Yaku defends himself against rebellion charge

Oct 21, 2019 | 19 comments

Azuay Province Prefect Yaku Pérez lashed out at a national assemblyman who accused him of attempted rebellion during the indigenous strike two weeks ago.

Azuay Prefect Yaku Perez

“His claim is entirely bogus,” says Pérez. “He takes my comments out of context and says I was inside the assembly when I never entered the main meeting room. I did not advocate rebellion to overthrow the assembly but only for the organization of a peoples’ assembly.”

Fabricio Villamar, who represents Pichincha Province, claims that videos taken during the indigenous strike on October 11 prove his charges against Pérez. “I ask the attorney general to review these videos and the statements made by Pérez to determine if he violated article 336 of the Criminal Code by calling for rebellion.”

Villamar also said that Pérez participated in unlawful entry of the assembly building during which several thousands of dollars and damage were reported.

As of Friday, the attorney general’s office has not responded to Villamar’s claim or taken any action against Pérez.

Pérez, a leader of the indigenous Equarunari movement, said that he made his calls for a new assembly in the courtyard of the assembly complex and was exercising his “God-given and legitimate right to protest” and said there was no attempt to destabilize the government.


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