Why are candidates disqualified?; Chile holidays celebrated in Cuenca; Guitar classes offered; Wire sculpture exhibit at Ecomuseo; Ecuador’s heroines

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Miércoles, 28/9/2022

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Las heroínas del Ecuador en cuentos ilustrados (The heroines of Ecuador in illustrated stories) – Priscila Delgado has written a book, “Donde están nuestras heroínas” (Where are our heroines) about Ecuadorian women whose lives and successes are little known in Ecuador. She picked 3 women, María Chiquinquirá Diáz, an Afro-Ecuatoriana who went to court in 1794 to free herself from her master; the poet Dolores Veintimilla who was a witness to the execution of Tiburcio Lucero, and indigenous woman; and Nemonte Nenquimo, an activist who won the Goldman environmental prize in 2020. The book is recommended for readers between 11 & 13 <which might make it suitable for a Spanish learner, too. Why do I feel like I’m preaching to an empty choir loft?>. The book launch will be el 5/10 a las 11:00 in the library of the U. of Azuay (UDA).

Luca Pallanca was not the only Cuenca mayoral candidate ruled ineligible by the Azuay Province elections committee. The committee explains the rules.

Las figuras de alambre de Esther Serrano (The wire figures of Esther Serrano) – Woven wire objects from little baskets to spiders and cups and costing from $.50 to over $2.00 will be exhibited at the Ecomuseo Casa del Sombrero from 15/10 to the end of octubre. The Ecomuseo is also known as the Casa Serrano and was in Esther’s family which makes her show there more special to her. Free.

Tres muestras en Galería OFF – 3 shows will open hoy a las 19:00 in the Galeria de Arte Contemporáneo OFF (av. 10 de Agosto y calle Federico Proaño). The works of Emilio Seraquive from Loja, Noé Mayorga from Ambato, and Washington Guayasamín from Quito will be shown.

Curso de guitarra gartuito (Free guitar course) – Bolívar Sarmiento will teach a guitar course from today to el 23/12 in the Casa del Alfarero (Convención del 45 y Lamar). The free classes will be from 14:45 to 16:45. To register, go to clazo@cuenca.gob.ec or call 099 971 5443. Students need to bring their own guitar.

Celebración chilena en Cuenca (Chilean celebration in Cuenca) – As part of the national holidays in Chile, a bust of the poet and professor Gabriela MIstral will be unveiled at av. Diez de Agosto y Paucarbamba. Chile’s ambassador to Ecuador will be present and a reception will follow at the Mansión Alcázar.

Titular –

Reclamos por descalifaciones (Disqualification complaints) – See article in Wednesday’s (miércoles) CHL for more info. In addition to Luca Pallanca, mayoral candidate, Dora Ordóñez was disqualified in her run for the Prefectura de Azuay after an objection by the alianza Azuay Primero. Candidates must show that they belong to the jurisdiction in which they are running which can be done by being born there, or voting there in the last election. Neither applied to Pallance since during the 2021 elections he was not yet a naturalized citizen. <But if he’d been in Cuenca for over 5 (?) years, he could have voted if he’d wanted to. So if any of you naturalized gringos thinks you can be a better office holder than the politicians on offer, you better vote in this election. Even if you’re analfabetica in Spanish and can’t read the ballot, pick the candidate whose picture you like best.> Ordóñez registered as a candidate with the Hagámoslo con Zhungo coalition consisting of Democracia Sí (Lista 20) and the Movimiento de Unidad Plurinacional Pachakutic (MUPP – Lista 18). The alianza Azuay Primero objected, arguing she is a permanent member of the movimiento Participa (Lista 62).

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