Viernes, 8/7/2016: Day of the condor, Cell phones, money preferred by robbers, Poetry readings, Deep Sukasa discounts

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Friday’s events –

“Conjugar” (Conjugate or combine) – This dance performance was Fri. nightchl jeanne logo in the sala “Alfonso Carrasco” in the CCE.

Upcoming events –

Children’s reading program – A reading, teaching and imaginative project, “La Casa Encantada” (The Enchanted House) is Sat. at 10:00 in the Librería Pedro Páramo (Luis Cordero y Pres. Córdova).

Vacation courses – El Centro Musical Santa Cecilia has courses in accordion, piano, bass, violin, guitar, requinto, and percussion. Register at La Herrerías 2-20 (sector El Vergel) or call 409 8202 or 098 599 6964.  (Google requinto for yourself.)

II Caminata de Arte – The art walk will be this October and besides visual arts, the organizers are adding painting (isn’t that a visual art?), weaving, ceramics, dance, photography and more. Interested artists can sign up at until 19/7.

Articles about –
Theater students – 8 students in the School of Theater at the U. of Azuay are producing their final projects.  They are responsible for the writing, sound, lights and sets.  They will be presented in the sala Alfonso Carrasco sometime.

Casas flotantes (floating houses) – José Manuel Castellano wrote “Historia Gráfica de las casa flotantes del Ecuador” (Graphic History of the floating houses of Ecuador) that was launched Fri. in the Centro Cultural República Sur. Floating houses are a cultural and architectural heritage that is at risk. They were in use before the arrival of the Spanish and tied along the Guayas, Babahoyo and Daule Rivers.  They are made of cane on a structure of balsa logs and are flood resistant. (All ready for “Water World.”  The residents just need to grow webs between their toes.)

Book launch – A book of poetry by Fauste Corrral Guevara was launched Fri. in the the Museo de la Ciudad.  The poems are organized into “estaciones” (seasons – your word for the day) – estación de Eros, estación del tiempo (time), and estación del mar (sea).

Book launch – “Por los caminos del Ensueño y la ternura” (On the paths of dreams and tenderness), a book of poetry by Hernán Pacheco Torres, was presented Fri. in the Sala de Conciertos at CCE (Cordero y Córdova).

(Lots of poetry events – would listing these events to limited Spanish speakers be considered casting pearls before swine?)

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Dinero y celulares, lo que más se roba (Money and cell phones, the most robbed items).  Crime statistics are available at  Robberies were up while theft went down from 2014 to 2015.  Zones with the greatest risk of being robbed include the Terminal Terrestre, Parque María Auxiliadora, Mercado 9 de Octubre, Plaza San Francisco, La Merced and Puente Centenario.

Airport – 122 flights to and from Cuenca have been cancelled since the restrictions on operating when the runway is wet. 10,980 passengers were affected.  (And I bet that doesn’t include passengers who didn’t even book a flight, but drove to Quito or Guayaquil.)  This Sun. will mark 2 months of restrictions.  TAME released the information that the pilots involved in the accident have been dismissed.  The exact timing for an emergency repair to pave 15 m. wide strip for the length of the runway which is 36 m. wide will be announced this Wed. but the airport authority says it will probably begin late this month.

Día Nacional del Cóndor Andino – The National Day of the Andean Condor is celebrated on July 7.  As part of the observances, 9 people took part in a ritual Temezcal led by Taita Alejo.

IVA reports – Tax reports for natural persons who provide goods and services with a 0 IVA rate are due 10/7.  Fill out form 104A, available on line.

IESS – IESS has suffered about $500.7 million in economic damage from irregular and excessive payments to private health care providers.  There were 36 hospitals and clinics involved – 24 in Pichincha and 12 in Guayas.  The irregularities included billing for more days of hospitalization than provided, services not provided, and overbilling for supplies, medications, and procedures.

Animal protection ordinance – The approved ordinance is going through its final draft, incorporating changes made to the original proposal.  The final text was expected today.

Amenidades –
Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations.  The following movie opens this week.
2 & 3D La Era de Hielo 5 – Esp
The following movies are continuing.  All are 2D and in Spanish.
Día de la Independencia
El Conjuro 2
Yo antes de ti
Buscando a Dory
2D Sed

Discuenctos y compras –
Sukasa – 30th anniversary sale – up to 60% off selected merchandise – 9-17/7.  (Well, at least you can read a price tag.)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo –



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