Viernes, 20/11/2015: New governor in town, 10k charity race, exhibits

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural – 

Música – the show “El Ladrillo de Cristal” (The Crystal Brick) (Sounds like what the Brick Manufacturers´chl jeanne logo Association would hand out to top salespeople at their annual convention.) will be tomorrow at 19:30 in the Museo Pumapungo with 7 canciones nocturnas y ambientales (night and ambiental songs – what that might mean is a mystery to me.  A little mood setting nachtmusik?).

Fotografía – El Foto Club Cuenca (no translation needed?  Not that you´re going to get one for something that close to English.) has organized a talk on “Characterísticas de las Ópticas” (Characteristics of Optics? – does that mean anything to you photographers?) for this coming Wed en la Pasamanería (Huayna Cápac 1-97 y Pio Bravo).  No time given.

Arte – El Museo del Monasterio de las Conceptas (calle Hermano Miguel y Juan Jaramillo) is presenting an exhibit of the works of Guillermo Larrazábal.  El público peude admirarlas de 9:00 a 18:00.  (You´ve progressed to a sentence for the day – The public can admire them (referring to the paintings) from 9-18:00.)

Articles about  –

The Encuentro de Danza Tradicionales del Azuay started yesterday night and will continue through Sun in the Biblioteca “Victor Manuel Albornoz” at the Museo Pumapungo.  (My guess is that if it´s a show it´ll start at 20:00 and if they´re workshops, who knows.)  Traditional dance has much ritual and spirituality attached to it.  Although there are 500 dance groups in Azuay, 250 of them in Cuenca, dance traditions are being lost as younger generations are not learning (and/or not being taught) their culture.

Election procedures for the Casa de la Cultura for their elections next year are being discussed.
The XIII Bienal de Cuenca (big, biannual art competition and show) and its new curator, Dan Cameron were presented today. This year´s bienal is titled, “Impermanencia, la mutación del arte en una sociedad materialista.” (Impermanence, the mutation of art in a materialistic society
Stimulating students to read

Otras cosas –

Titular – Recaudación y semaforización para el tranvía  (collection and signal lights for the tranvia)  Spanish firm INDRA is implementing the signaling systems that will allow stoplights to give priority to the tranvia and the ticket sales machines, one of which has been finished at Control Sur

Reventador – add it to the list of erupting volcanoes

One of the people – involved in the attacks in Paris was in Ecuador for 6 months before flying to Bogotá where he bribed immigration officials to allow him to go to France

Azuay has a new governor – Juan Cristóbal Lloret who replaces Leonardo Berrezueta who was appointed the Minister of Labor

Chicago donated $235,000 worth of equipment to the Paute Fire Department including boots, generators, stretchers, saws, oxygen tanks and other items.  The donation was arranged by Captain Gonzalo Pazmiño, a Chicago fireman who was born in Quito

Amenidades –

Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations.  The following films open this weekend
QTM – 2D Lusers – Esp
The following movies are continuing
3D and 2D Hunger games sinsaso final – Esp and Sub
2D Spectre Bond 007 – Esp and Sub
2D Hotel Transylvania 2 – Esp
2D El principito  – Esp
2D Meñique – Esp

Internacional –

Peru – the military blew up 15 airstrips used for drug trafficking.   The accompanying photo shows a plume of dirt and poles flying into the air.  (But none of the soldiers has his cell phone aimed at the blast

Deportes –

10K por una sonrisa (10K for a smile) – will be on 13/12 at 8:00.   The run will benefit the pediatric area of Solca so that children don’t have to stop treatment for lack of money.  Register in the Mi Boletería at Mall del Rio, Monay Shopping or Racar Plaza.  $7.00 fee includes a shirt, chip and badge.  Runners who finish are eligible for a raffle.  The race goes from Mall del Rio to Monay Shopping and you can pick up hyour chip the day before

Descuentos –

Salón de Mueble – a permanent furniture showroom at the airport.  From Mon to Sun from 10:00 – 20:00

ETAFashion – from 20-30/11 – Black Friday (one that lasts a week) –  up to 50% discount

And that´s all for today so hasta Domingo.



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