University students propose an expat tax

Apr 22, 2014

A political science club at Universidad Técnica del Norte (UTN) in Ibarra says it plans to take its campaign for an expat tax to Ecuador’s National Assembly.

Club president Javier Lara says that foreigners are often a burden on local resources and should help pay their way. “Foreign residents in Ecuador, especially in Imbaburra Province, have had a negative impact on the local infrastructure. Most of them are elderly and require more services than younger, healthier residents,” he said. “They are also making it more difficult for Ecuadorians to afford to buy agricultural property that is needed to support their families. This has become a major problem in communities such as Cotacachi where a large number of foreigners have settled.”

Lara says he is in touch with several members of the National Assembly who support his efforts. “We are very encouraged about our efforts and are working with university student groups in other Latin American countries to achieve the same result.”