Viernes, 20/1/2017: City reclaims tram bond, New togs for the football team, Mining forum, Candidates make promises

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s agenda events –

Teatro – “La gallina de Edmundo” (Edmundo’s Hen) was Fri. in the sala “Alfonso Carrasco Vintimilla” at the CCE.  Cost: $6.00.

Articles about –

Exposición – “Cosmos,” a show by Venezuelan painter and ex-pilot opened Fri. in the Centro Cultural Municipal Casa de Chaguarchimbana (calle de la Herrerias).  A number of his paintings evoke photos of outer space.

OSC – the OSC played Fri. at 20:00 in the teatro Pumapungo.  The program included “Sinfonía Concertante para Violín, Viola y Orquesta by Mozart, “Schelomo, Rapsodia Hebrea para Violinchelo y Orquesta by Ernest Bloch, and “Sinfonía No 3 (“Renana”) by Schumann.

“El Chuza” – The name of the puppet is a contraction of Chuzalongo, a mythical Andean character.  The show was uncensored, stripping taboos and talked irreverently about sexuality, politics and religion.

Bienal – The parque El Paraiso is the site of a work by Colombian artist Miller Lagos, and is “una rueda de molino” (mill wheel) which is moved by water in a canal that feeds the lake in the park.  There is a box on the wheel which fills, and when it fills, it falls into another channel which spills onto and turns other wheels mounted horizontally.  When the Bienal ends, the sculpture will be dismantled unless the Artist and Municipio come to an agreement to keep it there.

Recital – Costa Rican flautist Mario Alberto Coto was Fri. in the Sala de Conciertos at the CCE (Cordero y Pres. Córdova).  In his performance he used 7 different flutes and play music in different styles from different epochs.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Retirarán combustible guardado durante años (Fuel saved for years will be removed) – Fuel that has been stored in a tank in Gapal for at least 20 years by the Empresa de Ferrocarriles (Train Company) will be removed at the request of neighbors who worried about environmental contamination.  The Azuay Provincial Government started removing the gas yesterday, but had not gotten the permits, and was not following the appropriate technical procedures, and so was stopped in order to prevent possible accidents.  They did coordinate with the Fire Department, but not with the Environmental Management Commission.  The Ministry of the Environment, the Hydrocarbons Regulation and Control Agency and the Empresa Ferrocarriles del Ecuador will also be involved in the work.  (So if the Provincial Government can’t get permits, what hope would a poor monolingual gringo have?)

Tranvía – The Municipio is reclaiming $14 million of the Tranvía contract.  Between 9/2013 and 9/2016, the CCRC received $42,880,804 and an initial deposit of $21,641,538.  (That seems very high for a deposit even if laws are different here.) The city has recourse to “la garantía de fiel cumplimiento del contrato” (completion bond?) .

New T-shirts – Deportivo Cuenca presented the new T-shirts for the team Thurs. at Milenium Plaza. The new togs proved effective Friday night as Cuenca defeated Peruvian visitor, Ayacucho, 3-1 in a pre-season game.

Sobrepeso (overweight) – At the same time that Latin America and the Caribbean have advanced in the reduction of hunger and malnutrition, the number of overweight people has reached 58% of the population or about 360 million people. The biggest impact is on women and is increasing in children.

Voto 2017 – The second set of 7 candidates for Provincial assembly were interviewed and made their promises.

Announcement by CNT – There will be a service interruption for fixed line phones with numbers between 220-3000 and 220-3831 that will affect 76 clients in Azuay-Paute-El Cabo-El Cabo(sic).  The outage will last 57 hours from martes 31 de enero at 8:00 to jueves 2 de febrero at 17:00.  If you’re affected and service is not restored as scheduled, call the Centro de Reparaciones at number 100.  Get more details at, sección comunicados (announcement section).

Forum on mining impacts – El Frente de Mujeres Defensoras de la Pachamama (The Women Defenders of Pachamama Front) will hold a forum on the “Impactos de la megaminería en comunidades campesinas e indígenas.  Una mirada desde la etnopsicología, y desde los actores en resistencia” (Impacts of megamining in peasant and indigenous communities. A viewpoint from ethnopsychology, and from the participants in resistance).  The 2 hour forum will be el próximo martes 24 de enero at 17:00 in the Hugo Ordóñez Espinoza Auditorium at the School of Jurisprudence at the U. of Ceunca.  For more information about the topics to be discussed, go to www.ucuenca.  (I think you’ll have to navigate around the site to find the forum.  Good luck.)

Amenidades –

Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations.  The following movies open this week.

3D XXX reactivado – Esp.
2D XXX reactivado – Esp. y Sub.
2D Hombres de coraje – Esp. y Sub.
2D Un monstruo viene a verme – Esp.

The following movies are continuing.  All are 2D and en español with one exception which is noted.

Assassin’s creed
Belleza inesperada – Esp. y Sub.
Sing ¡ven y canta!  (¡Whoopee, I found the upside down exclamation point!)
¿Por qué él?

Internacional –

Colombia – Colombia is permanently reinforcing the border between Colombia and Ecuador to prevent criminal activities and to ensure “las zonas veredales” where the guerillas of FARC make their transition back to civil life according to the peace agreement with the Government.  Three of these zones are close to the border by distances of 6, 12 and 50 km.  Colombia is also concerned with security in the areas previously held by FARC.  (Power vacuums and all that.)

Deportes –

El Festival “Don Bosco 8K” – The run is on 29 de enero with little kids starting at 7:30 on 500 and 1200 meter races.  Runners for the 8K will start at 8:00.  Other activities include “El Hombre Voz” (who does imitations if you remember a previous article); Mago Magoo, a magician;  a puppet show, clowns, facepainting and an inflatable jump park.  There will also be bailoterapia and a gastronomic and artistic fair. Organizers are hoping to have more than 8,000 runners.  Register in the office of Tecni Club in the Unidad Educativa Técnico Salesiano (I think that’s the high school on Don Bosco near the road that goes up to the Mall del Río) or the Escuela Carlos Crespi (between Tarqui y Rafael María Arízaga – aren’t those perpendicular to each other?)

Ruta de los Paisajes (Scenic Route) – This 41 km bike ride along paths and 3d order roads (Are 3d order roads paved?) will be este domingo from Cuenca to Gualaceo. The ride starts at 8:00 from the the sector El Molle in Challuabamba and goes to the band shell in Gualaceo.  For beginners, there is a 20 km ride to Josefina where cars will take you the rest of the way.  Register at 098 469 9297 or 099 510 1034 or at the following stores: Monster Bike, Freestyle in Cuenca or Gualaceo, Base Xtreme and Cube.  Cost: $25 which includes an official jersey or T-shirt and a ticket to Planeta Azul.  Organizers expect about 200 cyclists.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo –



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