Will national emergency affect Carnaval?; Assembly debates tax hike; ‘Intelligent’ traffic lights planned; Government worries that it won’t meet payroll

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Viernes, 26/1/2024

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –

‘Streetwear’, el código de vestimenta del hip-hop (Streetwear’, the dress code of hip-hop) – 3 stores specializing in ‘streetwear’ clothing from the 80’s and 90’s are collaborating on a show and sale, “Fresco desde la alcantarilla” (Fresh from the gutter or sewer) in the Galería Vitrina of the Casa de la Cultura (Pres. Córdova y Luis Cordero). 5 Pointz Shop, Tinta Fresca, and BrK are bringing merchandise including clothing such as vests, pants, oversized T-shirts <You “big and tall” guys should check this out – maybe you can find some clothes in your size if you don’t mind looking like a wannabe homie from Oaktown.> used by graffiti artists, singers and followers of the hip-hop culture. There also vintage items from that era including Ninja Turtles, Mario Bros., Simpsons, and Looney Tunes collectibles. Hours are from 11-19:00.

City officials are considering changes to Carnival events based on national emergency conditions.

Agenda cultural –
27/1, 10:00 – Taller de escritura (writing workshop) <Would that be in French, Spanish or, miracles of miracles, in English?> – Alianza Francesa. <Question – for those of you who write, who express yourself through the written word but only in English – why would you want to restrict yourself to only one language when you’re living with another beautiful language all around you?>
29/2, 10:00 – Exposición, Versión libre (Exhibit, Free version) – Sala Proceso.
30/1, 9:00 – Mediación, Recorrido (Mediation, Tour) – Museo de la Paja Toquilla.
31/1, 14:00 – Capacitación, Taller de tejidos (Training, Weaving <or knitting> workshop) – Biblioteca de Baños.

Titular –

IVA: un informe, tres visiones (VAT: one report, three views) – The Asamblea Nacional will hold its 1st debate on the “Ley orgánica para enfrentar el conflicto armado interno, la crisis social y económica” presented by Pres. Noboa which proposes to increase the IVA from 12 to 15%. In the report from Comision de Desarrollo Económico (Economic Development Commission) to the Asamblea, the IVA would go up to 13% permanently but the increase to 15% would only be in effect for the rest of 2024 and during 2025 & 2026. The report also included two new taxes on businesses and banks.

Valentina Centeno, president of the commission said the changes would collect between $1.7 and $2 billion which would go to pay for the internal armed conflict and solve overdue debts. The report was approved without the votes from the Correistas and the Partido Social Cristiano which proposed creating other taxes.

Cuenca –

De El Mercurio del jueves, 25/1 (2 articles):
Ajustes a agenda del feriado (Adjustments to the holiday agenda) – There was a meeting of Cuenca’s safety and aid organizations to address change in the curfew hours. The objective was to define control operations including during the Carnaval holidays from el 10-13/2. Part of the meeting was to review a heat map from the Policía Nacional that shows the most dangerous or conflicted locations in order to authorize events. All events need authorization from the Department of Urban Control, the Police Department, the Fire Department and others. <There’s going to something for everyone that weekend with Chinese New Year on the 10th and Superbowl on the 11.> However, the state of emergency will still be in effect, and the tourism sector is looking to Carnaval as an opportunity to reactivate economically.

The Dirección de Cultura is expecting more than 50 public and private events during Carnaval. Still to be confirmed is the international concert by Tito ‘El Bambino’ on el 10/2 in the Alejandro Serrano Aguilar-Banco del Austro stadiu < Is there any stadium anywhere that hasn’t sold naming rights?>. The list of other performers is being determined after being stalled by the declaration of the internal armed conflict. Other planned events are the Peke Fest on the 24 & 25/2 in the Mall del Río and la Maratón 9 de Febrero 2K organized by the Empresa Pública de Desarrollo Económico (EDEC EP).

Plan de semaforización y señalización, en marcha (Traffic lights and signaling plan under way) – New intelligent stoplights and signaling are planned for early this year. Using previous studies on problematic roads, EMOV and the Municipal Department of Mobility Management and Coordination prioritized zones for intervention in the first quarter of 2024. 11 intelligent stoplights will be installed at the following intersections: Remigio Crespo y Guayas, Remigio Tamariz y Guayas, Isauro Rodríguez y Daniel Fernández de Córdova, calle Vieja y Laderas, Abelardo J. Andrade y Euclides, 25 de Marzo y Juan Strobel, Los Conquistadores y 12 de Octubre, vía Monay-Gaguanchi y Emilio Sarmiento, vía Monay-Gaguanchi y El Despacho, and 2 lights at Remigio Tamariz y del Batán.

There will also be a program in school zones for safe environments and crossings which include publicity campaigns and road safety education. <I hope that means I won’t see kids running across the autopista anymore.> Lenin Guzmán, a manager at EMOV, said it is acquiring the stoplights for installation in febrero and the special paint for signals (street striping) in areas where the paint has deteriorated over age. The work is needed, and Graciela Estrella, president of the Federación de Barrios de Cuenca which is the group of 277 sectors of Cuenca, hopes to coordinate with EMOV. She said that there have been barrios with poor signaling who have bought their own paint and done their own striping.

Nacional –

En duda pago de sueldos de enero para burócratas (January salary payments for bureaucrats in doubt) – According to Esteban Torres, viceministre de Gobierno, the country might not have enough money to pay public servants. In a radio interview he said that at this moment, they are still not sure if they can pay 100% of the public salaries of enero and “la caja fiscal está realmente golpeada” (the fiscal coffer is really hit). He said the current deficit is near $8 billion and because of this will not rule out prioritizing the payment of salaries, avoiding not paying the health, education, and security sectors. <I hope the security sector includes the armed forces. We really don’t need more pissed off unpaid people running around with guns.>

And that’s all for today so hasta ? –



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