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Visa requirements for Ecuadorians visiting the U.S. to be toughened, embassy says

The United States Embassy announced Wednesday that Ecuadorians wishing to visit the U.S. can expect longer waits and more rigorous interviews. The new standards are the result of an executive order signed last week by U.S. President Donald Trump and affects visitors from all countries requiring visas.

U.S. embassy in Quito.

U.S. embassy press officer Johanna Villalobos said Ecuadorian visa seekers should expect significantly longer waiting periods before an interview appointment and a longer, more detailed interview.

She added that some applicants that have previously been exempt from interviews at the embassy in Quito or consulate in Guayaquil, will now be required to appear in person. “The purpose of the changes is to provide better security for the United States,” Villalobos.

Under the new rules, only those under 13 or over 79, or those who have a U.S. visa that has expired within the past 12 months, will be exempt from the interview.

In announcing immigration changes on Wednesday, the U.S. government said it may reinstate visa requirements for citizens of countries currently able to travel to the U.S. with only a passport.

  • William Keyes

    I guess then it will be interesting to see if the new president of Ecuador will want to “toughen” the requirements of Americans who want to visit or relocate here in a tit for tat response.

    • Globetrotter

      There are two elements to this. One involves the formal regulatory and economic relationship between nations and the other involves the interaction and perceptions between peoples.

  • Tommy H.

    Ecuadorian brethren, do not panic over this. Much blather. Much ado over nothing. This will blow over in a few months.

  • Kris T Daniel

    Along with democracy, we can say goodbye to the tourism industry, international students, companies who depend on technologists from foreign countries and more.

    • Cathy

      The US is allowing herself to be isolated and will suffer as a result. Welcome back to the dark ages.

    • Jan Hunsinger

      Over-reaction, Kris.

    • Nightguy

      Here is where the real danger lies. The enemy is within.

  • Virginia W.

    “more detailed interview” At least might be more detailed, there are people who says they were not asked questions or check their paperwork, they just got a blank stare and a “NO”