Viernes, 2/6/2017: Bank execs sentenced, Exports to EU up 13%, Petroamazonas owes $2 billion, Movie festival

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s (Fri.) agenda events –

Música – The Otavaleño group Ñanda Mañachi, one of the top groups playing traditional Ecuadorian music of the Andes, performed Fri. night in Teatro Casa de la Cultura.

Upcoming agenda events –

Festival de Cine – The opening gala of the FICC will be Sat. at 19:00 in the teatro de la CCE (Luis Cordero entre (between – your word to memorize) Sucre y Pres. Córdova).  “Gilda,” directed by Argentinean Lorena Muñoz, will be shown.  The festival will run to 8/6.

Closing – The exhibit “Ideas Sobre Papel” (Ideas on Paper), at the galería Yuyay (calle Luis Moscoso y Manuel Ignacio Ochoa, one block from De Las Américas) will close at 16:00 Sat.

Articles about –

Art exhibit – Art professors showed 20 research projects during Expo Artes “EA6” which closed today.

Danza – Two traditional Ecuadorian dance troupes have joined to go on a European tour in July.  Los Wayra Express will be the new group composed of Expresión Latinoamericana and Wayrapamushka.  They have performed at 1 festival in Turkey and 3 in Bulgaria with plans for one on the Island of Rhodes, Greece.

Indor Fútbol – “El Mundialito de los pobres” (the Championship of the Interbarrial Games) is over 50 years old.  The Alianza Obrera started the games in 1963 and 3 years later the Amistad Club took over.  <The accompanying photo shows 3 chunky senior citizens reminiscing about the days when they were thin, fit and had hair.  Like your 40th or 50th high school reunion.>

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Vía libre para explotar oro en Quimsacocha (The way is clear to exploit gold in Quimsacocha) – According to their web page, INV Metals from Canada has reached an agreement with the Ministry of Mines of Ecuador to mine gold at the Loma Larga project, formerly known as Quimsacocha.  The mine is in the páramos of Cuenca, Girón and San Fernando cantons where water sources are located. Various communities have organized in protest and point out that there is still no signed agreement.

Garbage collection – There will be no change as to how the fees for garbage collection will be collected.  You will continue to pay them with your electric bill.  <If you pay your own utilities.  If not, it’s your landlord’s problem.>

Fraud – 3 executives of Financiera Proinco S.A. were sentenced to 13 yrs. & 4 mos. in prison for massive fraud.  They are also supposed to return $98.8 million to 1300 depositors.  <I think 3 businesses were created by Proinco to siphon off money from investors’ accounts, or something like that.>

Petroamazonas – Carlos Pérez, the new Minister of Hydrocarbons announced that the government oil company owes more than $2 billion to its suppliers.

Slope stabilization – MTOP is doing slope stabilization work at Challuabamba.  The work includes imbedding drainage tubes into the slope with the water channeled to be released into the río Cuenca;  and shotcreting hillsides.

Día del Niño – Childrens’ Day will be observed all month with activities for kids. There will be a Fiesta de la Alegría (Joy) tomorrow from 13:00 on the platform at the Feria Libre.

Obesity – Health Fairs take place every Thu. at a new location, and the Municipal Health Council has noticed that for every 10 people, 7 have been affected by overweight.  You can get free blood, liver ultrasound, blood pressure, and weight/height tests.

Tranvía – The coordinator for the project has quit.  <It will now be true what only seemed to be true before – there wasn’t anyone in charge.>   He’s the 3d coordinator to leave.

IESS emergencies – The emergency unit of the IESS hospital has a new color coded triage system.  Blue – expect a wait of up to 4 hours;  Green – 2 hrs.; Yellow – 1 hr.; Orange and red – immediate attention.  <If you go to emergency better bring a book to read.>

Business page – Exports from Ecuador to Europe grew by 13% in the period enero-abril over the prior year.

Pagina intercultural – The articles are about Kápac raymi or the festival of flowering.

Amenidades –

Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations.  The following movie opens this week.  All of the movies are in 2D.

Mujer Maravilla – Esp. y Sub.

The following movies are continuing.

Piratas del Caribe 5 – Esp. y Sub.
Como ser un latin lover – Esp.
Una Cigueá en apuros – Esp.
Alien covenant – Esp.
El Rey Arturo – Esp.

Discuentos y compras –

Los Pitufos (The Smurfs) – Teatro Pumapungo – sábado, 3/6 at 16, 18, & 20:00 – domingo, 4/6 at 14, 16, & 18:00 – promotion of one child under 5 free with a paid adult ticket – tickets at Hotel Andreina (Eloy Alfaro 1-43 y Huayna Cápac), Hotel Santa Ana (Pres. Córdova 11-49 y Tarqui) and All Tours (Mariano Cueva 8-40 y Bolívar).

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo –



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