Viernes, 27/5/2016: New tranvía schedule for Centro, Arabic dance festival, IVA refunds, Quake aid, Sleeping Beauty tickets

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Hola, Todos –
Another late issue – this time because I had no internet service. When I called tech support, it took a few repetitions, but I finally figured out it wasn’tchl jeanne logo a service cut.  It was an accident in which the fiber optic line serving the zone I’m in was physically cut. And getting a repair crew out on a holiday took more time.  So it’ll be a short issue.

Pagina cultural –
Upcoming events –

“Homero Simpson” – Humberto Velez, who is the voice of Homer Simpson will have a comedy show Sat. at 19:30 in the Teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz.  (I’m guessing he’s the Spanish voice and the show will be in that language.)  There will also be an exhibit from 11:30.

“Milonga Roja” – There will be an earthquake benefit including a tango show, “El Dúo Tanguero Cuenca”; an exhibit of Argentinean folklore; and tango DJs Sat. at 20:00 in the República Sur (Pres. Córdova 5-55).

Children’s sculpture workshop – The workshop is for children from 4-12 (Is this applicable to anyone out there?  Or are all your children older and your grandchildren not in Ecuador?.  It will start this coming Mon. and run to 3/6 with hours from 15-16:00 and 16-17:00 at the Estudio 14 (Luis Cordero 11-83 y Sangurima).  Call 096 750 6499 or write for more info.

Articles about –
Festival Internacional de Danzas Árabes Cuenca – This dance festival with arabic dancers from Russia, Argentina, Colombia and various cities in Ecuador will be this weekend.  The festival starts with a performance Sat. at 20:00 in the Teatro Pumapungo.  The two hour show costs $10.00.  Tickets available at the theater.  There are also workshops for professional and student dancers on Sat. & Sun. starting at 8:00.

El Séptimo Concurso Niños y Niñas Pintan “El Barranco” (The 7th Boys and Girls Paint The Barranco Contest) – The contest will be 2/6 and the organizers have invited 100 schools.  (If you have kids interested in the contest, contact their school.)

Chilean micro story contest – (I have a feeling this applies to absolutely none of you readers.)  The contest is for Chileans living overseas (that is, outside of Chile) to write micro stories between 100 and 140 words about Chile and the author’s experiences.  Go to to enter until 18/7.

An ad for – La Bella Durmiente (Sleeping Beauty)  to be performed on 1/6 at 20:00 in the Teatro Pumapungo by the Russian Classical Ballet.  Tickets sold at the Museo Pumapungo.

Otras cosas –  
TitularEl Corpus, entre opciones turísticas (Corpus, among the touristic options) – vendors from Manabí are participating for the first time.

Your sliver of life article today – is about a Peruvian who was airlifted off a fishing boat 50 miles west of Isla Isabela in the Galápagos by the Ecuadorian Navy after he had a severe allergic reaction.  (I hope the poor person didn’t find out that he has a seafood allergy.)
San Francisco Plaza – Revised plans for the plaza should be delivered by the end of this month.  Hopefully, the call for bids for the construction should be in early Aug. with a 45-60 day bid period and contract award by the middle of Nov.  Construction will take 8 months.  Once the project is approved, there will be a discussion with the vendors.  (What do you want to bet that their stance will be “Send it back to the drawing board.”  This project has been around since the 50’s and may take longer to accomplish than the building of St. Peters Cathedral.)

New Tranvía schedule – The city issued the official schedule for completion of the Tranvía work in El Centro.  Along Gran Colombia – from Tomás Ordóñez to Luis Cordero – 31/7; from Estévez de Toral to Miguel Vélez – 31/8.  Along Mariscal La Mar – between Estévez de Toral y Miguel Vélez – also 31/8.  On Gran Colombia between Luis Cordero y Estévez Toral and on La Mar between Benigno Malo y Estévez Toral – 30/9.  On Gran Colombia between Miguel Vélez y Octavio Cordero and on La Mar from Miguel Vélez to Octavio Cordero and on Sangurima from Manuel Vega to Mariano Cueva – 31/12.

Earthquake aid –

Cuenca has signed a sister city agreement with Sucre in Manabí to send aid.

The Federation of Russia flew in 30 tons of humanitarian aid including a portable electrical plant capable of 120 kilowatts, 20 large tents and 92,000 cans of meat and fish.  (Was some of that fish Ecuadorian tuna making its way back?)

Empresa Electrica has technical assistance and equipment to rehabilitate electrical service in the quake zone including 4 work crews, industrial security personnel, una grúa (a crane – your word for the day – it’s also a tow truck which you might need one day if you drive.), and a carro canasta (a cherry picker or bucket lift) and material to make repairs.

Nueve de Octobre Mercado – Thursdays until the last one in Nov. will be “yapa” days. This will apply also to the stores in the area as a way to “dinamizar” (energize) business and offset the impact of the Tranvía work.  (A yapa is a little bit extra when you buy something, like a baker’s dozen.  Now I’ve finally seen how it’s spelled.  Up to now, no one has been able to tell me if it’s yapa or llapa and Google Translate didn’t help, either.)

IVA refunds – There’s a way to get some or all of the recent increase in IVA back. (Are you one of those greedy gringos drooling over getting money back?)  lt’s a 4 step process.

1.  You buy a thing or a service electronically (credit, debit or prepaid card or electronic money).
2.  The financial entity (the card issuer) reports the transaction to SRI.
3.  SRI processes the refund application.
4.  SRI credits the IVA in your electronic money account.  If you pay with electronic money, you get 4% back.  If you pay with a card, you get 1% back.  This return only applies to natural persons.  (No Citizens United type corporate people can get this refund.)  It’s all automatic – the consumer doesn’t have to contact SRI or their card company and your card company reports transactions every week.  To sign up for electronic money, dial *153# from your cell phone, answer the questions (assuming you know enough Spanish to understand the questions …..over a phone.), accept the conditions and check your security code. (Simple – a 10-year-old could probably do it.  You just have to find and hire that 10-year-old to do it for you.)

Amenidades –
Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations.  The following movies open this week.
3D Alicia a través del espejo – Esp.
2D Alicia a través del espejo – Esp y Sub.
2D Posesión del diablo – Sub.
The following movies are continuing.
3D Xmen apocalipsis – Esp y Sub.
2D Xmen apocalipsis – Esp
2D Angry birds – Esp.
2D Tan distintos – Esp.
2D Capitán América 3 – Esp.
2D Milagros del cielo – Esp.
2D La Bruja – Esp.

Internacional –
Venezuela – Students, backed by the Federación de Centros Universitarios, an opposition group, marched yesterday.  They tried to deliver a document of claims to the Ministry of University Education, but were turned back by a police cordon.

Colombia – According to the government, 3 journalists who disappeared Sat and Mon are in the hands of the guerilla group, ELN.  The missing journalists are categorized either as disappeared or kidnapped.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo – I will be taking a long weekend off in a couple of weeks.  Not sure which days yet.




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