Where in the world is Rafael Correa?

Jul 2, 2019 | 2 comments

Ecuador’s Attorney General’s office has requested that the international police agency Interpol help locate former president Rafael Correa.

Former president Rafael Correa

Deputy prosecutor Wilson Toainga says Correa did not provide a new address to authorities when he moved from his former residence near Brussels. “We need to talk to him regarding a campaign funding issue and no one knows where he is.”

Toainga is investigating the so-called Arroz Verde (green rice) case over allegations that Correa’s Alianza Pais party received illegal campaign funds, some of it from multinational corporations, for two presidential elections. The investigation also involves the 2016-2017 campaign of President Lenin Moreno.

According to Toainga, residents of Correa’s former apartment building in Brussels say that the ex-president moved in May but did not say where he was going. Fausto Jarrín, Correa’s attorney, says there is no legal obligation for former presidents to provide Ecuadorian authorities with a change of address.

Toainga says he believes that social media reports that Correa and his wife have moved to Russia are not true.

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