Viernes, 24/2/2017: Vote for Cuenca! New sidewalks, Noise complaints, Ibsen’s ‘Ghosts’

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s agenda events –

Teatro – “Sueño de una noche de carnaval” (Carnaval Night’s Dream) will be presented tonight at 20:00 in the sala “Alfonso Carrasco Vintimilla.”

Upcoming agenda events –

Articles about –

CCE – The Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana is getting ready for its elections on 5 or 6/5.

OSC – The Symphony will performed Fri. in the teatro Pumapungo under the direction of Maziej Zoltowski from Poland.

Agenda 21 de la Cultura – This project of the United World Network of Cities and Local Governments, in which Cuenca is one of 8 Pilot Cities in the world, was explained to city officials. The seminar covered new practices for culture to 2030 which would have culture and heritage as an axis to achieve sustainable development.  (So there.  Practically speaking, you’re supposed to wind up with safer cities that take care of the environment, attract more tourists, and improve socially and economically.

Canada – Representatives of 20 Canadian universities held an open house. Currently, there are 600 young Ecuadorians studying in Canada according to a Canadian embassy employee.  He added another advantage to studying in Canada beside the lower cost is that the openness of the Canadian people for accepting foreigners.  (Unlike that belligerent nation to the south.)

Teatro – The Teatro Brujo will present Ibsen’s “Espectros” (Ghosts) from jueves a sábado at 20:00 until 13/5.  There is seating for only 20 at each performance and they will take place at calle Juan Bautista Vázquez 4-131 y Ricardo Muñoz, across the street from the Miguel Merchán High School.   Cost: $15 per person or $25 for two.  Senior and student discount: $10.00 (I can’t tell if that’s the discounted price or the amount of the discount.)  For reservations, call 2815-110 or 099 37121316. (You can make your own guess as to which is the extra number.).

Otras cosas – 

Titular – La TRI se relega (The TRI is relegated) – Ecuador lost To Paraguay, 2 to 1.

Cinthya Viteri and Jaime Nebot – The former candidate and the ex-mayor of Guayaquil (who unsuccessfully ran for pres. several times and is a bananero from whom the gov’t confiscated plantations when Nebot didn’t pay his taxes.  And I bet that all the tax evading gringos put together are only a drop in the bucket compared with this guy.) are asking the voters to choose Lasso.  In the general election, voters in Guayaquil picked Moreno.

Elections – If you’re interested in the what the candidates are saying, go to  In the paper copy, articles are on p. 3A and 6A.

Vote for Cuenca – The Municipal Tourism Foundation is launching a 72 hour campaign for Cuencanos to vote in the World Travel Awards 2017.  Cuenca wants win the “Mejor Destino Para Vacaciones Cortas en Sudamérica” (Best Destination for Short Vacations in South America).  To vote, go to, pick VOTE NOW, enter the information requested and you will be directed to a link with the categories and contestants.

TB – A cough with phlegm that lasts for more than 15 days is the main symptom of tuberculosis.  In 2016, there were 186 cases reported in Zone 6, 93 in Azuay, 65 in Cañar and 28 in Morona Santiago.  The most affected are those over 65.  Other symptoms include weight loss, “decaimiento” (decay/deline/lapse/ebb – you don’t feel too good), and afternoon and night sweats (not to be confused with menopause).  If you have these symptoms, got to a public health unit for diagnosis and free treatment.

Road work – The Public Works Department is reconstructing sidewalks on Doce de Abril next to the Tomebamba.  Drive carefully because there are piles of constuction materials in the driving lanes.

Noise complaints – Noise from fixed sources such as speakers in front of stores and night spots are the responsibility of the Comisión de Gestión Ambiental (Environmental Management Commission) and those from moving sources – vehicles – are the responsibility of EMOV EP.  To complain, call 413 4900, ext. 1644.

Amenidades –

Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations.  The following movie opens this week.
2D – Power Rangers – Esp.

The following movies are continuing.
3 & 2D – La bella y las bestia – Esp.
2D – Logan – Esp. y Sub.
2D Kong: Isla calavera – Esp.
2D Fragmentado – Esp.

Internacional –

Argentina – Ex-pres. Cristina Ferández appeared before a judge for an oral trial over an investigation into alleged damage to the country for presumed irregularities in the Central Bank.

Washington, Venezuela – The US, at this moment, is not supporting the suspension of Venezuela from the OAS which it considers the proper organization to deal with the situation in Venezuela.  It also said elections should be held as soon as possible. (Does it seem to you, too, that Maduro is the only president who doesn’t seem to have aged prematurely in his years in office?)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo –



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