Vendors drop their objection to San Francisco Plaza renovation; city fast-tracks work on nearby parking facilities

Jun 9, 2016 | 0 comments

The organization representing San Francisco Plaza vendors has decided to drop its objections to the latest renovation plan.

Work is underway on Casa Ullauri. (El Tiempo)

Work is underway on Casa Ullauri. (El Tiempo)

“We have talked to city officials and have decided to become proactive partners in the project,” said Juan Gonzalez, president of the traders’ association. “We understand that changes must be made. We just want to be consulted during all phases of the project. All we have ever asked is that we be part of the process,” he said.

Under the new plan delivered last week by architects from the University of Cuenca, there will have 33 modules containing 132 sales stalls. The modules will be divided between the vendors currently occupying the center of the plaza and the Otavaleños who currently sell their goods on the verandah on the north side of the plaza.

The modules will be mobile and will be moved only to accommodate large public events. In the previous plan, the modules would have been removed from the plaza every night.

The Director of Municipal Planning, Pablo Abad, says his office is moving as quickly as possible to prepare the plaza for construction that will begin within six month. “Bids are being prepared and we are beginning work on the parking facilities,” he said. “Work on the Ullauri house area is already underway.”

The Ullauri house, at the corner of Calle Larga and Tarqui, will be remodeled, as will the adjacent Vasquez House, with courtyard space to be used for parking. The budget for the two projects is $2.2 million.

Abad said that all funds for the parking lots as well as plaza construction are on hand.



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