Jueves, 10/12/2015: New Italian restaurant, fireworks, Argentina’s temporary president, Venezuela’s 160% inflation rate

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural – 

Conversatorio – reviewing the career of Saidel Brito was Thu (10/12) at 18:00.

Convocatoria – The Alianza Francesa celebrates its 50th chl jeanne logoanniversary next year and is calling for anyone with a visual art project who is looking for an exhibit space.

Concierto – The Sinfónica de Cuenca, directed by guest conductor Andrea Vela with Colombian guitarist Gustavo Adolfo Niño will play Fri (11/12) at 20:00 in the teatro Pumapungo.

Articles about – 

Medardo Caisabanda has left the symphony after 6 years. (Sounds like it wasn’t a happy separation.)

A show titled “El último vuelo de Brunta Ruficolas” (The last flight of the red breasted goose.  And if any of you thinks I didn’t have to look the goose part up, you’re grossly overestimating me.) at El Avispero running from today to Sat (12/12) at 20:00 by the clown “Misterio.”

“La historia de un caballo que era bien bonito” (The story of a horse who was pretty good) on Sat, (19/12) at 10:00 in the teatro de Bolsillo, del Sono (Borrero 6-83 y Pres. Córdova).

The dance troupe “Expresión Latinoamericana” will perform Fri (11/12) in the teatro Sucre. In 1980, recent grads of the Conservatory formed a group which is now celebrating its 3d decade performing dances from around the country.

Otras cosas –

Titular – El Gobierno adeuda a las Universidades (The Government owes the Universities.)  Three universities haven’t received federal support for things such as professors’ salaries, employees and student scholarships since last Sept.

A new school – for prison guards (I don’t remember what the politically correct name of the profession is) is training 500 youth in a former military base in Tres Cerritos, El Oro.

Salary increase – discussions fell apart when the representative for labor didn’t attend. He was in jail for the protests on 3/12, and the President of FUT (labor group) said he wasn’t going to send anyone anyway because he didn’t want to enter into the “cicatera” (stingy – your word for the day.) discussions from business. He added that any resolution adopted without the presence of labor would be illegal. (Isn’t there a legal term for that kind of thing – where an interested party to a negotiation can sink the whole deal unilaterally and in their own favor?)

Parque Nacional Cotopaxi – will be reopened in a few days since the volcano shows a “disminución en su actividad externa.” (a decrease in external activity).  (But what’s it doing inside – just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean nothing’s happening.)

Fireworks sales – will be prohibited in El Centro and Feria Libre. There are 12 approved sites in the following parks: Vergen el Milagro, El Recreao, Las Americas, Miraflores, El Paraíso; linear parks include Carmen de Guzho, 1 de Mayo y Loja, Derechos Humanos (sector 3 Puentes), Eucaliptos, 24 de Mayo; and the esplanada of the Stadium.  (No more running down to San Francisco Plaza when you run out of rockets.)

A new restaurant, “Terra Luna” – opens Thu (10/12) at calle Alfonso Cordero 3-59 y Manuel J. Calle near Supermaxi El Vergel. Italian food.

Amenidades – 

Cuenca Moda 2015 – will be this Wed, 16/12 in el Centro de Alto Rendimiento (I’ve never heard of it either.).  The fair has two parts – from 9-17:00 is to promote local small designers to buyers.  Part 2 is a runway show of the designers’ work at 20:00.

Internacional –

Argentina – had a temporary president for 12 hours.  The senate president takes over if there is no pres. or VP, the outgoing pres. terms ended at midnight, and the pres. elect took office 12 hours later. (I guess if there’s a long history of previous power changes looking more like shotgun weddings than inaugurals, it takes a little more practice for it to go smoothly.)

Venezuela – has the highest inflation rate in the world at 160%. (Sometimes it seems like restaurants in Cuenca are raising prices about that fast.)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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