Viernes, 16/9/2016: Law would require bus riders to use cards, Airport update, Rain in the forecast, Multi-cultural Cuenca

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Today’s (Viernes) agenda events – chl jeanne logo

OSC – The Orquesta Sinfónica will perform tonight at 20:00 in th Catedral Vieja. Salvador Bustamante Celi’s “Auroral” and Anton Bruchner’s Sinfonía N. 4 are on the program.

Recital – Actress Pilar Tordera will present “Sonata del Amor Oscuro” ( Dark Love Sonata), poetry by García Lorca tonight at 19:00 in the Biblioteca in the Casa de la Cultura (CCE).

Música – Más Música is holding auditions for emerging bands in front of the media, critics, producers and promoters today.  More info at

Upcoming agenda events –

Exposición – “Behance Reviews,” innovative proposals in design, publicity, animation, photography and video, will be exhibited this Sat from 9-16:00 in Pumapungo.

Articles about –

Federico García Lorca – The homage to the Spanish poet by a panel of writers this past Wed. was reviewed.

Expoferia – An fair and exhibition of traditional artesanal toys was opened today at 10:00 in the patios of CIDAP.  It will run through Sun.  Artesans will show tin and wood cars, carts, fire engines and more.  Others will show toy kitchen ware and dishes.  (So take your inner child shopping.)

Princesas – The princesses Aurora, Rapunzel, Ariel and Beauty will be performed in dance on Sat. at 17:00 and at 19:00 in the teatro Calos Cueva Tamariz.   Tickets are on sale at the theater box office.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Reducen salvaguardas arancelarias (Reduction of tarriff surcharges).  See the article in Friday’s CHL for more details.

Fare cards for buses – The ordinance to make bus fares payable by card only was submitted to the Mayor who will include it on the agenda for its second debate soon. Currently only 30% of riders use cards.  The ordinance includes a “la gratuidad de la tarjeta) (free card?) during a transition period of 4 months and free rides for recharging the card in certain amounts as an incentive for riders.  The ordinance also guarantees the 50% fare to children and teens, students, seniors and the disabled. Currently, the card can be recharged at 159 locations and 150 will be added during the transition period.  Disabled riders can call 157 to recharge their cards at a location they determine.

Forecast – La Red Hidrometeorológica and ETAPA predict that the rains will continue until Mon. with probability of rain ranging between 20-60% with cloudy mornings and sunny afternoons. Tomorrow there is a 40% chance of “chubascos” (showers – your word for the day – your personal shower is a ducha and they are not interchangeable.) with 72% humidity and temperatures between 11 and 19.

Airport – Yesterday, TAME cancelled a flight leaving Quito at 7:05 and arriving in Cuenca at 8:00 as well as the turnaround flight back to Quito.  It made the decision for security reasons due to the high level of moisture on the runway from Wednesday’s rains. It was the second flight cancelled by Tame.  La Corporación Aeroportuaria de Cuenca (CORPAC) disagreed about security conditions and Ecuador’s civil aviation office agrees and says it may impose sanctions on the airlines.  Flights between Cuenca and Guayaquil were completed normally, but a smaller plane was used.  (What if the real reason was that their ticket selling machines weren’t working again?  Not landing in Cuenca when it’s wet is like Alaska Airlines saying it won’t fly to Anchorage in the winter because it snows.  If they hadn’t fired the pilot who had the accident, I’d guess that he was scheduled to fly.)

San Francisco Plaza – 4 different types of stalls have been designed for the plaza. There is one for permanent merchants and Otavalan crafts, another for food sales with water and sanitation systems  (sounds like they’ll get something like an RV or trailer hook-up), a third for itinerant vendors and a fourth for sellers of small articles along the perimeter benches.  Prototypes are scheduled to be built.  The construction contract is planned to be signed in early Nov. with 12 month contract period.

Road opening – Camino del Tejar was delivered yesterday.  The work which included sidewalks, sewers, underground phone and electric, curbs and signage runs from calle La Grevilla to the sector Santa María de Sayausí where it connects with Ordóñez Lasso.

Police page – Narcotics police seized 689 grams of cocaine hidden in coffee packaging.  It was being sent to Queens, NY. (Now that would put an extra jolt into your morning cuppa Joe.)

Intercultural – “Cuenca, un imán para las etnias más diversas” (Cuenca, a magnet for the most diverse ethnic groups) – Many different ethnic groups with their cultures are attracted to Cuenca because it is “tranquilo” (tranquil, calm, peaceful).  These include Afro-ecuadorians from the northern coast and Otavalans from the northern Andes. (And don’t forget the gringos from further north.)

Amenidades –

Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations.  The following movies open this week.  All are en Español.

3D Mi amigo el dragón
2D Mi amigo el dragón
2d Juego sin reglas

The following movies are continuing.
2D Dragon nest: Guerrero amanecer – Esp.
2D Mi papá es un gato
2D No respires – Esp.
2D Escuadrón suicida – Esp.
2D War dogs – amigos de armas – Sub.
2D Sin muertos no hay carnaval – Esp.
2D Star trek Más allá – Esp.
2D Con alas pa’ volar -Esp.

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