University of Cuenca says video is arresting crime

Mar 30, 2014

A new system of closed circuit video surveillance is reducing the crime rate at the University of Cuenca.

Paulo Berrezueta, Coordinator of General Services at the university says that 117 cameras are positioned across the campus and word has apparently gotten out to potential thieves. “The bad guys know they are being watched so they have less incentive to come onto campus,” Berrezueta.

The camera images are monitored 24 hours a day by specially trained staff who report crimes and suspicious activities to the 54 security guards working on campus. Video images are kept for 22 days.

Berrezueta says that video surveillance has also been increased in areas around the university, particularly the Tomebamba River park, Puente del Vado, Calle La Condamine and at Santa Ines Hospital. Video from those cameras are monitored by the ECU 911 Security Service.

Berrezueta did not have an exact figure for crime reduction but said it is “significant.”