrilla group ELN. The parties are meeting in Ecuador.

Discuentos y compras –

ETAFASHION – up to 50% off on selected merchandise – additional 10% off with Planeta Direct Credit.

Kia – Sportage R light from $27,990.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo –



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