Viernes, 25/11/2016: Bienal locations, Campaign against begging, Central America earthquake

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s agenda event – chl jeanne logo

Poetry reading – There was a poetry reading today in the librería “Pedro Páramo.”  Contemporary authors Sonia and Fernando Moreno read from the works of Cuencanan poets such as Luis and Alfonso Moreno Mora, César Dávila and others.  (So now you know who the streets are named after.)

Article about –

Bienal enciende fiesta de las artes (Biennial lights festival of the arts) – The article showcases several of the works in the Bienal including an installation in the Parque de La Madre where there is a series of posts, each post sounding a note of the Himno a la Alegría (Hymn to Joy/Ode to Joy).  (I hope that the artist/installer got the posts in the correct order.  I’m going to bring a stick with me when I look at that piece, and run along the line of posts with the stick.  I’ll probably get it backward.  And as I write this I’m listening to 10,000 people singing Ode to Joy – ain’t UTube great?))

Following is the list of venues for the Bienal:
MMAM, Sucre y Coronel Tálbot
Casa de la Bienal, Bolívar 13-89
Federación Obrera, Bolívar 13-89
Museo de la Ciudad, Benigno Malo y Gran Colombia
Catedral Vieja,  Luis Cordero y Córdova
Sala Proceso de la CCE, Luis Cordero y Córdova
Museo de las Conceptas, Hermano Miguel y Juan Jaramillo
Plazoleta de la Cruz del Vado
Casa de los Arcos, La Condamine y calle Larga
Colegio Benigno Malo, av. Solano
Alianza Francesa, Tadeo Torres y Solano
Museo de la Medicina, 12 de Abril y Solano
Parque De La Madre
Casa Todos Santos, Calle Larga y Vargas Machuca
Museo y Parque Pumapungo
Parque de El Paraíso

There are also parallel exhibits in:
Galería Illescas, calle Larga 1-209
Museomático, Hermano Miguel 6-72
Salón del Pueblo, Sucre y Benigno Malo
Galeria Conde, Calle Larga 4-32
Y mas

Otras cosas – 

Special front cover – Hoy comienza la fiesta del arte XIII Bienal de Cuenca Impermanencia: La mutación del arte en una sociedad materialista (The Art Festival – XIII Biennial of Cuenca, Impermanenca: The mutation of art in a materialistic society) starts today.

Titular – El arte palpita en Cuenca (Art pulsates in Cuenca) – The inaugural for the Bienal was tonight at 19:00.  The accompanying photo of the work by Hew Locke of Guyana is painted on the wall of a house at calle Larga and Vargas Machuca and invokes the original Panama Canal investment certificates.

Femicide – Today is the Día Internacional de la Eliminación de la Violencia contra la Mujer (International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women) – A compilation of 2,000 letters written by Ecuadorian girls about their fears, dreams and hopes was published by the ONG.  From the letters, researchers found 47% reported violence in their home, school and public spaces; 42% were afraid that they would be taken out of school; 78% worked in the house, 40% were poor.

Debate – The Chamber of Commerce has invited the 8 presidential candidates to the first debate on 25/11 at 21:00 in the Centro de Convenciones in Guayaquil.  Four candidates have confirmed.

Unión de hecho (Common law marriage) – Notaries can now end a formalized unión de hecho where there is mutual consent and no children or dependents.  After the applicable law was reformed in 2015, the creation of uniones de hecho jumped from 412 to over 5,000.  This saves couples a lot of paperwork and time.

“Da Dignidad” (Give Dignity) – MIES will start a campaign aimed at ending begging on 1/12.  It will start with a national compaign to collect donations of clothing and toys in good condition and non-perishable “alimentos” (foods).  MIES is proposing to provide government services to people who beg on the streets and discouraging citizens from giving money to beggers.  It is starting in the provinces that are “consideras expulsoras de mendicidad” (considered expellers of begging – or is it beggars?)

Old IESS Hospital – The City has affirmed its interest in buying the old hospital after Richard Espinoza, Managing Director, announced that there were others interested in the property and that the city hadn’t shown much interest.  The city wants to use the building for a Centro Integral de Servicios Sociales (all cognates but if it helps, tell yourself the writer is misspelling everything.)

Elections – There has been a falling out between the Izquierda Democrática (ID) which is part of the Igualdad movement and the Unidad Popular party.  (It got too complicated after that, but with governments and elections organized by alliances, human nature dictates there will also be squabbles.)

“Eficiencia Energética en Ladrilleras Artesanales” (Energy Efficiency in Artisanal Bricks) – The Municipio de Cuenca announced that the program with brick makers reduced emissions of CO2 by 15,000 tons.  The energy efficient kilns used less fuel, shortened the firing time, increased production, and improved quality.  (Win, win.)

Amenidades –

Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations.  The following movies open this week.

QTM 2D – Birth of a nation – Sub.  (I feel sick to my stomach.)
2D – La lllegada – Esp & Sub.
2D – Jack Reacher 2 – Esp.

The following movies are continuing.

3D & 2D Animales fantásticos  – Esp.
2D Animales fantásticos – Esp. y Sub.
2D Doctor Strange – Esp.
2D Trolls – Esp.
2D Buscano al Dmonio – Esp.
2D La Chica del tren – Esp.
2D Translúcido – Esp.

Internacional –

Colombia – A new peace agreement was signed between the government of Juan Manuel Santos and the head of FARC, “Timochenko.”  FARC will disarm and in 150 days those arms will be in the hands of the UN and in the future will be a political party.

El Salvador – There were 5 aftershocks after yesterday’s 7.2 earthquake on El Salvador’s eastern coast at a depth of 33km. The quake was felt in San Salvador and Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Discuentos y compras –

Excellent – Black Weekend – 30, 50, & 70% – Mall del Río – Polo, Nautica, Rockport, DKNY, Guess, IZOD, Clarks – restrictions apply.

Superstock – Black Friday – 25-27/11 – 10 to 50% discounts in all departments.

Almacenes España – Black Friday plus 30th Anniversary – 35-50% off.

Sígsig – an ad for the town – traditional “Panama” hats, Playas de Zhingate, Centro HIstórico, Complejo Arqueológico de Chobshi.

ETAFASHION – Black Friday until 28/11 – up to 70% off on all merchandise – does not apply to electronics or beauty products.

Monay Shopping – Black Friday from 10-22:00.

Mall del Río – Black Friday until 22:00.

Coral – Black Friday from 10-22:00, sábado y domingo, normal hours – 30, 40, 50, & 80% off.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo –



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