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Expat Life

Weathered, timeless and eager

My computer is being repaired so I was unable to write to you this week.  Instead, I relied exclusively on my camera. This is what caught my eye.

I love the play of light on street art, how the sun and weather contribute to the painting itself. I love how current, or timeless, the expression is, and how transient. A few of these pieces are gone already, resting under the covers of new paint, hidden behind new dreams and expressions. Others are out-of-the-box new and eager to be seen.

How like us they are: weathered, timeless and eager.


4 thoughts on “Weathered, timeless and eager

  1. I wanted to tell everyone that we have had the most fabulous homestay with Yolanda Colmenares. She has been attentive to our every need. If you are looking for a place where you can feel totally at home, a place where cooking natural foods is a priority, a place that is kept immaculate, a place where you can get salsa lessons, and a hostess who has connections to address your every need, this is it. Check out her websites on airbnb and tripadvisor. You will feel like a new person after your stay!
    Jeanne S.

  2. Nice article and photos, Robert. You described how photography allows one to see from a different perspective, what we may otherwise have missed, even when right in front of us. Thanks.

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