Viernes, 20/5/2016: Flu meds need prescriptions, Latam Air replaces Lan, More $$ for tram, Corpus Cristi starts next week

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A speech contest – Students from 5 Dominican high schools had a speech contest yesterday to mark 800 years of the Dominican order and 50 years ofchl jeanne logo its work in Cuenca in education.

Pablo Cardoso – This Cuencano artist opened a show called “Caudal” last night at MMAM with over 20 paintings.

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Titular – Desde Manabí vendrán dulces para el Corpus (Corpus sweets will come from Manabí).  The religious festival of Corpus Cristi will start this Thu. and run to 2/6. This year 10 candy vendors who were victims of the earthquake will come to Cuenca. (Call you dentist and make your appointment for a teeth cleaning on the 3d.)
LATAM (formerly LAN) had to cancel 31 flights to Cuenca and reschedule 8 others after the airport was closed.  The new LATAM airline was welcomed to the airport yesterday with a “cortina de agua” (water curtain – a water arch the fire department made.)  (So did the runway get wet enough to close down?)

Entrepreneurs’ fund – The National Government has created a $20 million fund for innovation and financing for micro, small and medium sized businesses.  The announcement for competition for the funds will be in about 20 days.  The fund has two components – seed capitol to develop the business idea and risk capital to fund the business activity.  There will also be technical help to get the products up to a scale for exportation.

Insurance – The insurance sector has received quake 12,771 claims and paid on 486 to the amount of $14,095,429.  12,285 claims are being processed, mostly from Manta, Portoviejo and areas of Bahía de Caráquez, the south of Esmeraldas and Guayaquil.

Réplicas (aftershocks) – There have been 1,564 replicas registered with 14 between 18:00 on Wed. to 6:00 today; the largest a 4.8 at 2:05.

Your sliver of life article today is about – simulacros (drills). Schools will hold drills, not just for earthquakes, but for flooding, fire and volcanic eruptions.  (Remember ducking under your desk which was supposed to protect us from nuclear attacks? Fire drills made more sense.)

Tranvía – $14.8 million was transferred, but financing for the changes in the work are a worry.  The changes made were water and sewer line work that wasn’t planned on, a new retaining wall north of the airport runway in Milchichig, and a special platform on Gran Colombia that will be at the same level as the pedestrian way.

Water service suspension – Water service will be interrupted this Wed. within the following boundaries.  North – Pisar Capac, Paseo de los Cañaris y av. González Suárez.  South – Circunvalación Sur.  East – av. Rayoloma, av. 24 de Mayo y Buenos Aires.  West – Las Herrerías y av. Gapal.  (This is more or less the southeast part of the city.)

Pet vaccinations – the Ministerio de Salud Pública vaccination campaign has been extended to 31/5.  The goal is to vaccinate 162,000 pets in Zone 6 (Azuay, Cañar y Morona Santiago).  The pet population in Azuay has reached 105,000.  The shots are free and owners get a certificate.

Plataforma Itinerante de Narancay – This area for with spaces for 792 informal vendors is finished.  The vendors will be those currently outside of El Arenal where this type of sales will no longer be permitted.  The paltform should be open the 1st week of June.

Flu medicine – Sales of flu medicines will not be allowed without a prescription.  This includes antitussives and analgesics especially those containing acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin).  The pharmacist will keep the prescription once it has been filled.  8 cases of Swine flu have been registered in Cuenca.  If you have flu symptoms, go to your closest centro de salud.  (Assuming you know where that is. Or go to your doctor. Remember the saying about el gripe – “El gripe dura siete días con pastillas y una semana sin pastillas.” The flu lasts 7 days with pills and 1 week without pills.)

Bridge evaluation – The Challuabamba Bridge (Sixto Durán Ballén) is being evaluated after cracks were found in the beams. The cause is thought to be a vehicular overload.  Only one lane is open.  (I guess that’s as good way to halve the load as any.)

Suspension lifted – the suspension on night life locations (bars, discos, etc.) has been lifted except in Manabí and Esmeraldas. (Was it ever truly in effect in Cuenca?)

Amenidades –
Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations.  The following movies open this week.
3D Xmen Apocalipsis – Esp. y Sub.
2D Xmen Apocalipsis – Esp.
The following movies are continuing, all in Esp.
2 & 3D Angry Birds
2D Capitán América
2D Tan Distintos
2D El Libro de la Selva
2D Milagros del Cielo
2D La Bruja

Internacional –
Brazil – Ecuardo Cunha, leader of the lower house, who initiated proceedings against Rousseff, and who was himself suspended from office said he is innocent.  He claimed he had no overseas accounts where he was hiding money from the Petrobras scandal.  The Swiss turned over account information that there was $16 million in a trust account in his name while he declared assets of $430,000 to Brazilian authorities.  (The accusers of Rousseff seem to be the ones guilty of corruption.)

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