Viernes, 18/12/2015: Holiday schedules, Scary masks, Lasso reopens, Help the dogs, Discounts

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural – 

Feria – “Posada Concierto: Feria de Saberes” (In Concert? Knowledge Fair) at el Sono (calle Borrero 6’83) from 24-26/12 from 10-21:00 with 30 local producers presenting.chl jeanne logo

Máscaras – the Alianza Francesa has organized the “Gira de Máscaras en Cuenca” (Mask Tour in Cuenca) in collaboration with the Mask Collective.  The event will be from 5-17/1/16.

Cuento – el Sono will present “La Historia  de un caballo que era bien bonito.” “The Story of a pretty good horse.” (Who remembers Mr. Ed?) on Sat at 10:00. Free.chl mr ed

Articles about –

An exhibit by Fausto Bravo at the Galería del Puento Roto with 35 paintings and 16 sculptures.

A children´s Christmas art project that was shown yesterday in the Salón de la Ciudad.

A week of independent film closes Sat (19/12) at 18:00 with a screening of “Lua” an the documental “Javier con I: Intag” on how the community of Intag, in Imbabura, resisted large scale mining and open sky(?).

“La Carretilla: Arte Ambulante” (The Cart: Moving Art), a project that was inaugurated today at 16:00 by artist members of the collective Casa de Locos. The painted cart was pedaled around El Centro. (Bringing art to the Phillistines?)

Otras cosas –

Titular – Circulación vehicular parcial (Partial vehicular circulation – you knew all the words, right? It´s the order that’s different – just remember that adjectives come after the nouns.) A 2.5 km partially paved stretch (that word order in English would be hard for a Spanish speaking person learning English.) of Ordóñez Lasso was opened for light vehicles.

The Refinería de Esmeraldas went through a repowering process and will save Ecuador $300 million a year by reducing gasoline imports by 17%, diesel by 15% and liquified gas by 10%.

A bio-electric plant – generating electricity from biogas (methane) obtained from garbage will open this coming March. The electric plant is next door to the landfill in Pichacay.

ANT (National Transit Agency) – will be open its usual hours until 31/12. The banks authorized to accept payments will be open until 30/12 and SRI will be open until 29/12 and then closed until 23:59 on 10/1/16. (So if you’ve got to do something with ANT, better do it Monday.)

The Ministry of the Environment – presented actions that Ecuador should start on to effectively fight desertification, the degradation of the soil, and mitigation of droughts. (You can go see a desert in Perú if you go to Máncora. Ecuador´s side of the border is green and Peru´s is sand.)

Refugio del Mejor Amigo – is participating in the Entrepreneur Fair from today to 20/12 in the Las Orquídeas Shopping center in Gualaceo to raise funds to support the 150 animals it has rescued. The Refugio needs donations of  food and medicines such as vaccines and anti-parasite meds. (I’m sure they can use money, too – save yourself a shopping trip and lugging 17 k. bags of dog food all over Cuenca.)

Your sliver of life is the school schedule – students in the Sierra will have 24/12 through 3/1/16 off. Spring vacation will be from 6/2 to 14/2. (Coincides with Carnaval so all those kids will be out in the streets with water to throw at the unsuspecting and unaware.  Don’t wear clothing that turns transparent when wet during Carnaval unless you’re an exhibitionist.) The second school term starts 15/2 and the year ends on 30/6.

Amenidades – 

Movies – As usual, go to for show times and locations. The following movie opens this weekend:
2D and 3D Starwars Ep. 7 – Esp and Sub.  (How many of you remember the first one – with the space ship looking like it was flying over your head? And that was before 3D.)
The following movies are continuing:
2D Un gran Dinosaurio – Esp
2D En El Corazón del Mar – Esp
2D María y el Araña – Esp.

Internacional – 

Latinoamérica – registered a recession of .4% and will grow only .2% in the coming year according to the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Discuentos – 

Erco Tires – buy 1 tire, get the second at 50% off, only with participating credit cards (wonder if that includes the Capitol One card?) – 4-31/12 – for store locations.

Marcimex – don’t have any idea what they sell – one day sale on 19/12 with 60% discounts from 6-8:30 am and 30% discounts from 8:30-11:00 – no location given.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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