San Francsico Plaza work begins in April

Mar 24, 2017 | 0 comments

The long-delayed reconstruction of Cuenca’s San Francisco plaza will begin next month, Mayor Marcelo Cabrera announced on Thursday. Funds for the project, totaling $1.53 million, have been transferred to a city operating account.

Design for new San Francisco Plaza.

Cabrera said the plan to relocate vendors who currently occupy plaza will be announced within days as final details are worked out. He added that the temporary location will be within blocks of the plaza.

Negotiations about the design of vendor sales kiosks to be located on the sides of the new plaza are continuing, according to the city planning office. Vendors have complained about the prototype built by the city, saying it does not contain adequate space and cannot be secured at night.

First proposed in 1956, redesign of San Francisco Plaza has been delayed a half dozen times over the years due to disputes with vendors and budgetary issues. The plaza dates to the late 1500s and has served, over the centuries, as a center of Cuenca’s commercial and social life

For more about the plaza plans and history, click here.


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