Viernes, 10/6/2016 (Special vacation issue): Airport could be closed for at least a month, Water service interruption in Centro

Jun 10, 2016 | 14 comments

Hola, Todos –

I know I’m supposed to be on vacation, but these items seemed like something you should know.  Those of you who live in El Centro owe me big time for this.chl jeanne logo

Aeropuerto – The airport will need to close for at least a month. The repairs and improvements recommended by the Civilian Aviation Department include repaving the runway and improving the drainage system.  A schedule for the work will be ready in 10 days.  Various parties are working on how to get passengers from where ever to Cuenca including direct transfers from the Guayaquil airport.

Water service interruption announcement – Due to Tranvía work, water will be cut off on Sat, 11/6 from 8-17:00.  From 17-20:00 service will be intermittent, and will resume after 20:00.  The area to be cut off is bounded by Luis Cordero, Sangurima, Borrero, Arizaga, Miguel Vélez, Vega Muñoz, Miguel Heredia, Gran Colombia, León XIII, 3 de No, Bolívar, and Cordero.  (Fill up those buckets or go impose on your friends living outside of the affected area.)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Lunes –



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