Viernes, 30/6/2017: Tranvía set to finish first quarter of next year, Tequila, School vacation

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming agenda events –

Libro – “Perpetuum Mobile” by Efraín Jara Idrovo will be launched mañana at 14:00 in the Edificio Terrassa (av. Tres de Noviembre). The program includes a jazz concert.

Festival de Cortometrajes – “Planos Relativos” (Relative Plans), the 2nd short film festival organized by students and professors in Cinema and Audiovisual at the U. of Cuenca will be on 23/7.

God/Art – From 15-21/7, the God/Art Film Collective will present “Encuentros Cinematográficos Cámara Lúcia” ( Lucid Camera Cinematic Meetings), a space for non-fiction, experimental, self produced films done outside of the conventional film industry. <I wonder if it’ll be the incubator for the next “Blair Witch Project.”>

Articles about –

Romanza Mariana – This theatrical work about the Virgin Mary will be performed with a cast of 130 el lunes próximo at 20:00 in the teatro Sucre. The work is divided into 5 parts, each showing an aspect of Mary. Music includes works of Tchaicovsky, Chopin, Listz, and Saint Saens.

European tour – The folk groups Ayllu Llakta, Wayrapamushka and Expresión Latinoamericana are participating in 3 international dance festivals in Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece.

Murals – Murals portraying Don Bosco and Carlos Crespi were inaugurated Fri. They are on the walls of the Oratorio Salesiano in the María Auxiliadora Parish.

Concierto – There was a concert of contemporary music composed by Marcelo Villacís Fri. in the sala “Alfonso Carrasco” at the CCE. The Chamber Music group will include vibraphone, harp, and 4 strings.

Summer vacation – The DIZA Corporation will have a summer camp with arts and fútbol where the students will participate in music, stage, plastic arts, and fútbol. <If they get too rambunctious, send them out to play fútbol to burn some of the energy off.> The camp is for kids 5-15 and costs $115 plus a $20 registration fee. Register at Miguel Díaz y Manuel Moreno Mora through today or call 4044-584 or 099 862 9680.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Empresa le apuestan a las joyas y bisutería (Company bets on jewelry and costume jewelery) – AGNI Metales was opened in Cuenca yesterday. In an alliance with Avon, the company will make jewelry including for export. The company is owned by Grupo Empresarial Vázquez which also owns Guillermo Vázquez Jewelry. The new plant in the Industrial Park will produce 100,000 pieces per month with exports to Perú, Colombia and Argentina immediately and exports to Brasil, México and Guatemala starting in agosto.

Animal shelters – An animal shelter needs at least 150 sq. m, an administrative office, infirmary, dog bath, kennels, and room for animals to run. None of the shelters in Cuenca has its own land and so they are asking the authorities to build a shelter for all of the rescue groups.

Adoption event – There will be an adoption event el domingo from 10-17:00 in the Complejo Deportivo de Totoracocha, and donations of dog food will be accepted.

Teak – The Indian government issued an 180 day extension so that teak exports from Ecuador can continue uninterrupted after 1/7. The wood will be fumigated with methyl bromide at the destination. A technical team is arriving from India to certify that the wood can be fumigated in Ecuador with phosphine. <None of those chemicals are compatible with animal life in even very small quantities. I hope the fumigators will be wearing space suits.>

Tranvía – After a meeting with Pres. Moreno, Mayor Marcel Cabrera confirmed that the Tranvía should be completed in the first half of 2018. <So who’s starting the pool for the Tranvía completion date?>

ETAPA – The general manager of ETAPA resigned. A judge ordered preventive prison on 12/6 for Ivan Palacios who is being investigated for alleged crime of influence <peddling?>.

Pagina Intercultural –

From penco to licor de agave (tequila) – The penco plant has been processed into licor de agave or Chaguarmishqui by Isacc Sanmartín since 1983 in Nabón. At that time he had no idea that the liquor was called tequila and the market was dominated by Mexico. The Festival de Chaguarmishqui is celebrated in octubre during the fiestas for the Virgen de Fátima. Local producers include Isacc Sanmartín with Don Isacc, Remigio Capelo with Ñamarín and and José Suconota with El Rodeo.

Amenidades –

Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations. The following movies open this week.

2 & 3D – Mi villano favorito 3 – Esp.
2D Killa – Esp. y Quechua

The following movies are continuing. All are in 2D and in Esp. except for El Círculo which is subtitled.

Cars 3
Mujer Maravilla
Cómo ser un Latin lover
Todo todo
La momia
El Círculo – Sub.
Piratas del Caribe 5

Internacional –

Brazil – The Supreme Court ratified the legal value of confessions made by directors of the JBS group which have incriminated Pres. Temer in corruption. The executives of JBS said Temer was receiving bribes since 2010 and produced a recording of a visit by the group’s owner to Temer.

Discuentos y compras –

ETAFashion – Summer sales, up to 50% off slected merchandize.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo –



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