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Yaku defends himself against rebellion charge

Azuay Province Prefect Yaku Pérez lashed out at a national assemblyman who accused him of attempted rebellion during the indigenous strike two weeks ago.

Azuay Prefect Yaku Perez

“His claim is entirely bogus,” says Pérez. “He takes my comments out of context and says I was inside the assembly when I never entered the main meeting room. I did not advocate rebellion to overthrow the assembly but only for the organization of a peoples’ assembly.”

Fabricio Villamar, who represents Pichincha Province, claims that videos taken during the indigenous strike on October 11 prove his charges against Pérez. “I ask the attorney general to review these videos and the statements made by Pérez to determine if he violated article 336 of the Criminal Code by calling for rebellion.”

Villamar also said that Pérez participated in unlawful entry of the assembly building during which several thousands of dollars and damage were reported.

As of Friday, the attorney general’s office has not responded to Villamar’s claim or taken any action against Pérez.

Pérez, a leader of the indigenous Equarunari movement, said that he made his calls for a new assembly in the courtyard of the assembly complex and was exercising his “God-given and legitimate right to protest” and said there was no attempt to destabilize the government.

20 thoughts on “Yaku defends himself against rebellion charge

  1. What adherence to the any “rule of law” is required in a system that is dysfunctional and passes laws that are unjust?

  2. Viva Yaku! He is a wonderful breath of fresh air and represents the very heart of what the indigenous movement has been (boisterously) advocating for: dignity, recognition and a place at the table. Aside from that, attempts to arrest and incarcerate this iconic figure will ultimately be counter -productive. It will be – figuratively and potentially literally – like throwing fuel on a still-smoldering fire. That being said… I now brace myself for the caustic and corrosive comments that are sure to follow!

    1. Jeff, please look at his twitter feed. I stopped following him after reading a bunch of incendiary things were posted. (I’m guessing that he won’t remove them, but given the charges, he might.)

      I had been a supporter, but he was a “throw gasoline on the fire” advocate” during the paro. And, there is photographic evidence of the charges made against him. (And, I do concede that they may be photo shopped, but if not . . .)

      I do agree with your comments regarding fair and just treatment for the indigenous. And, yes, arresting him would be a bad move in any attempt to dampen passions.

  3. Attorney generals office would be wise to not take any action on this. Let it be! Indigenous movement would have no problem shutting down the whole country if Perez were arrested.

    1. Right, just ignore the rule of law and obvious law breaking because some other lawless bastards may not like it. Great idea. Some way to teach respect for the rule of law to our kids.

      You obviously subscribe to the notion that might is right. I don’t.

      1. Just because you call for a protest doesn’t mean you’re responsible for the individual actions of everyone in that protest. Were that the case, there wouldn’t be a single political movement on the planet.

        1. You imply that I am claiming that any specific person has broken the law or is responsible for inciting any others to do so. You have assumed incorrectly.

          1. You’re incorrectly assuming I’m implying something when anyone who sees my comments regularly knows that I have no problem saying exactly what I mean directly.

            1. That doesn’t address all the times I have seen you dance and deflect, contradicting your implied suggestion that you always say exactly what you mean.

              1. I don’t imply anything. I say what I mean. You only want there to be something between the lines because you can’t counter what I actually stated.

                Ever notice how the usual suspects all come out of the woodwork when I mention libertarianism? Another squad starts replying to everything I post after I mention Christianity. Certain topics always rile up the fanatics. I’m fascinated by the mindset of a membot. They all carry different flags but in the end they’re all the same. But for the grace of God you’d all be volunteering to put on suicide vests.

      2. I guess you subscribe to the notion that protesting is an automatic call for rebellion. Moreno tried to force feed the elimination of subsidies without notice or discussion and any opposition is considered a violation of Criminal Code 336. Really? Then arrest Perez and see what happens.

        1. “I guess you subscribe to the notion that protesting is an automatic call for rebellion.”

          Strawman argument. Look it up, it will do you well to understand the concept.

    2. The AG has been systematically arresting Moreno’s political opponents since they day they got rid of Glas. As long as they’re getting away with it, I see no reason why they would stop. Yaku rose to recent prominence, meaning he could run and win against Nebot in 2021, and for that reason alone they need him in jail or in exile.

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