Viernes, 25/12/2015: 2703 drunk drivers arrested this year in Cuenca, December 29 is last day to register vehicles

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Hola, Todos y Feliz Navidad – 

Pagina cultural –

Inscripciones– register before chl jeanne logoSun. at 6:00 at the Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana if you want to take part in the Jan. elections (as a candidate).

Proyecto – the Municipal Department of Culture is preparing a mega-project for 2016 for the libraries and document centers under their charge.  (Who’s the audience for this announcement?  Unless this is the way employees find out about special projects.)

Exposición – an exhibit by Andrés Arízaga Cordero is at the Salón del Pueblo showing large scale drawings and wooden boxes.

Articles about –

An interview with Poet Jorge Dávila Vázquez who won the “Dario Guevara Prize for 2015” for his book of children’s poetry, Diccionario Inocente.

The restoration of the museo Remigio Crespo which is at 10-12%.  The work is in three areas:  terraces, roof waterproofing (what a novel concept), and interior furnishings.

Voces de Navidad (Voices of Christmas) could be heard on the radio.  A show was broadcast from the CRS (jail) in Turi with interviews, talks and villancicos (no comment) between segments.  (The only prison broadcast I’ve heard is Mumia Abu Jamal’s and that on a local non-profit station in San Francisco.  For sure, not Fox´s kind of programming.)

El Museo Pumapungo was closed yesterday (Christmas – although the garbage truck came by.  It was unexpected so my garbage is still under the sink.)  The museum will be open from 10-16:00 on Sat and Sun., closed Mon, 28/12, open Tue to Thu, 29-31/12 from 8-17:30, closed 1/1/16, open Sat and Sun, 2-3/1/2016.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Paz y fe por la Navidad (Peace and faith for Christmas).  And parades with mounted police, a traveling child who changed his clothes after the mass in Carmen de la Asunción (just like a real baby – 3 or 4 changes a day – after every meal or activity), folk dancing, bands and cultures of Ecuador and chicha (I hope you didn’t overdo it at the chicha stand.  I wonder if they fermented the stuff traditionally – with chewed up corn?).

Your sliver of life article is about – the City budget which will include $27 million for public works most of which will be provided through a loan from the Andean Development Corporation. This is up from last year’s $17.  The budget funds projects like street and sidewalk work, parks, and historic house rehabilitations.

The time – to pay off induction range loans will decrease from 72 to 36 months. (What, those ranges only last 3 years?  Just like a Dell Computer). This will increase the money repaid each month which will allow more reinvestment in stove manufacturing.

A concert tour – by 5 of the biggest salsa orchestras and singers will benefit street animals.  The “La voz de los sin voz” (The voice of those without voice) tour will be in Quito and Guayaquil on 29 and 30/1/16. The goal is to open a free veterinary hospital for street animals and the show is sponsored by SmartDis, a pet products business.  The show is free if you buy a kit containing pet food, certificates for vet exams, grooming and training.   The kits cost $35.99, $65.99 and $89.99 and are at Ecuticket, Kao Sport and Almacenes Japón.   (The more expensive the kit, the better the seat.)

Vehicle registration – the last day will be 29/12 and the offices won’t reopen until 11/1/16.  The four offices are in Mayancela, Capulispamba, parque De La Madre and the Terminal Terrestre.

Road reopening (they actually reopen?) – the intersection at Gran Colombia y Manuel Vega reopened yesterday.  It’s only temporary until the concrete cures and the cobbles can be reinstalled. Access onto Huayna Capac will be restricted for a few more days. (A few more mañanas?)

Tourism incentives – in Dec. which is a slow month for hoteliers. A photo of an iTUR representative with gringa, Lisa M.

DUI’s and speeders – from Jan to Nov, 2703 drunk drivers and 338 speeders were caught.  (You probably don’t want to be one of them although you get concerts and fashion shows in the jail here.)

Self retracting garbage grills – are being made by Mauricio Serrano Guerrero at his workshop on Victór Tinoco Chacón y Manuel Córdova Galarza, sector Medio Ejido. The grills cost $28 at various hardware stores and $4 to install (that’s if I read this right)  Parilla para basura (Garbage grill – your word for the day and more useful than most if you’ve got one of those things that could injure someone hanging on the front wall.)

Amenidades – 

Movies – as usual go to for show times and locations.  The following movie opens this week.
3D and 2D Snoopy la película – Esp
The following movies are continuing.
3 and 2D Starwars Ep. 7 – Esp and Sub.
2D Un Gran Dinosaurio – Esp.
2D En el Corazón del Mar – Esp.
2D Victor Frankestein – Esp. (Is there supposed to be a second “n” in the name?)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo –




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