Viernes, 9/6/2017: Exporting to the EU, Unhealthy slaughterhouses, Organic ag, Film festival winners, Biking safety plans

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s agenda event –

“Rompe la piñata” (Break the piñata) – This collective exhibit of the works of 22 young artists will be inaugurated today  <if you believe the title> or tomorrow  <if you believe the small print> at 18:00 in the Galería Conde (Calle Larga y Vargas Machuca).

Articles about –

Curtain falls on the Festival Internacional de Cine – The winners of the 5 day film festival which closed yesterday are:  “Las tetas de mi Madre” (My mother’s tits), directed by Colombian Carlos Zapata and “Un secreto en la caja” (A secret in the box) by Ecuadorian Xavier Izquierdo sharing the prize for Best Film.  “Paul is here” by Belgian Valentina Maurel won for Short Film, with an honorable mention to “Negra” by Brazilian Fred Belchilor.  “Darling” by North American Mickey Keating won in the Zona Oscura (Dark Zone) category.

Encuentro Nacional de Artes Escénicas – This event opened earlier in the week and closed Fri.  It was research at the School of Dance-Theater at the U. of Cuenca which was not only library research but practical research into new technologies, methodologies and work processes.

“Despertar de la Hydra” (Awakening of the Hydra) – This book collects 29 works by 29 young authors under 40.  All were born in the 80’s and 90’s <Milleniums?>  In the past 20 years, Ecuador has been known for its poetry rather than its prose.

La Fundación MusArteH has opened a theater space.  <I think it’s at its headquarters at av. Pichincha y Alfonso Morena Mora, but it’s not clear.>  The goal of the “El Show de Mampuche” program is to involve children, and through them, to generate a culture of art in the city.  They will present a second performance of the work, “Una Recompensa Monstruosa,” this domingo.  Cost: $5.00 or adults and $3.00 for children.  <This is an example of don’t bother asking me when it is – if you can find the time in the article you should be writing these translations.>

Political cartoon of the day – Two guys (most likely the Isiaías brothers of Filanbanco fame) lying on a beach next to a sign saying “Miami Club.”  One says to a third man (Carlos Pólit?) with a life saver labeled “Odebrecht” around his waist, “Si quieres te presto el polígrafo.” (If you want I’ll lend you the lie detector.)

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Faltan camales que garanticen salubridad  (Lack of slaughterhouses that guarantee healthiness)  <There are no camels that guarantee healthiness – says Google translate. Which is why you need to use translation programs very carefully.> Only 6 cantons in Azuay have adequate abattoirs for the slaughtering of cows and pigss and they are in Cuenca, Girón, Gualaceo, Paute, Pucará and Sígsig.  The camal (your word for the day) in Cuenca kills about 250 cows and 200 pigs daily.  <A cow or pig is easier to eat if you think of it as beef and pork.>  There are also 13 artesanal and 2 private industrial “mataderos” (slaughterhouses).  Since 7/2015, 13 clandestine mataderos were closed.  You can report these to Agrocalidad (the regulatory agency) at 4074-055 or 098 302 7603.

Odebrecht list – Unions and indigenous organizations petitioned Pres. Moreno to release the list of those bribed by Odebrecht and to remove VP Glas.  They also asked that the government declare Ecuador “libre de la minería metálica” (free of metal mining  <nothing to do with the heavy metal band.> in order to protect water sources especially in the Quimsacocha, Condor Mirador and other areas.

Bicyclists – The Commission of Movement, Transit and Transport of the Cantonal Council is working on a project for an ordinance to protect bicyclists.  In the last few months, 3 cyclists have been killed in 3 accidents.  Council members held a forum with representatives from various bicycle organizations.  The conclusion was that there was no necessary infrastructure for safe biking, no continuity among the ciclovias (bike lanes) and no place to transition safely. One of the first goals of the ordinance is to get the administration to invest in the construction of ciclovias as well as to educate the public to respect non motorized transport.  <That doesn’t mean you’ll be able to ride your go-kart against traffic from calle Larga down to the redondel at 12 de Abril the way a friend of mine did when she was a kid.  There was a lot less traffic then.>

Organic agriculture – The Ministerio de Agricultura, Ganadería, Acuacultura y Pesca (MAGAP – Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture and Fisheries) will provide training in organic production and agroecológica.

Road opening – 24 hour traffic through el Tahual in the El Descanso stretch has been reopened with the following conditions:  it will be under permanent monitoring, and closed to all traffic if it rains.

Girón – The canton of Girón will celebrate it’s anniversary of cantonization on 25/6 with activities starting on sábado.

10/6: 10:00 – intercantonal ecuavoley; 14:00 – ladies intercantonal ecuavoley; 20:00 – election of the Queen with La Toquilla <I think a musical group>.
On domingo, 11/6: 9:00 – paragliding flight; 11:00 – 3d qualifying for 4×4; 13:00 – model airplanes; 15:00 – ecuavoley master.
On sábado, 17/6: 10:00 – fútbol sub 10, sub 11 and master <will someone translate that for me please?>
On domingo:  9:00 – agricultural, crafts, touristy fair and sale.  <In other words, bring money and leave it here.>  12:00 – “retreta” (a military tattoo or a military band concert); 14:00 – classic car show <Lower your standards right now.  We ain’t in Pebble Beach or Silverado no more, Dorothy.>  16:00 – election of Chola Gironense. On sábado, 24/6: 10:00 – ecuavoley;  16:00 – dance contest; 19:00 – contest with local bands;  20:00 – local entertainers.
On domingo, 25/6:  8:00 – mass of thanks; 10:00 – solemn session <I’ve never been able to figure out what this solemn session thing is.  Seems like sometimes it takes place in a church as well as other locations.>;  12:00 – book launch;  14:00 – cultural and folkloric parade;  19:00 – Girón night with Miguel Moly and the Tropicalísima Orchestra.

Business page – The main article is about micro, small and medium size businesses who want to start exporting to the EU.  The businesses include María Eugenia Gordillo who owns “Maboli” cookies which has its sanitary registration, bar codes, and packages labeled in Spanish and English.  She works from a house on González Suárez.  Other home based family businesses are “Miskafruit” which packages dried fruit mixes and energy bars and “DeAnys” chocolates.  There is also a 26 year old student from Loja who is marketing ground and whole bean coffee grown on his father’s plantation in Zamora Chinchipe.

Amenidades –

Ricardo Arjona – His “Circo Soledad” (Lonely Circus) tour will open in Cuenca on sábado, 22/7 in the Estadio Alejandro Serrano Aguilar.  Tickets will go on sale on 7/7 in Musicalísimo in the Mall del Río, Ticket Show sales points or at  Cost:  from $25 to 135.  <At those prices this guy must be a big deal.>

Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations.  The following movies open this week and all of the movies are 2D.

La Momía – Esp. & Sub.
A Toda Velocidad – Esp.

The following movies are continuing.

La Mujer Maravilla – Esp.
Piratas del Caribe 5 – Esp.
Una Cigueña en Apuros – Esp.
Cómo ser un Latin Lover – Esp.
El Rey Arturo – Esp.

Discuentos y compras –

RM – Festejamos a Papá – good prices on clothing – purchases enter you in a drawing for a recliner and curved 55″ Smart TV – <Customer must provide his own man cave.>

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo –



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