Viernes, 2712/2016: Town is sinking, Latin countries worry about Trump, Concerts, San Francisco Plaza, New bug discovered

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“Avance” – Edition 301 of this magazine is now in circulation with articles about the 17 years since Cuenca received it’s designation as a World Heritage Site, Fidel Castro’s legacy in Cuba (now there’s a subject some of you can have fun debating), and memories of Sixto Durán.

Teatro Inclusiva (Inclusive Theater) – “Un mundo feliz” (A Happy World) was Fri. in the theater of the CCE.

Upcoming agenda events –

Maquetas – An exhibit of models made from recycled materials opened Fri. in the Quinta Bolívar (Gapal).

Articles about –

Colegio Benigno Malo – The school is trying to re-establish its natural history museum, the library and the space under the domes which is currently being used by the Bienal.  The Parents and Vice-rector would like to make the school a tourist destination which would also revalue the building itself which is 90 years old.

New species – Entomologist Sebastián Padrón at the U. of Azuay has conducted research in a nature sanctuary, the “Estación Científica El Gullán” (El Gullán Science Station), in the Las Nieves parish in Nabón.  He discovered new species of a “mantis religiosa” (praying mantis) which mimics lichen, an “escarabajo” (beetle and scarab – I like this for your word for the day), and a frog.  He has documented his research in a book, “Estación Científica El Gullán,” which contains photos.

Libro – A book about the delivery of public services and the role of Government will be presented Wed. afternoon at a “Seminario de Derecho Constitucional” (Seminar on Constitutional Law) organized by the U. of Cuenca.  (Doesn’t “public services” automatically mean government has the main role in their provision?  Unless you’re in the US where they’re rapidly being privatized.  You might be better off in a Latin American jail than in a privately managed US jail.)

Altiplano – Mauricio Vicencio, director of the group Altiplano which plays Latin American and folk music, will give classes to musicians on 7, 8, & 9/12.  The workshops will focus on musical composition and arrangement.  On 9/12, he will give a concert in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz.  Tickets are available at El Surtido (Bolivar y Borrero).  Cost: $10:00.  Those interested in the workshops, call 099 552 9759.

Book launch – The novel “Como los ya muertos” (Like those already dead) was launched at Librimundi the pasado (past) miércoles.  It was written by María Pilar Alcázar, the first Spanish periodista (woman journalist), about the horrors of the Spanish Civil War and whose main character thinks that those who died were the lucky ones.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Tradiciones y la gente, parte del Patrimonio (Traditions and the people, part of Heritage) – The Asociación Manos Tejedoras de Sidcay were awarded the “presea Cuenca Patrimonio Cultural de la Humanidad” (Cuenca Cultural Heritage of Humanity Award) yesterday.  It was the last event in the commemoration of the 17 years that Cuenca has been a World Heritage Site.

Sinking pueblo – The earth beneath the village of Chalacay is sinking.  23 houses are affected as well as the church.  The problems started when the Mazar dam was built. The Corporación Eléctrica del Ecuador (CELEC) has offered to relocate the people.

Discapacidades (Disabled – but if you ride bus or go to the bank you should have already figured this word out – it has a picture that goes with it.) – Barriers still persist, with the main problem in access to transport.  In Azuay, there are 31,131 disabled people registered – 16,716 are disabled physically, 5,805 intellectually, 3,800 visually, 3,195 audially, 843 psychosocially, 408 psychologically and 354 with language. (Wait – aren’t there supposed to be some 5,000 gringos in Cuenca?  And don’t just about all of us have a language disability?)

Registro Civil – There will be an extention of hours at the Registro Civil starting 1/1/2017 because of the February elections.  The area for cedulas will be open 7-19:00, M-F and 8-17:00, Sa & Su.  There are mobile services for seniors, the disabled and the sick.  Staff will come to your house at your convenience.  Apply for the service at the main office.  (I think it’s assumed that you will have a family member do this for you.  Sounds like one reason why single people get the “pobrecito(a)” reactions.)

Road closure – Ordóñez Lasso between Buganvilla and el Tejar will be closed until domingo.

Voter ID – After you vote you will be issued a certificate which will also include a photo taken from the data base of the Registro Civil.  The certificate also will include the name of the voter, the signature of the president of the council (maybe of the district where you vote), date, voting place, and the certificate number which also includes a security bar code.  (Might make it harder to vote early and often.)

Migrants – Secretaries of State in much of Latin America are worried about the campaign promises Trump made and especially about the treatment of “personas en situación irregular” (people in an irregular situation).  Ecuador’s constitution contains the right of movement and interprets it globally.  Sec’y of State Guillaume Long said, “que no existen seres humanos ilegal” (that there are no illegal human beings).

Seminar – A seminar on public mass transportation, organized by EMOV EP (Municipal Mobility Company) closed Fri..  About 200 specialists attended the seminar which discussed how to successfully introduce the Tranvía (that might already be blown what with the delays, disruption, etc.) and successful systems in Guayaquil (sistema Metrovía) and Medellín which has an integrated transit system.

San Francisco Plaza – The project is in the process of selecting a contractor which should be done in enero (Jan.).  There are parallel tasks of reprogramming, publicity, and fabricating the vendors’ stands.  A prototype of the stand will be shown shortly.

Donations – You can donate to the campaign to end begging by bringing your donation of clothing and toys in good shape and of non-perishable food to the MIES offices (Borrero y Calle Larga and Remigio Crespo y Los Ríos).

Healthy food – A group promoting healthy food for children and teens met and discussed possible regulation of ambulatory vendors outside of educational facilities and controlling the products sold inside the schools.

Amenidades –

Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations.  The following movies open this week.

3D & 2D Inframundo guerra de sangre – Esp.
2D Inframundo guerra de sangre – Sub.
2D Sully – Esp y Sub.
2D El infiltrado – Sub.
2D No se metan con me vaca – Sub.

The following movies are continuing.  All are in 2D.
Jack Reacher 2 – Esp.
La llegada – Esp. y Sub.
Trolls – Esp.
Animales fantásticos – Esp.
Doctor Strange
Translúcido – Esp.

Concierto – “Esto Es Eso” from Quito performed Fri. at the República Sur (Pres. Córdova 5-55) playing music that fuses traditional Ecuadorian music such as the pasillo with hip-hop, funk and reggae.

Internacional –

Colombia – The Chamber of Representatives voted unanimously to start the referendum process for the peace agreement between the Government and FARC. Of the 60 proposals in the agreement, 57 were changed by the opposition which still does not like the agreement.  (People who are not happy unless they get everything.)

Deportes –

10K Por Una Sonrisa (10K for a smile) – This event on domingo, 11/12 will include runners, bicyclists and other unmotorized gizmos (So bring your wheel chair, rollerblades, scooter or tricycle.)  It will start at Monay Shopping at 8:00 and end at Coralcentro.  The run, organized by the Ortiz Group (Coral Stores, Mall del Rio), will benefit children with cancer in the SOLCA Pediatric Unit.  Tickets at Mi Boletería in the Mall del Río, Monay Shopping and Coralcentro de Las Americas.  Cost: $7.00.

Discuentos y compras –

ETAFASHION – 72 hour sale, viernes 2, sábado 3 y domingo 4 – 20% off everything in the store except electronics and beauty products, up to 70% on selected merchandise.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo –



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