Viernes, 11/12/2015: Cuenca airport reports a decrease in passengers, protests against mining and drilling, LatAm unemployment rate grows, paragliding

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural – 

Teatro – “Brunta Ruficolis,” a performance by clown Freddy León is playing Friday and Saturday at 20:00 in the sala “Vinicio Jáuregui” (Calle Larga 10-41)

Reunión – the managers of the La Red de Centros Culturales Independientes (The Network of Independent Cultural Centers) is meeting Saturday at 10:00 to name a slate for the Casa de la Cultura del Azuay elections.

Concierto – an acoustic concert, “Amor en el aire” (Love in the air) was Friday at 20:00 in the sala “Alfonso Carrasco” de la Casa de la Cultura.

Articles about –

The concert given by the Universidad del Adulto Mayor Chorus. The conductor has a piano app on his phone and that’s what accompanied the chorus.  (Wonder if the budget didn’t go as far as an accompanist.)

The finals of the “Concurso de Voces Santa Cecilia” (Santa Cecilia (patron saint of music) Voice Contest) was yesterday (Friday )at 19:30 in the teatro Carlos Crespi at the U. Politécnica Salesiana. 12 finalists were chosen from 60 who auditioned.

The Symphony played last night at 20:00 in the teatro Pumapungo with Gustavo Niño, a Colombian guitarist, and Andrea Vela, guest conductor.  (I wonder if it’s also an audition for the guest conductor to take over Caisabanda’s place?)

Otras cosas –

Titular – Acuerdo en vez de confrontatión (Agreement instead of confrontation) was the sentiment expressed by incoming Argentine Pres. Mauricio Macri.  (And now I know what a bastón looks like – or at least what the Argentinean presidential bastón looks like.  It looks like a straight wooden cane with silver wrapped around the tip and top. Not like some English thing laden with 40 pounds of precious stones.)

Decrease in passengers – in the Mariscal La Mar airport with 490,000 arrivals and departures in 2014 and 460,000 in 2015. There are 55 flights a week, 36 to Quito where 85% of the flyers go, and 19 to Guayaquil.  The cost of the fares ($100-200), limited number of carriers and other transport options such as buses and vans are reflected in the decreased number of passengers.  Since Aero-gal quit serving Cuenca, only Tame and LAN fly into LaMar.

Ex workers and suppliers – on the Sígsig-Chiguinda-Gualaquiza paving project are suing the Chinese contractor, Sinohydro for more than a $1 million.  Sinohydro is blaming subcontractors. (And so the big contractor weaseling out of paying subs, suppliers and workers begins.)

High temperatures – in Cuenca.  The lowest temperature registered was 2/12/14 with 18.6 C and the highest with 24.9 C was registered this past Mon and Tue.  (That didn’t make any sense unless it was the daytime low for that date.)

The criminalization – of social protest against extractive projects (mining and drilling in plain English) is increasing in Ecuador and criminalization of social protest in general is increasing in Latin America. (Like the salary increase panel – the labor rep was arrested at a protest and couldn’t attend because he was in jail.)

Security plan – for the Pase de Niño Viajero is ready.  The Iglesia de San Sebastian will be the start-off point for the parade which will proceed along Simón Bolívar.  Parade participants can use av. 3 de Nov. to av. De Las Américas to assemble and then move to the starting point.  Participants will start getting in line on the afternoon of 23/12.  Vehicles can’t be longer than 10 meters or wider than 3, and nothing should obscure the windshield.  (Like the dining room table cloth, the pollero, the bedroom curtains, etc.  Cars in the past have been so completely covered that you wondered how the driver saw anything.)

Amenidades – 

Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations.  The following movies open this week.
3D and 2D – En el corazón del mar – Esp and Sub.
2D – María y el araña – Esp
2D – Navidad con los Coopers – Sub.
The following movies continue:
2D and 3D Un Gran Dinosaurio – Esp
2D Hunger Games Final – Esp
2D Victor Frankenstein – ?

Internacional –
– Pres. Rousseff is being investigated for committing “irregularidades graves” (serious irregularities).  (She appeared at a high level event with a purse that didn’t match her shoes?) by El Tribunal de Cuentas, part of the National Comptroller’s office.

Latin America – there are 19 million unemployed – a rate of 6.7% this year, up from 6.2% five years ago.  2016 unemployment is estimated to reach 6.9%.  Half of the unemployed are in Brazil which had a rate of 6.9% in 2014 and 8.4% in 2016.  (A high unemployment rate doesn’t help Rousseff’s popularity either.)

Deportes –

A new paragliding club – is being formed with a meeting this Sun. on the Paute landing strip at 8:00. There will be flights and a meeting to form a club so they can register with the Ministry of Sports which has benefits.  Call Ricardo Tello at 095 333 352. (I think you need to add another 9 after the 0.) (I know one person who went skydiving.  For something like a 60th birthday.  It didn’t go well and his knees and ankles and back suffered.)

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