Untold stories from the vaccine trail: What you don’t know about the Covid-19 fraud can kill you

Jun 10, 2021 | 47 comments

By Max Rorschach

The so-called Covid-19 virus and the deadly vaccines it has inspired is truly the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the human race. Civil liberties have been trampled, international commerce has been decimated, families have been separated and millions have died under false diagnoses — and the damage continues as billions around the world are vaccinated.

Although the truth has been concealed by world governments and the mainstream and social media, there are a handful of researchers and websites that remain dedicated to presenting the truth about the faux pandemic and Big Pharma’s cash cow.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny shares her testimony before a rapt audience at the Ohio state legislature. A true heavyweight in her field, Tenpenny is a former NCAA champion shot-putter at Colorado School of Mines.

I would like to share a few recent reports from the truth-tellers, most of which you have probably not heard.

One story the mainstream media did report – albeit with great scorn and frequent disclaimers — was the testimony earlier this week of intrepid vaccine fighter Sherri Tenpenny before an Ohio legislative committee. She said what most honest researchers have known for months: that Covid vaccines make people magnetic.

She presented photos, authenticated by experts, of people with keys magnetically stuck to their foreheads and spoons and forks attached to their faces and bellies. “What’s happening is that those being vaccinated are being injected with metallic particles that interface with 5G technology and allow people to be tracked and controlled by AI technology,” she told stunned legislators.

A photo presented by Tenpenny shows how tableware is magnetically attracted to those vaccinated against Covid-19 virus.

Tenpenny has predicted that a combination of the metal content in vaccines and the fact that most of the human population live in the northern hemisphere could lead to a sudden realignment of the north and south polls in late 2021 or early 2022, once 50 percent of the population is inoculated. “This is no ordinary metal in these vaccines,” she says. “It is specially charged so it can affect the earth’s magnetic fields — and this is no accident. I must warn you that there are nefarious forces at work that no one is talking about.”

Based on her calculations, the north pole could relocate to an area between Attapulgas and Climax, Georgia while the south pole will center on an uninhabited atoll in the South Pacific, east of New Zealand.

Viral shedding from vaccines can infect the innocent
In early May, a four-year-old Nebraska boy developed a hoarse cough that progressed into what doctors describe as the bark of a large dog, possibly a rottweiler. Although he had not been vaccinated, his mother had, and the unprecedented barking phenomenon was attributed to her extreme viral shedding. The shedding was so intense, in fact, that the woman extracted herself from the husk of her former self, cicada-like, emerging as the perfect likeness of Ida Lupina in her prime.

Until doctors can determine corrective action, the boy has been outfitted with an electronic bark collar so his parents can sleep at night and put on a strict diet of Purina Dog Chow and Milk Bone Bowwow Treats.

Metalic vaccine content leads to bowel movements
Following up on Tenpenny’s research, healthy living expert and anti-vaxxer Mike Adams discovered that the metal in Covid vaccines can accumulate in various parts of the human body and be accessed for specific functions. “It allows third parties to maintain control not only over our thoughts but our bodily functions as well,” he says.

An illustration on one of Mike Adam’s websites illustrating the location of the metal “poop” button, courtesy of the Covid-19 vaccines.

Among those bodily functions, Adams says, are bowel movements. He claims to have located a metal button in the wrists of dozens of vaccinated people that, when pushed, induces an immediate bowel movement. “If it is pressed accidentally, it can lead to embarrassing situations,” he explains. At his research clinic in Sopchoppy, Florida, Adams continues his research into the correlation of vaccines and bowel movements and is performing, free of charge, operations to remove the “poop” button.

Long-time Ecuador expats may recall Adams, aka the Health Ranger, as the host of a 2013 convention for invisible spacepeople in Vilcabamba. Held on a hilltop in the San Joaquin development, Adams claimed that the spacepeople would reveal themselves but most of those in attendance say the revelation never occurred. Besides Adams, a radio announcer from Loja said all he saw that night were a few elderly hippies.

A Covid vaccine no-hitter
A 74-year-old Mississippi man astounded the baseball world last week by pitching a no-hitter in the Deep South Champions League just a week after taking his second dose of the Moderna vaccine. Despite his advanced age, Henry “Hank” Mencken shut down the league-leading Selma Sasquatch but was later disqualified and the game forfeited when it was discovered that Henry was actually Henrietta who had undergone a sex-change procedure, illegal under a Mississippi law banning trans-sexuals from athletic competition as well as employment in the podiatry profession.

Mencken attributed his 105-mile-per-hour fastball to Lipid NanoParticles, courtesy of the vaccine, that boosted his testosterone level to that of young male orangutans or jack rabbits.

Anthony Fauci

One sports writer reported that Mencken’s sex change operation took place at the same clandestine clinic in Meridian that performed breast-reduction procedures for Elvis Presley in the early 1970s.

The Fauci-Woo connection
Although the media reported the release of thousands of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails last week, there was nary a mention of the recently discovered love letters detailing his relationship with Suzy Chen Woo, former assistant director of the Wuahn lab. The letters were turned over to an underground media outlet in Macau by a former lab employee fired by Woo 10 years ago. Efforts to reach the man for further information proved fruitless. His family says his whereabouts is unknown but, in April, they were presented a plaque from the government honoring his generosity as an organ donor.

Suzy Chen Woo

Little has been reported by the mainstream media about the Fauci – Woo relationship other than that the pair met in the 1970s when Woo was in graduate school working nights as poll dancer in a Hong Kong nightclub frequented by Fauci. As has been widely reported and verified, the two developed the HIV virus and then, because of their familiarity with the disease’s molecular sequence, profited from the medicines to control it, stashing hundreds of millions in overseas bank accounts. They also partnered in several non-medical projects, including the failed attempt to develop electric chop sticks (the subsequent attempt to market the product as a sex toy, the Shanghai Diddlers, was shut down by the Chinese Ministry of Decency and Correct Rectitude).

This story will break wide open in the coming weeks and be impossible for the media to ignore.

The Covid endgame and the great die-off ahead
Many vaccine experts predict a very bad ending for those who have received any of the Covid-19 vaccines.

According to unnamed sources working with the Tenpenny research team, the vaccinated  population that does not die from side effects will drop dead simultaneously at noon on August 14, 2024, in response to a microchip command. Following the die-off, a committee consisting of Kim Kardashian, Donald Trump, Greta Thunberg, Kim Jong-un, Pete Buttigieg and Tim Tebow, all of whom have been injected with placebo vaccines, will assume world control. Unvaccinated survivors will then be asked to pledge support to the new government or face extermination.

Max Rorschach is a Cuenca expat who moved to Ecuador following a career as a tree suregon in Michigan. He is a frequent commenter on this and other websites, writing under a variety of social media handles and fake names. He is the youth pastor at a local non-denominational church.