Viernes, 27/11/2015: Theater, Cajas toll studied, protests, textile design

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Hola, Todos –

Are you still trying to figure out if it’s today or tomorrow? Don’t feel bad – I’ve spent several days (like Wed. or Mon.) that weren’t Saturday thinking it was Sat. One of the dangers of retirement – every day is a weekend.chl jeanne logo

Pagina cultural – 

Teatro – on 27 y 28/11 (that gets around the today/tomorrow confusion), Pancho Aguirre returns with his show “El Loco” at the sala Vinicio Jáuregui in the colectivo Avispero (calle Larga 10-41). No time given.

Simposio – The Museo Pumapungo will host the first International Symposium “Museos, Etnografia, Comunidad” (Museums, Ethnography (did I just make up a word?), Community) from 30/11 to 2/12.  No time given.

Concierto – two concerts will be played on 27/11 for La Semana de Alemania (German Week). The first at 17:00 un the Mall del Rio with students of the Alemán de Cuenca High School, and the second at 19:30 in the Teatro Sucre with the Orquesta Sinfónica.

Articles about – 

Peruvian poet Willy Gómez  who won the La Lira prize for Latin American poetry for his book, “Construccíón Civil,” published in 2013.  (I’m glad the context indicates this isn’t a book about Civil Construction or building roads, dams, or sewer systems.)

Honorable mention – in La Lira goes to Argentinean Gerardo Jorge for his book “Vision de las Ciudades.”

Museo Pumapungo – get a new logo with a new “Museo Pumapungo” which has the final “o” enclosing a “Chacana” or Cruz Andina or Andean Cross. (There – a quechua/Spanish word for the day. Read one, get one free. Happy Black Friday.)

Textile design students – at the U of Azuay are learning new designs taught by Londoner Berni Yates. The new design formulas fuse contemporary fashion with the work of artisans in the region. (It’s time for fashion designers to pick up on Andean designs and motifs.  We’ve had designers do looks influenced by Africa, Russia, various eras in time, hippie, boho, etc – why not do something with the richness of traditional designs here? Have I planted a seed?)

Otras cosas –

Titular – A su mayor crisis se enfrenta Indurama (Indurama confronts its biggest (or worst) crisis.)  The company invested $60 million to manufacture induction ranges, sales of which have fallen drastically. What hurt them was the importation of ranges from China and it is owed money from the government for something to do with financing. It has had to lay off 400 people. (Seems like Indurama kind of got stabbed in the back – on one hand the gov’t wants to develop national industries, but on the other, it’s got a lot of debt to pay off to China. So …)

Opposition to the constitutional amendments – has restarted with marches in Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca.

Visa restrictions – (relax, it’s for Cubans and not Gringos). Cubans will now need to go on-line to get a visa to enter Ecuador. Ecuador’s policy has been that anyone with a passport from anywhere in the world can pretty much just get off the plane, boat, car, etc and walk into the country and stay legally for 90 days.  It is applying the visa requirement because Ecuador has been the jumping off point for Cubans trying to enter the US overland – a risky and often fatal endeavor.  (You’ve got to either want something real badly or be trying to get away from something really horrible to walk all the way from Ecuador to the US.)

Studies for a toll to cross the Cajas – and a proposal to use electronic controls to avoid transportation of dangerous materials are being brought to the public. The Cajas contains 77% of the 43 species of mammals that inhabit the Andean region of Ecuador; there are 365 lakes which supply 60% of the potable water in Cuenca; and the park has an ecological system and level of biodiversity that is unique in the world. An ordinance to protect the park was written with the help of ETAPA (which administers the park – vertically integrated quality control – smart.), professors, environmentalists and students. The other route to Guayaquil, Durán-Tambo takes more time but the topography is less risky.

Fireworks – the armed forces held a meeting for prospective vendors of fireworks which will be sold for Christmas and New Year’s.  You can buy them at the following parks – Miraflores, Derechos Humanos (1 de Mayo y Solano), El Paraíso, La Alborada, 24 de Mayo near the Garaioa High School, 1 de Mayo y Gaspar de Carvajal, and near the Stadium.  (So go ahead and pander to your inner child and buy things that go boom. I think that inner child is a boy.)

Amenidades – 

Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations.  The following movies open this week:
2D Victor Frankenstein  – Esp and Sub.  (So now we know what Dr. Frankenstein’s first name was. Are we ready for Trivial Pursuit?)
2D El Gobernador – (doesn’t say what language.  So is this Arnold’s autobiography?)
The following movies are continuing:
2D and 3D Hunger Games Final – Esp
2D Hunger Games Final – Sub.
2D Spectre Bond 007 – Esp and Sub.
2D El Principito – Esp
2D Hotel Transylvania 2 – Esp
2D Menique – Esp
Internacional – 

Descuentos –

Too many to list.  You’d do better just to head to the mall, or the store with the things you want or just walk around – everyone has some sort of Black Friday discount or special. And seems like Black Friday typically lasts through Sunday.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo (o Lunes, depende) –




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