Viernes, 7/10/2016: Ex-Petroecuador mgr. flees country, ‘Perroween’ fundraiser for abandoned dogs, Horse show

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s agenda events – chl jeanne logo

Eurocine – “Cinema Paradiso” was shown Friday in the Alianza Francesa. The festival continues on Sun. at 16:00 with two more films.

Títeres – The puppet show “Una Recompensa Monstruosa” played at 18:00 & 20:00 in the sala “Alfonso Carrasco.”

Ongoing and upcoming agenda events –

Horse show – From today to Sun., there will be exhibitors from around the country at the Hostería Caballo Campana showing horses.  There will be a children’s area, food court and more.

Caminata – There will be a walk to the ancestral hills and lakes Sat. to Cerro Cabogana.  More info. about this date with nature at 098 314 5009.

Articles about –

Concierto – The teaching concert was conducted by Michael Meissner in a tricorn hat, an eye patch, and with a saber.  (Hope he’s a conductor who keeps a good grip on his baton if that was what the saber was being used for.  You wouldn’t want it flying into the string section and skewering a cello.)
Cine – “Sin muertes no hay carnaval” (Without deaths there’s no carnaval) – ACEC (La Academia de las Artes Audiovisuales y Cinematográficas el Ecuador) will enter the film for the Best Foreign Film Award at the Oscars.

Tributo – There will be a tribute to singer Carlota Jaramillo who sang national music Sat. at 20:00 in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz.  Tickets available at Librimundi (Hermano Miguel y Sucre) and the 3 Areldi stores at Monay Shopping, Centro Commercial El Vergel, and on Bolívar y General Torres.
Otras cosas – 

Titular – La TRICOLOR goleó 3-0 a Chile, en Quito…Y ahora a ganar a Bolivia (The TRICOLOR beat Chile 3-0 in Quito… and now to win Bolivia) – A win in Bolivia this Tue. will take the TRI into first place standings.
Petroecuador – The ex-manager, Carlos Pareja, went to Spain 3 days before the Attorney General’s announcement of the intent to “process.”  Pareja was involved in an alleged corruption ring that took $12 million in kickbacks from contractors and hid $4 million of it in Panamanian bank.  The Minister of the Interior suggested an investigation into Pareja’s trip (flight?) to Spain.

Public announcement – There was a water service interruption today from 8-14:00 in the following sectors:  Rio Sol, Cdas Gran Colombia, Bosque e Monay 1 & 2, Eucaliptos, De Los Ingenieros, John F. Kenneday and Tarqui;  and in the areas of Cerámica Andina, Urb. Rieles de Monay, and the IESS Hosp. ETAPA was doing preventive maintenance work along González Suarez.

Mining – A contract with gold mine Fruta del Norte will be signed at the end of the month.  The mine is located in  Zamora Chinchipe and Ecuador has already received $25 milllion of the $65 million in royalties that will be paid on the signing of the contract.  (And it appears the money’s already been spent – on schools, roads, health centers, a linear park, and info centers.)

Vehicle import restrictions – In 2017, the restrictions on importing vehicles will expire. There will be no quota for the number of imported vehicles.  (So could a side affect be a bigger and cheaper used car market?)

Airlport – CORPAC (Corporación Aeroporturia de Cuenca) told the civil aviation agency that it is opening a case file on TAME for problems in its itinerary of flights to and from Cuenca.  (Like last minute cancellations?)

Tranvía – The Instituto Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural has made observations about changes in the Tranvía platform that don’t respect the patrimonial elements in design or materials and also have added to difficulties in mobility.  The regional director mentioned that the transverse streets (I think that would be east-west or parallel with the Tomebamba for those of you who are directionally challenged.) are only one lane which will create bottlenecks.  (Wasn’t that obviously part of the plan from the beginning before anyone stuck a shovel in the ground?  A two lane road minus one lane for the train leaves one lane.)  She also pointed out grade difficulties where businesses are a lot higher from the pavement and will need steps added.  (So more things for unwary tourists to trip over when observing the world through their phones.)

Perroween – La Fundación Familia Armor Animal (FAAN) is holding a pet costume contest as a fundraiser to build a new facility and to feed the the rescued animals. The event will be on 16/10 at 11:00 at the hotel Oro Verde.  Register for the contest at Perruquiería.  Cost: $5.00.

Carnival rides:  The rides parked on the vía rapida in Turi are here for the fiestas de Independencia de Cuenca and looking for a “home.”  Three possible sectors have already said they don’t want the rides.

ATM’s – 4 people who fill ATM’s were attacked and kidnapped yesterday morning. They were left in some woods where “asseradores” (sawyers – woodcutters?) found them and called 911.

Feria “Expo Vive Verde” – Various businesses will be exhibiting their products Sat. and Sun., 9-18:00 in the ¨Hostería Caballo Campana” (km 4 on the vía Misicata Baños).  Among the businesses is Aldo Reyes who is making wines and liquors in Vilcabamba.  He makes a cacao liquor which is only sold in Loja for now.

Amenidades –

Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations.  The following movies open this week.
2D Héroes de la Galaxia – Esp.
2D ¿Que culpa tiene el niño? – Esp.

The following movies are continuing.  All are in 2D
Cigueña – Esp.
Miss Peregrine y los niños peculiares – Esp & Sub.
Somnia – antes de despertar – Esp.
Marea negra – Esp.
Los siete magníficos – Esp.

Internacional –

Perú – Pres. Correa and Pres. Kuczynski, recently elected Pres. of Perú, will meet this Fri. in Macas along with their cabinets to talk about agreements and common interests and to strengthen relations between the two countries.

Discuentos y compras –

Salon de Navidad – is open.  (That’s nice.  Where?)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo –



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