Vatican returns shrunken head, Mandarin courses, Transporting pets, Sculptures in bread

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Domingo, 14/1/2018

Hola, Todos

Long day in the Cajas so short issue today.

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Cine Indio – The Indian <Bollywood> Film Festival will be from martes hasta el viernes with double features a las 10:00 y 19:00 in the Sala de Conciertos at the CCE.

Exhibits – Until 31/1, there will be various exhibits in the city. “Luz y Formas” (Light and Shapes) with paintings, sculptures and ceramics by Fausto Bravo will be at the Museo Manuel Agustin Landívar. Art in Legos and paintings by Noé Mayorga will be at the Casa Bienal. “Ucuyayas,” paintings and sculptures by Ricardo Montesinos will be at the Salón del Pueblo.

Taller – Gonzalo Gonzalo <like Major Major?>, a Spanish actor radicado (settled) in Cuenca will give a workshop in acting and directing actors for film from 29/1-9/2 a las 17:00 in the CCE.

Articles about –

Conferencia – Virginio Gaudenzi, curator of the Museum of Man, spoke at a conference yesterday. He alluded to a traveling exhibit, “Nosotros y los otros: prejuicios al racismo” (We and the others: prejudices to racism) <Some expats here need to reflect on their attitudes towards the people whose society we have entered.> which might travel to Chile and Quito with actions being taken to bring it to Cuenca.

Tribute – The OAC played its 3d concert of the 2018 season el pasado viernes with a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Cooperativa. <Don’t confuse this with the Coopera that went belly up a few years ago.>

Revista – The Casa Tomada de Cuenca has issued its first edition of the Casa Tomada magazine which has literary content written by members of the group and hopes to expand its circulation area to the whole country. Each issue will feature a different art, with literature being the constant.

Otras cosas –

Titular – La historia militar tendrá museo en la División Tarqui (Military history will have a museum in the Tarqui Division) – Two buildings in the Tarqui Division Headquarters will be converted into a museum of military history.

Tzantza – The Vatican returned a shrunken head with had been in the Vatican’s reserve collection for over 100 years to Ecuador. The head will housed in Cuenca’s Museo Pumapungo. <Too late to be of comfort to the family.>

Becas – The Ministerio de Educación de Taiwán (ACAY) is offering scholarships to Ecuadorian students to study traditional Mandarin Chinese <Which probably means they’ll teach the traditional writing instead of the simplified ideograms. This is probably also part of their campaign to counteract the influence of the Peoples’ Republic in Ecuador by wooing youth – future leaders. Chinese take longer views than corporate managers whose time frame is 3 months. This year’s stipend is $830/mo. for school costs, food and lodging. Go to <What the f**k was all that gobbledygook?> or https.//

Transporting pets – If you want to travel on public transportation with your pet, you need to carry a copy of the Certificado Sanitario and the Registro Municipal de Mascotas (Sanitary Certificate and Municipal Pet Registry) <Don’t ask me where you can get those – you have to rely on your own initiative at some point if you’re not going to be a child forever.> The pet owner also has to clean up pet mess at the bus stop and on the vehicle, and not force animals onto buses that are full. <And full here means you can’t move without a lot of aggressive shoving and squeezing.>

Actualidades – As usual, go to if you’re interested in any of the articles.

Escultor de pan – Manuel Pérez has a bakery, Panadería y Pastelería Cuenca, on Huayna Cápac entre Sangurima y La Mar where his front windows show bread sculptures. <The photo has a crocodile, the Eiffel Tower, a carriage and 2 horses, a swan, a chicken, and a windmill. Wonder how his bread tastes, or is it only for decoration?>

“Amazonía sin fuego” (Amazon without fire) – The government launched this campaign in the Sierra and Costa to promote the responsible use of fire since irresponsible use has caused forest fires. The penal code has sanctions of 3-6 months for letting agricultural fires get out of control and cause forest fires.

Essay – <by that same unreadable writer>.

Chemistry – The history of the Department of Chemistry at the U. of Cuenca.

Sports and Health Page – Circuit training.

Internacional –

Guatemala – The first case of sarampión (measles – your word for the day) <not so useful since it’s not so common anymore> detected since 1998 in Guatemala was confirmed by the ministry of public health and came from Germany. <I never said that the news I’d translate wouldn’t be trivial.>

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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