Viernes, 25/3/2016: Artisans’ Fair today, ‘Angel’ keeps Ecuador undefeated, CNT enters fiber optic market, Fujimori survives challenge

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural – 

Upcoming events –

Theater – “La maldición de los zapatos rojos” and “Venus atrapamoscas” (The curse of the red shoes and Venus flytrap) will be in the sala “Alfonso Carrasco on 29-31/3 and 1/4.chl jeanne logo

Artesan Fair – in the Plazoleta de las Culturas, next to the Museo Pumapungo, Sat. from 10-17:00.  The Ministerio de Cultura y Patrimonio will hold a fair like this the last Sat. of every month.

Microtheater – about education.  “La vieja escuela” (The old school) is a work that will be presented on 30/3 at República Sur (Pres. Córdova 5-55) using a comic form to show the history of traditional teaching methods and to promote new methods.  (I think you’d have to be a really dedicated teacher to subject yourself to this.)

Articles about –

“Cafés culturales” – fuse the “arte de la cocina y la cultura” (art of the kitchen and culture) and allow artists and the public to meet each other. Following are some locations and upcoming events:

Café de la Vaca – 6-7/4 at 20:00 with a dinner theater monologue by María Beatriz Vergara, “Ser mamá or morir en el intento”( I’m going to be a mother or die trying)  (That wouldn’t have been uncommon a century or two ago.) Cost:  $25.00. (No, they didn’t give the dinner menu, but their food is good.) It’s planning other events such as painting exhibits, book launches and childrens’ stories.

The cafeteria at the centro cultural Imay – offers chocolate and coffee drinks, aromáticas, juices and a special dessert of the week from Tue to Sat, 17-23:00.  (Note that, folks – this place is open late and it’s not a bar.)  Next week it will present “Marapez” and “Malas palabras” (Bad words) at 19:00 and 20:00.  Cost: $5.00.

Café Cartola (Loja 3-68 y Miguel Díaz) has Thursday poetry nights where anyone can present their own work or read their favorite works.  (Wonder if anyone’s read Ogden Nash?  I never claimed to have elevated cultural tastes.)

Scholarships – The “Juan Luis Guerra” scholarship is for musicians between 18 & 24 years, with talent and an interest in Latin music to study abroad. They can apply until 10/4 at or at

Mashca Galería – (Luis Codero 5-48 y H. Vásquez) provides space for more than 20 designers, craftsmen and artists to promote and commercialize their work.  Their hours are M-F, 10-13:30 and 15-19:00 and Sat. from 10-14:00.

Ongoing or finished events –

New CD – by Luis Rueda will be launched Fri. in Sonora Club (Doce de Abril y San Roque).  3 other bands played.  Cost: $5.00.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Un “Angel” salva a la TRI (An “Angel” saves the TRI) Ángel Mena kicked a goal that tied the game.  The TRI plays Colombia next Tues. “con invicto intacto” (with its unbeaten record intact).  (I’m told it`ll be hard game due to the heat.  And maybe the competition?)

CNT – will compete with ETAPA in the internet market by providing fiber optic service and lower prices.  (Does anyone else find it ironic that the federal provider is competing with the municipal provider?  Capitalism in Ecuador.)  CNT will offer plans of 15 megas per year at $24.90/mo. and 25 megas at $36/mo, not including IVA.  It will start service in the following zones:  Tres Puentes, parque Iberia, ciudadela Los Joyeros y Yanuncay – all on the south side.  (I wonder how many megs I get with Puntonet which is also fiber optic where I am and where ETAPA couldn’t provide service. Good strategy – start in an area your competition doesn’t serve.)

Taxi meters – use of the meters and issuing a receipt are obligatory. Rounding a fare up is prohibited.  Call 157 to complain or go to the EMOV offices in Misicata.  (Do I need to tell you what language you will need to do this in?)

Empresa Electrica – will limit services at their payment window for 45 days starting Fri, 1/4.  They will be remodeling the customer service area.

Amenidades – 

Movies – were announced yesterday.

Desfile de Modas 16 (Fashion Parade) – this coming Thu, 31/3 at 19:30 in the Museo de la Ciudad.  The benefit show is sponsored by the Miss Cuenca Foundation and the City.  Beauty queen models will wear more than 70 designs from Azuayan designers from casual to gala.  There will also be a childrens’ parade and singers. Tickets are available at the office of the Fundación Reinas de Cuenca (12 de Abril between San Roque and el Batán). Cost: $15.00.

Internacional – 

Perú – frontrunner Keiko Fujimori is still in the running for the April 10 presidential elections.  The Jurado Electoral Especial de Lima found the request to disqualify her unfounded.  (So if she wins will she pardon her Dad and how popular will that be?)

Discuentos y compras – 

Racar Plaza – Holy Week music by Voces para el Alma (Voices for the Soul)  (Will that be accompanied by chicken soup?)- Sat. at 15:00.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo –




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