Viernes, 17/6/2016: Music festival, Government sends $14.85 million for tram, U.S. quake aid tops $5 million, Heritage trees

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –
Events –

Cine contemporáneo (contemporary film) – Films will be shown from Fri. to Sun. at 19:00 in the Teatro Sucre. Saturday’s film is “Un día duro” andchl jeanne logo “Bienvenidos a Dongmakgol” (which doesn’t sound like it’s in Ecuador), and Sun. will be another double feature with “Bienvenidos a Dongmakgol” and “Ebrio de mujeres y pintura.”

Articles about –  
Fiesta de la Música – This event started in France 33 years ago and has been extended worldwide.  Locally, the organizers include the Alianza Francesa, Municipality of Cuenca, the French Embassy, Graiman and other entities.   Following is the schedule:

11:00 – Music, art and gastronomy fair at MIPRO
19:00 – The opening with Letelefono, Armada de Juguete y Taki in el Parque Curiquingue
18-22:00 – performances in private venues Fusión at Goza Expreso Bar, Acoustic Rock at Café Austria, Gospel at El Mesón Español, Latin American at La Pérgola and Indie Rock at Wunderbar Café
19:00 – one hour per genre and group Jazz at La Viña, Latin American with Ñandu from Mexico at Akelarre, Alternative at El Pedregal Azteca, Alternative Rock at La Barrranca and Reggae at Hostal Yakumama.

Saturday –
11-18:00 – 6 indie groups in Parque Calderón
14-20:00 – 6 Rock/metal groups in El Otorongo
15-18:00 – 3 traditional/pop groups at Esquina de las Artes
14-20:00 – 6 reggae/hip hop/ experimental groups at the Puente Roto
16-00:45 – 7 groups of varied genres in parque De La Madre
15-21:00 – 6 groups of jazz/world in Teatro Pumapungo
(There should be something to please everyone.  If your bag is electronic, you should have gotten your fix at Rotofest.  Classical music lovers, keep reading.)

Concierto – Guest pianist Juan Carlos Escudero will play with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Cuenca Fri. at 20:00 in the Teatro Pumapungo.  The program will include Concerto para Piano y Orquesta en La Menor by Grieg, “Polonesa” from the opera “Eugenio Oneguin” by Tchaikovsky and the Sinfonía No. 3 in La Menor “Escocesa” by Mendelssohn.  The guest pianist is also a lawyer.  (Must have had parents who told him he needed a real profession since music would be too difficult.)

“Vengo volviendo” – The film which was made in Azuay received the “Premio del Público” (People’s Choice Award?) at the Ecuadorian Film Festival in NY.

Otras cosas –  
Titular – “Good bye” de la TRI a la Copa (Good bye from the TRI to the Cup) – Ecuador lost to the US.
State of Exception – The State of Exception which was declared on 17/4 after the earthquake has been extended another 30 days.  The decree also suspends the right of inviolability of private houses and free travel since people are returning to their houses which are unsafe.  In a separate article, 2 lawyers and a councilor of the Alianza Pais party discussed the use of States of Exception which need to be reported to international organizations such as the Interamerican Commission on Human Rights.  35 States of Exception have been declared since 2007.

Tranvía – An ordinance for various tax exemptions for people affected by the Tranvía will be debated in the the Concejo Cantonal in two or three weeks.  Mayor Cabrera announced that the Government transferred $14,856,000 for the Tranvía.

Heritage trees – There are 47 species of patrimonial trees on the list including álamos, palma nacional, sauce, arrayán, pajarito, alisos, olivo, capulí, pera and palo borracho rosado.  This year 21 will be selected out of the 26 nominated.  The owners of trees on private property will be given training on how to care for them and preserve them.  (I can hear all of you property rightists complaining right now.  It’s my tree and I can chop it down if I want – I don’t care if it’s the last one of its kind in the world.)

Aid from US – The US Embassy announced that the US has provided $5.45 million in aid through OFDA, Usaid and the Dep’t of Defense and through support of programs such as “Save the Children”, “Adventist Development and Relief Agency,” Catholic Relief Services”, and “World Vision.”
Inheritance Law – the Assembly passed the law to prevent avoidance (or evasion?) of the taxes on inheritances, legacies and donations. In 2015, only 39 people received inheritances over $500,000 and only 3 out of every 100,000 Ecuadorians received inheritances over $50,000.

Animal protection ordinance – The second and final debate on this ordinance will be Tue. starting at 14:00. (Not Sat. as previously reported.)
Best Junior Chef Contest – The contest sponsored by the Instituto Superior San Isidro has two phases – the qualification tomorrow and then the selection of finalists by a jury.  The final will be on 24/6 at 12:00 in the food court at the Mall del Rio.  The contestants will be given a basket of products of a region and expected to prepare food of that region.  (Sounds like an Iron Chef format only with a basket of different things instead of one ingredient.)

Hogar Buen Samaritano – will be inaugurated today at 20:00. The facility was created by he Asociación Fieles Caminantes de Emaús and will care for adultos mayores (senior citizens).  It’s located at Diez de Agosto 2-11 y 27 de Febrero.  It will also care for low income recuperating patients.

Amenidades –
Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations.  The following movies open this week.
3D & 2D Buscando a Dory – Esp
2D La última ola – Esp.
The following movies are continuing.
2D El Conjuro – Esp y Sub.
2D Warcraft – Esp.
2D Alicia a través del espejo – Esp
2D Maestro del dinero – Esp.

Discuentos y compras –
Marsella – Father’s Day Sale – up to 50% off – textiles “y complementos” (notions?) – 12 de Abril y Gilberto Gatto (Sector Coliseo Mayor)

Sukasa – 20% off washing machines – 18-26/6 or until stock runs out.  Your old washer, if running, can be donated to Fundación Dejemos Huellas.
Comercial Solis – TV sale, cash only – JVC: 32″ for $359 up to 49″ for $710 – TV Curve 48″ for $785 – TCL: 28″ for $269 to 48″ for $670 – Lamar 3-41 y Tomás Ordóñez and Av. Paseo de los Cañaris, IESS bldg – 07 411 4427.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo –




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