Viernes, 13/11/15: Expat conducts symphony, drink more milk, bus fares

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Revista – release of the magazine “Mamakuna” on 20/11 at 18:00 on the UNchl jeanne logoAE campus.

Película – the movie “El Maquinista” showed today at El Prohibido.  (Of course no time given, but it would have been over by now anyway.)

Teatro – “Heraldo” was played today at Imay (El Batan 4-70 y El Oro) at 20:00.

Articles about –

Eduardo Solá will be showing 100 paintings in Cuenca until Dec. The exhibit opened today at 19:00 in the Museo Municipal del Arte Moderno.

A show in the U of Cuenca library patio was today.  The theme was a protest against femicide and violence against women.

James Gary, a gringo who has lived in Cuenca for 5 years, took the baton today at the concert by the Orquesta Sinfonica de Cuenca at 20:00 in the teatro Pumapungo.

Pediatrician Magdalena Molina wrote “La Medicina y la Música” which researched the theraputic effect of music.  The book launch was today at 18:30 in the old Escuela Central, now the Museo de la Ciudad.   One finding was that when pregnant mothers listened to classical music, the music the child heard in the womb was calming.  (Wonder about the kid whose mother listened to heavy metal during pregnancy.)

Otras cosas –

Titular – Otro gran paso de la TRI (Another great step for the TRI)  The TRI (Tricolor) is Ecuador´s national team from three colors of the flag.

The Panamerican Milk Federation met in Cuenca to figure out how to increase milk consumption. Ecuador is one of the lowest milk consuming countries with 105 liters per person per year when WHO recommends 150.  (If it included cheese, ice cream and yogurt I might get to about half the recommended dosage.)

Taximeters – EMOV (Empresa Municipal de Movilidad – Municipal Mobility Company) – has technicians at the two companies who installed the meters and are now reprogramming them to increase the cost per km. by 7 cents for every km. over 7. The techs are verifying that the taximeters have not been altered.  The president of the Frente Unido de Taxistas de Azuay says his membership won´t reprogram with one of the companies because it costs too much.  (I thought reprogramming – which costs $16.80 – would increase their fares for longer trips?  Is this where the saying about shooting oneself in the foot would apply?)

A committee – appointed by the council met today to talk about bus fare increases. There are 3 committee members representing the public (one for university and high school students, one for the Cantonal council for protection of rights, and one for the consortium of parish boards), 2 members for the bus owners, and 2 for the city.  The public members want the fare to stay at 25 cents and 12 cents for student, senior and disabled riders, and the owners want it to increase to 41 or 42 cents.

The IESS Hospital – opened a diabetic foot unit to try decrease the number of amputations.

San Francisco Plaza – the Historic Areas Commission received prelimary plans for remodeling SF Plaza from the U of Cuenca. The current use of the plaza shows “desordén” and includes “insalubridad” (disorder and insalubrity (unhealthiness – I had to look that up.  So those are your words for the day.)  (You sure wouldn´t mistake SF Plaza for Disneyland, but I´d still eat the street food there.)

Illegal liquor – was camouflaged as water at Feria Libre.  A juice store had an additional pipe and faucet that dispensed illegal liquor instead of water.  (Your odd ball snippet of daily life. So you could have your juice regular or spiked.)

Amenidades – 

Fundación Ecuador Cares in the social column with lots of gringos in the pictures (Diana L, David J, David K, Jack H, Gail K, Kathleen O, Christine H, Chelsea G.)

Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations.  The following movies open this weekend:
2D Spectre Bond 007 – Esp and Sub.
2D Meñique – Esp.
The following movies continue:
2D El Principito – Esp
2D La Trampa – Esp
2D El último cazador de brujas – Esp
2D Vengo Volviendo – Esp
2D Actividad Paranormal 5 – Esp

Internacional – 

Venezuela – Pres. Maduro´s godson and nephew were indicted by a grand jury for conspiring to bring in 5 k of cocaine (but it could be as much as 800 k.)  (Someone can´t tell the difference between 5 k and 800 k?). The case will be heard before a federal judge in NY.

Colombia – will legalize medical marijuana, joining Holland and Uruguay.

Bolivia – Pres. Morales wants Chile to put in writing a verbal offer made by the previous Chilean president for an access to the Pacific “en comodato” (on loan) for 99 years.  (Sounds like he´s backing off the “we demand our territory back” stance. This was a corridor to the Pacific that Bolivia lost to Chile in the War of the Pacific from 1879 to 1883.  I think there was also an extremely inept president in office in Bolivia at the time who contributed to this.)

Deportes –

Ecuador- beat Uruguay 2-1 and plays in Venezuela this coming Tuesday.  (And that was what the front page headline was all about.)

Wooden cars – the first Grand Prize for Wooden Cars series of races ends this weekend with races in Sayausí on Sat, and in Tutupali on Sun.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo –




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