Why Medellin Is popular with retirees, digital nomads and millennials

Nov 18, 2020 | 0 comments

By Erin Colton-Enberg

Whether you are ready to settle down and retire or recently graduated from college looking to start your adventure Medellin Colombia could just be the location you are looking for.

Living in Medellin, Colombia
Whether you are ready to settle down and retire or recently graduated from college looking to start your adventure, Medellin, Colombia could be just the location you are looking for. As a digital nomad and millennial myself, Medellin’s access to co-working spaces, low cost of living, and community of fellow digital nomads make it an ideal city for me to live and work.

Looking to Slow Down? Medellin Could Be the City for You

No better place to slow down than one of Colombia's many pueblos like San Jeronimo by Erin Coltenberg

No better place to slow down than one of Colombia’s many pueblos like San Jeronimo By Erin Colton-Enberg

Medellin continues to draw retirees because of its great healthcare, year-round beautiful climate, and favorable visa options. According to a study by America Economia, a majority of the top hospitals of Latin America are in Medellin. Healthcare is also incredibly affordable, with options for private policies for around $1,200 USD through SURA, a popular private healthcare provider. Medellin also offers a beautiful year-round climate that retirees look for. This weather gives Medellin its other name: “The City of Eternal Spring.” For those looking to retire, Colombia offers an attractive retirement visa tailored to those with a pension or other retirement income.  Here is a bonus: the cost of living is affordable, which makes the quality of life great for those looking to slow things down in Latin America.

Medellin, A Digital Nomad and Millennial’s Paradise

Cafes and co-working spaces like Semilla are a great place to meet likeminded people! by Erin Coltenberg

Cafes and co-working spaces like Semilla are a great place to meet like-minded people! By Erin Colton-Enberg

One of the (many) things I love about Medellin is the variety of co-working spaces located around the city. With the demand for collaborative workspaces growing every day, Medellin has great options for coffee shops with reliable internet and lovely atmosphere like Pergamino. They also offer excellent full-day options like Selina or Semilla Cafe and Co-working, two of my personal favorites. Day passes to co-working spaces usually run around $10 USD or between $170-200 USD for the month. The digital nomad life also offers a superb opportunity to build community, not only through the shared workspaces but also through activities like hiking, language exchanges, and other city events.

Curious about Colombia but not ready to make the full commitment to living abroad?
Many millennials are coming to Colombia because of its tourist visa policy. Colombia allows visitors to remain in the country for 90 days a year with the possibility to extend 90 days, which allows for a flexible lifestyle. If you have recently graduated from University and are looking to explore South America, Colombia is a great option for those wanting to try out a language school like Toucan Spanish School or joining a volunteer program like Volunteers in Colombia.

Charlee Hotel is a great place to enjoy a night out with friends! Erin Coltenberg

Charlee Hotel is a great place to enjoy a night out with friends! By Erin Colton-Enberg

Medellin is also a great draw for Millennials because of, you guessed it, the nightlife! With a vibrant community of fellow travelers paired with salsa bars, craft breweries, and language exchanges, Medellin is the perfect place to meet people and have a fun night out in town.

After living in Medellin for five years, I have felt like it is one of the world’s best-kept secrets. With more and more incredible co-working spaces popping up each day, a vibrant community of expats young and old, and a beautiful year-round climate, the City of Eternal Spring should definitely be at the top of your list for a retirement choice or even just a place to explore and live life!

What are you waiting for?

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