What can you bring into Ecuador duty free?

Sep 3, 2019 | 16 comments

Hand-searches of passenger luggage by customs officials is common practice at the international airports in Guayaquil and Quito. (El Comercio)

The National Customs Service is reminding travelers of the items and quantities of items that can be brought into Ecuador without paying taxes. Although the list has not changed significantly since 2016, customs service officials say that they continue to detain tens-of-thousands of incoming airline passengers a year for rules violation.

According to the law, travelers are required to declare items that are not on the approved list, or that are brought into the country in larger quantities than allowed, on the Customs Registration Form provided by international airlines.

For items for “personal consumption,” the following items and quantities are allowed:

Three liters of alcoholic beverages
20 packs of cigarettes (20-count)
One pound of tobacco
25 cigars
300 milliliters of perfume per passenger or 600 milliliters per family group, contained in new bottles.
1250 milliliters of body lotions in total per passenger or 3000 milliliters per family group

Included among electronic items exempt from taxes are:

One television up to 32 inches
One computer monitor of up to 24 inches
One new and one used cell phone
One new and one used camera
One VCR or camcorder
One satellite phone
One desktop or laptop computer and peripherals (mouse, headphones, camera, keyboard, scanner and similar)
One computer tablet
One desktop printer whose value does not exceed USD 300.00
One binoculars, or telescope or projection device
One landline telephone or fax
One drone whose value does not exceed $500
10 video games, CDs or cassette tapes

Other tax exempt items included two live pets, two musical instruments, personal hygiene electrical products, including hair dryers and curling irons, vitamins and dietary supplements, packaged processed food, counter-top kitchen appliances, clothing, jewelry, and items and products for disabled persons.

For items not restricted by quantity, such as clothing, if the count appears more than what a the travelers needs for his or her personal use it may be taxed.

For complete information of allowable items and quantities, go the the customs website.


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