University of Cuenca student sentenced to prison for role in anti-government protest

Oct 19, 2019 | 48 comments

University of Cuenca student Pablo Israel Correa has been sentenced to four months in prison for inciting violence and destruction of public property.

A police armored vehicle was damaged when it hit a cable connecting traffic light polls Oct. 16.

According to prosecutors, during the October 16 anti-government strike Correa installed a steel cable between two Calle Simon Bolivar traffic light polls that led to the destruction of the lights and polls and damage to a police armored truck that hit the cable. Correa was also seen throwing rocks at police in surveillance videos.

The sentencing judge said that Correa will also be required to pay for damages to the traffic lights and truck.

Prosecutors say they will present as many as 20 more cases to judges in coming weeks involving alleged criminal activity during the anti-government protests in Cuenca. “There were many acts of violence and vandalism during the protests and we are currently reviewing videos and photos to determine the culprits,” a spokeswoman at the prosecutors office said.

She added that the focus is on “individuals identified for throwing multiple projectiles” at police and those who destroyed public and private property.


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