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Working to bring artists and artisans together

By Robert Bradley

I’ve been busy producing an exhibition and art show for the Municipal Museum of Art Modern.

VINCULO: Reunion de Arte y Artesanias
Municipal Museum of Art Modern (MMAM)
November 1 to  November 10

Working in consort with the University of Cuenca, VINCULO brings together artists and artisans in common cause to support the Telleres de MMAM and to initiate a video record/oral history archive of artisans in Cuenca. I will detail the scope and introduce some of the participants next week, but for now, I’m busy working.

I caught these folks busy on the job, too.

Robert Bradley

Robert Bradley
Robert Bradley is a former restaurateur and Manager of multiple Meals on Wheels sites in Portland, OR. He has long experience in public service and community relations. He moved to Cuenca in February '17.
  • Patricia Daugherty

    What a great idea. Does the project need any volunteers?

    • RJB

      Absolutely! Send me an email.

  • RJB

    I asked her to….

  • Nice pictures, Robert. Good composition. I hope you got good ones yesterday at Sabatino’s Grand Feria. We enjoyed your company!